Schumer Outlines Specific Documents He Wants For The Impeachment Trial | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., sent a letter to senators outlining the specific documents he believes should be requested as part of the Senate's impeachment trial of President Trump. NBC News' Hans Nichols has details. Aired on 12/23/19.
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Schumer Outlines Specific Documents He Wants For The Impeachment Trial | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


    1. The procedure is this: Nancy has to hand over the articles of impeachment. Then there’s a pre-trial hearing where each party gets to present the names of their witnesses. MSNBC is at it again — spinning the facts to fit a narrative.

    2. Muddy Water rushed it through????? . If key witnesses were given permission to testify by Trump and relevant documents were released by the WH then the evidence would be there and would have taken longer (not rushed through) The truth would be now visible and Trump and co would be exposed for who and what they are.

    3. Barry Tippett The President and his cabinet exercised “executive privilege” per the Constitution (that Dems pretend your love). If the House wanted that evidence so badly, they should have waited for the court to decide. And Obama did it 9 times as President, so it’s nothing new.

    1. So it’s all good old man Biden tells the Ukraine that I will not give you billions in aid unless you fire the investigator that’s investigating my corrupt son? With holding billions old man Joe, and this is ok???

    2. Freddy Freedom nice attempt at deflection, but whatever Biden may or may not have done is not a valid excuse for Trump’s actions

  1. It will not be a legitimate trial without witnesses and evidence.  Republicans refusal to allow witnesses and evidence is what’s known as a COVER-UP.
    Trump and republicans in the Senate wouldn’t have a problem with Bolton, Rudy, Mulvaney,  or John Eisenberg testifying if Trump was actually innocent. The problem is he’s not innocent. He’s guilty as charged, and they know it.

    The American people demand to hear from Rudy,  Mulvaney, Pompeo, Bolton, and the White House lawyer John Eisenberg, who hid the full transcript of Trump’s phone call on the highly classified White House server, which is usually reserved for code-word level intelligence but not transcripts of diplomatic discussions. Eisenberg hid the full transcript after Lt.Col. Vindman twice told a superior of his concerns about Trump’s efforts to force  Ukraine for the investigation in exchange for military aid.

    1. @Tidbit yes they did. The right were not allowed to call witnesses.
      If they were allowed , they would have called the whistle-blower, Schiff, all of the people that the to the blower after the call.
      The House rules for impeachment was to allow the right one full day to call whatever witnesses they would like. Nadler refused that day.
      Pay attention.
      Also, no matter what witnesses are called or not called, everyone has their mind made up. Just like in the House. It will be impossible to get 76 votes in the Senate to impeach.
      Also, if Senator’s such as Bernie, Pocahontas, Booker are running against Trump, and bashing Trump on a daily basis, how can they also be on the jury? They have already made their decision on impeachment vocal, Now they are supposed to sit on an unbiased jury?
      Either way, Trump wins.
      I can’t wait until Hillary jumps in the race.

    2. @John imagine what would happen if you had a birthday party and you only had half a cake and tried to ask what happened to the other half, and your mom said that you didn’t really care about the other half of the cake so it was given to another person. Would you be sad because you only have a half a cake? Would you demand that your mom took back the half she gave away? Would you ask politely for the other half of cake?

    3. @Jake MacHine The republicans did call two witnesses, and they testified. But of course you can’t call the chairman of the committee, he had nothing to do with the phone call to Ukraine, don’t be asinine. Also, what’s the point of calling the whistle blower, oops there is no reason except to threaten other future whistle blowers who want to expose corruption. As for the democratic candidates they are running most of their campaigns on what they would do for the country, they are not always riffing on Trump. Furthermore, it is possible for normal people to be unbiased as a juror in a trial on wither or not the President Abused his power and Obstructed Congress. As far as I know they haven’t come out and said which way they’re voting, and if they did then it would simply mean that they are satisfied with the evidence they’ve already seen. As for everyone having their minds made up, I hope not, but you’re probably right, so it’s just about winning over the American people. We shall see which way things go in the Senate, and then in the election.

