Former Education Sec. King Talks Widespread Learning Loss Amid Pandemic 1

Former Education Sec. King Talks Widespread Learning Loss Amid Pandemic

New York Times education journalist, Dana Goldstein, shares her new reporting that over one million children didn't enroll in school during the coronavirus pandemic. Former Education Secretary John King discusses what the government can do to tackle the learning loss crisis and responds to politicians opposing mask-wearing in classrooms. "Governor DeSantis is incredibly reckless and irresponsible, and what he's doing is dangerous," he tells Stephanie Ruhle.

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Former Education Sec. King Talks Widespread Learning Loss Amid Pandemic


  1. Duh. Schools were shutdown and remote learning isn’t efficient for most students. This is a direct result of china virus lockdowns.

    1. Blacks and brown people are disproportionately dying more from the china virus than white people.
      Last I checked most black and brown people don’t vote republican.

  2. Just remember folks, it didn’t have to be this way. We have purveyors of lies, chaos, and death, like Abbott, DeSantis, and T. Carlson to thank for this.

  3. The social interaction children get from actually going to school is irreplaceable. You can’t completely learn socially or academically through Zoom calls..

    1. @Veronica Conde This is not killing children, they are quite resilient. Elderly are having a much tougher time. If children are immune deficient or at higher risk then maybe they would be homeschooled regardless.. Otherwise your fearmongering statement just shows your ignorance on the subject. Care to explain further the proof of this incredibly survivable virus making casualties out of children?

    2. If there’s no gym or recess or other structurally needed programs, it’s still the same as learning at home.

  4. Actually many professional cyber schools are excellent. The trouble during the pandemic is schools were required to do a fast u-turn. Neither the school systems nor the teachers were prepared for the task. Socialization can occur outside of school, although this was difficult during the pandemic.

  5. Holy cows! It’s just difficult. Kids suffer in their lives and mental health. I worry about it. Even ..,my grown up son got covid. He had a bad head cold lately. We are both vaccinated. It’s just scary with the situation as a deadly virus. Praises to Stephanie Rule! Thanks.

  6. As a teacher, I think the delay of learning content is not nearly as impactful as the social aspects of remote learning. When kids want to learn they learn very quickly. When they don’t want to learn they usually won’t. Additional curriculum support to help teachers connect learning to life experience (I teach algebra) will permanently improve our education system.

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