Rep. Gottheimer, Furman React To New Inflation Numbers 1

Rep. Gottheimer, Furman React To New Inflation Numbers

Former White House Council of Economic Advisers Chair, Jason Furman, joined Stephanie Ruhle to react to new inflation numbers out Wednesday revealing that consumer prices jumped 5.4% last month from a year ago. Problem Solvers Caucus Co-chair, Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D-NJ), calls on Speaker Pelosi to bring the Senate-passed bipartisan infrastructure package to the House floor for an immediate vote and says he's "concerned about the size and scope" of Democrats' $3.5 trillion reconciliation proposal.

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Rep. Gottheimer, Furman React To New Inflation Numbers


  1. Corporate America system is a selfish greedy system with not getting any consequences for those who are raising prices.


    2. @John Edward Yellen is doing just that! One reason they are making sizable donations to the repubikkkans!

  2. Whatever side your on, if you want to keep america great… your gonna have to stop picking sides and work together as a country.

    1. @Sean Hovan point well made my friend. Point well made. Its one side calling the other side evil so many times that now no neither side is right OR good.

    2. @BlaQ Bay17 we can’t even find your red white and blue. Its buried under your fake social accounts & stuffed way too far up your “Q”.

  3. demand plummeted during the start of the pandemic. then it skyrocketed when the vaccines came out and people went back to work.

    you can’t just pivot business production like that. companies plan out how much they plan to sell like a year in advance. so of course when they get caught flat-footed, it will take time for supply to catch up to demand.

    and when there’s more demand than supply, guess what? prices go up

    1. @peter tort New York and New Jersey are #1 and #2 for deathrates %, based on population sizes in the country. No it wasn’t the rest of the country dying. Florida the state with the largest 65+ population is ranked like #24 in deathrates based on population size.

    1. Economic policy is not talking points. Yes, data can be taken out of context – but I don’t hear that here, do you?
      We NEED about 5% inflation to keep bubbles from forming and bursting
      We have 5.4% unemployment – anything under 5% means there is something wrong, people aren’t moving on up
      Biden was the last person in the room for 8 years before Obama made any important decision
      They set a record for the longest sustained period of growth in our history
      Joe’s got this

    2. @Gregg Dearman Well, I ran a spreadsheet on it before replying last time. I got 5.25, then 5.5 you can extrapolate from there, but that’s not how it works.
      Over the last 12 months (half of them Biden admin) the numbers simply aren’t that scary – at all. YES, fuel and food hit the middle and lower class so does everything else but half of the nation’s children are being lifted from poverty – does that count? YES raising the minimum wage over time with FED corrections will lose a few jobs but it will also eliminate a lot of poverty.

      “Biden says inflation is a concern”
      “Biden says wtf who cares about that”
      Are two very different things.

      Fuel is out of whack and it has an oversized influence on the final number. Food always follows fuel because of corporate farms. There’s nothing wrong in the numbers – employment, GDP (we’ll see), inflation – it all looks good. Joe’s done this before, remember?

      Be well, herd your nickles, bargain shop and stock up on the simple stuff if you are worried. I don’t see anything outside of bubble-bursting market sabotage that could hurt us and that Ain’t Going to be Joe that does it.

      The year on year numbers, not seasonally adjusted, are okay. Every month comes in okay so far. When the money goes to work it will create growth. I’m not worried

    1. Yet the people with money didn’t protest when they got 15% interest in a CD or Money Market account.

  4. Economists have been predicting an inflationary adjustment was going to happen for the last year after how much our GDP dropped during the pandemic. Nobody should be freaking out about this unless it becomes a trend. We are not there yet.

    1. How about repealing tax cuts for the rich
      Oh no that’s the donor class of traitor repugnikan party
      Can’t do that
      Raise taxes on the poor
      Ask senator manchurian
      On his houseboat

    2. No. Left leaning Economists have be predicting an ” inflationary adjustment”. Those in the centre and to the right think this level of inflation is here to stay because of the almost pathological desire of Democrats to pump trillions of dollars into an already over saturated economy.

    3. @Thomas De Quincey Must I paint you a picture? The money goes to work this way, not into Wall Street pockets to actually slow the economy. INFLATION is the governor that keeps it all in check

    4. @Thomas De Quincey Wait a minute, I recall that when Trump and the Republicans were piling on the debt you folks even had Rush Limbaugh saying,
      “Nobody is a fiscal conservative anymore. All this talk about concern for the deficit and the budget has been bogus for as long as it’s been around.”
      Well, now that the Democrats are in power and need to again bail the country out from a Republican caused recession you folks are once again fiscal conservatives! WTF ! SMH

    1. @Katzykamwiz Trump living rent free inside your head thanks to all the garbage, constantly lying MSM you listen to.

      Get some help.

    2. ​@Ordinary Mo Thanks for that fine example of conservative projection. It must be terrifying going through life surrounded by enemies of your own making.

    3. ​@Ordinary Mo You absolutely are projecting. It’s a common problem with the cult. They don’t know how normal people think because conservatives lack empathy. That means it’s all but impossible for a con to understand how another person feels, thinks or believes. All they can do is go by what’s in their own primitive minds and most of the time that S’ sucks.

    4. @Time Stamp
      Okay, I’m done with your ignorance and mental incompetence. But you hang in there, sunshine, you’re friggin’ special. 🙂

  5. I’m not an economics major, maybe can someone help me with this:

    If you have a pandemic and everything shuts down and then you have a vaccine that quickly starts to re-open things, what do you think will happen to the price of goods that can’t have production ramp up as quickly? Will they remain the same, go lower, or go up?

    What will happen to the prices once production has ramped up again for these goods, will they: remain the same, go lower, or go up?

    Also, as for the infrastructure bill, what happens to costs of goods when transportation/production become more efficient because we finally make the sorely needed investments that we’ve skipped out on for decades? Will they remain the same, go lower, or go up?

    Stop having a knee-jerk reaction to inflation, it’s transitory. It will go down as the economy starts getting back to the normal flow of things.

  6. The small business wake up call for us is ” our common and regular items of merchandise” are mostly coming through a ever narrowing funnel from the other side of the planet because every big company in America has decided their profits internationally matter more than national readiness stability. Support local think global. Because you will REALLY hate it when you can’t get anything.

  7. I have seen inflation go up and down. But we need John Lewis bill rights bill past now, and wage price hike to 15 hr. I’m on SSA retirement and work part time. We need more money paid for all Americans.

  8. Demand of goods create inflation, demand raises production, economy grows… There is lots of money around, we will have a boom soon.

  9. Rent is out of control, food is becoming unaffordable. Seniors on a fixed income cannot afford to rent or eat.

  10. You have to spend money to make money. Giving billionaires tax breaks does not create GDP. Creating jobs will create Revenue. Reversing Trump’s tax break to the rich would also help

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