  2. Re Republicans wanting investigations and Biden testimony during impeachment trial: I can’t wait to know what more you expect Pelose and Schiff to testify about. If Trump is on trial, all testimony must be relevant to whether Trump withheld military aid to Ukraine and pressured Zelinsky to announce publicly investigations into 2016 election tampering and into the Bidens, and whether Trump obstructed Congress by refusing to provide documents and testimony as required by law. People need to know the law and the facts, motives are irrelevant. It doesn’t matter what Hunter Biden did, he is not on trial. As long as Joe Biden’s actions were in accord with stated US policy, Biden’s actions are irrelevant. Also, it does not matter whether Trump did what he did because Putin told him to do it, or the motivations of other politicians when they vote. So, Republicans, please give us your list of what sort of testimony and witnesses you believe are RELEVANT to this impeachment, and what testimony and witnesses you believe are NOT RELEVANT to this process.

    1. Did you watch, or try to watch the DEMOCRATS hearing? How much of that was relevant? And how many witnesses had nothing to do with TRUMP or his conversation? Answer: All of them but Sondland.

    2. “People need to know the law and the facts, motives are irrelevant. It doesn’t matter what Hunter Biden did, he is not on trial.” re-read your own comment, then call yourself whatever adjective comes to ur mind.. MOTIVE is everything in criminal law … LMAO

      trump released aid, he asked new ukraine pres to look into berissma and election meddling and he released aid. since u know the law so well, please advise us stupid people what law did trump break, please be specific

  3. As the ‘Minority’ leader I don’t think he is dealing from a position of strength. It is getting enough with this nonsense already. The left has been on this campaign since this man was elected, not even sworn in. The public has had it with the 3 amigos in congress and this dinosaur as well.

    1. Another one. You guys have divided America with your leftist and tax and spend thinking. And for that mark my words you will lose a lot of seats in the house and in the senate as well. Only salvation or safe haven people like you is California, where anything goes. And normal people do not consider it a state but a zoo.

  4. Don’t send the articles across to the senate if the end result means the Republicans can corruptly and dishonestly clear Trumps name. Keep stalling until Americans can see the obvious cover up being performed by McConnell and co. The tactic of clearly defining the requirements of a fair and reasonable trial is very astute and in all honesty shouldn’t need to be stated. To hand over the articles is to give in to lies, concealment and corruption.

    1. *the problem is pelosi has no say so in the senate and although chucky can bargain with mcconnell, his demands can be voted down by the majority**

    2. @Logan McLean An acquittal doesn’t mean he is innocent though. Trump (and his cult) will try and claim it proves he was. Was Clinton innocent of what he was accused of? He was acquitted in the senate after all.

    3. @eddyk Clinton committed perjury. And Ken Starr didn’t intentionally leak information damaging to Clinton. When the investigation was over he testified in front of everyone. If Schiff likens himself to Starr, why did he leak information and why didn’t he testify?

    4. Do you think that blaming the President TRUMP for quid-pro-quo, corruption, bribery and self-interest of Bidens is right and immorall?
      Democrats exposed themselves as defender of Bidens on corruption and self-interest above Americans interest

  5. Republican trolls on this post are so incredibly thick. ( ok for one last time I will take the bait and ignore the rule of not being able to argue with idiots) Stating that all the evidence was raised in the inquiry and therefore implying that there doesn’t need to be anymore evidence collected. Your stupidity is mind numbing. It is a trial and a trial by definition means collecting facts. These facts would have been raised in the inquiry but the Trumpsters blocked access which by the way in one of the articles of impeachment. You poor brainwashed, Fox News watching, head in the sand and common sense lacking individuals

    1. a trial exposes evidence to a jury, it NOT for “collecting” facts lol..the collection of evidence happens first, then a prosecutor indites based on evidence, the it goes to trial. how u call people stupid and your comment is based in fantasy?? lmao

    2. @Michele Mcneill So how can the president check congress for abuse of power? It would be the Supreme Court, right?

    3. @Michele Mcneill Two party system like we have now. Democrat House and republican senate? One is supposed to check the other, just like we’re seeing in real time.

    4. @Jose Bauzo The evidence is no witness testified to a crime being committed. That’s a fact. You’re the one in fantasy land.

  6. Somebody robbed a bank, they have a suspect. The DA is asking for the CCTV camera recordings to prove or disprove that the suspect is indeed guilty. The defense attorney says that he will easily win the trial but frantically opposes the release of the CCTV recordings. He also wants to keep to witnesses and the bank teller from testifying. How would that make sense?

    1. Nicely said. This is the analogy I’ve been using:
      Investigators: We’re collecting evidence.
      OJ Simpson: No. Your investigation is a fraud. Leave me alone or I’ll sue you.
      Investigators: Alright. Sorry for bothering you, sir. Here, take this parking ticket. Your vehicle was illegally parked at Nicole’s place during the murder.
      OJ Simpson: Sorry, those bloody gloves are staying in my safe until I can burn them. Have a great day, officers.

    2. FACTS AND EVIDENCE IS not COLLECTED AT TRIAL… TRIAL IS TO PRESENT NOT COLLECT.. seriously…. common people. the dems case is soooo strong they voted on these articles.. now present ur case to the senate jury.. the senate is not responsible to collect docs and witnesses. house should have done that before passing these articles

    3. @Jose Bauzo Then why is Chuck asking for MORE witnesses if the evidence is already strong enough to support a charge?

  7. Because innocent people use 27 different contradictory defenses.
    Because innocent people hide all the evidence and block all the testimony.
    Because innocent people are habitual offenders.
    Because innocent people intimidate and tamper with witnesses.
    Because innocent people are morally bankrupt sociopaths.
    Because innocent people publicly commit and confess to their crimes.

    Therefore, after careful review and consideration of all the facts, we find the Traitor-in-Thief to be ‘Not Guilty;’ hereby suspend belief AND the rule of law; and thereby declare the Constitution rendered DEAD when under Republican rule!!

    1. @wily wascal Name the 27 contradictory defenses. All the rest is just your opinion and holds no weight in a trial.

  8. As Trump disgraces, demeans and diminishes the Oval Office and Presidency, threatening our elections, democracy, Constitution and country, he devalues and degrades America and all Americans. Cheapening all of us and what we all hold most dear as a WHOLE, not just cheapening our sacred vessel, himself, and those that would support such deviancy. Furthermore, his immoral actions and behaviors pose a grave threat to both well-being and security of society and nation. Sadly, Republicans who’ve lost their self-respect lost their ability to care.

    1. So it’s all good old man Biden tells the Ukraine that I will not give you billions in aid unless you fire the investigator that’s investigating my corrupt son? With holding billions old man Joe, and this is ok???

  9. The Republican cult is so far gone they are no longer capable of distinguishing between right from wrong; good from bad; ethical from criminal; sacred from evil; or even harming themselves from protecting themselves. What’s a nation to do?

  10. There won’t be much left of the Republican Party by the time trump is finished. They have pushed all their chips into the center of the table for him. We all know how his casinos went bust.

    1. Robert Gregory you obviously don’t watch any real news sources ! I guess you didn’t see who Barr just arrested ? Top democrats including shifty, mueller ,Comey,Brennan,clapper ,Killary and Obama are going to Gitmo ! The Obama administration has committed the biggest act of treason in America’s history ! They took 7.5 billion of taxpayers money And interfered in the 2016 election !

  11. 1. Sinner Sarah 🤥
    2. Kremlin Kevin 🥶
    3. Daisy Graham🐥
    4. Mitch the beach 🐩
    5. Blow Gaetz📯
    6. Calendar Collins📆
    7. Mother Mike👵
    8. Tiss-Shoe Trump 🧻👞☂️
    Please feel free to add more…

    1. Name the US POTUS that used the IRS to target his opposition, illegally spied
      on Conservative journalists and who OK’d the sale of AK 47’s to the Mexican drug cartels.
      hint-His first name is Barack.


    Pelosi has awaken from slumbering and realize her big mistake for impeaching an innocent President. But it is too little too late.

    Pelosi has no other option but only give her ARTICLE OF IMPEACHMENT against the President to SENATE.She claimed to have compelling evidence. If Democrats have compelling evidence,. why they don’t want SENATE to do their work. The simple REASON is that Democrats know that they are fabricating charges against the President TRUMP and are not confident of their selfproclaimed compelling evidence.

    Eleven months before election, Democrats concede defeat.

  13. Doesn’t matter, Pelosi won’t send the articles of impeachment to senate, Even the senate democrats would laugh her out of congress. Our only hope for 2020 is to beg Trump to switch parties.

  14. I’ve said this before and I’m saying this again — Pelosi can make Donald Trump and the GOP squirm all the way to June, 2020. That is when the Supreme Court will affirm a lower court’s ruling that administration officials MUST testify — there’s no need for the Dems to negotiate right now for anything less than what they want when court-enforced testimony will happen in six months regardless of any games the GOP is playing. Let the Republicans be nauseated, sweat and scramble and consume themselves for the next half-year before the ax falls on them — if they choose to extend their suffering that long .

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