104 Comments on "Schumer: Sad that accepting election result is an act of courage"

  1. Damien Copening | January 6, 2021 at 4:36 PM | Reply

    On January 20th this nightmare is finally over

    • JOHN 3:3,5,7 ACTS 2:38 | January 6, 2021 at 7:53 PM | Reply

      @Damien Copening

      “Racist” against other religions…seriously
      God doesn’t deal with religion, God deals with righteousness and holiness.
      Witchcraft and demon spirit conjuring is of the devil and if it is of the devil it is against God and is wicked and GOD HATES the wicked.
      So I guess that GOD is the biggest “racist” being ever.
      And you calling me a Bible thumper is a compliment because those who know are supposed to tell others the TRUTH.

      I don’t care what qanon people are saying.
      “I” didn’t say anything about any satanist pedophiles running around here attacking trump, YOU brought that up,
      But you want to keep acting like there are not slaves trades or pedophiles or satanists or witches or organ snatching.
      Those things are not made up they are real and have been happening for CENTURIES.
      People drinking baby blood using placentas to try to stay young.
      Pedophiles who buy children to have sex with or torture for pleasure, that’s demonic and evil.
      Witches using incantations and calling up demon spirits casting spells and curses to get people.
      It’s real.
      Even if some satanist pedophiles are after trump and say something that I said, does that make it untrue.
      If a satanist pedophile who is after trump says that the police gets away with the murdering of black peoples, because the satanist say it, does that make it untrue?
      Even satan told the truth when God asked him where he was coming from.

    • @alexavi Ruiz just stating the facts sure

    • Galloping Goose | January 6, 2021 at 9:13 PM | Reply

      He can golf all day and have his own podcast from Florida…just pack up and GTFO. Please.

    • @Red Pill Mila II RPM You mean in a jail cell. Lmao

  2. Finally someone official talks tacheles to the Kindergarden the american politics became in the past 4 years.

    • I’m no ‘lefty’ or ‘righty’, no typical CNN viewer, in fact I’m not even American. Just an average viewer from the outside of the american political bubble and I can tell you from my point of view: In the past, the american president was something highly respectable, the man with the highest powers, someone to look up to and that view changed dramatically in the last 4 years to someone that does stupid stuff and behaves like an angry child. I once highly respected the USA, thought about moving and working there but since Trump started acting like that, I changed my mind and startet to laugh.

      I hope this will change again.

    • @Liz Hi Liz, I think you believe that because someone told you to believe that. You don’t see many videos of people on the right getting hurt in riots because they typically don’t riot.

      I can find all kinds of videos that would make your narrative false just like you can find videos to make the rights narrative false.

      I think you use the term white supremacy because it’s an easy thing to say to dehumanize someone so you can have an advantage. It’s quite a lazy response to defend your cause and may be an indication that you are the one who is a supremacist.

    • Marianne Waldman | January 6, 2021 at 7:01 PM | Reply

      We will never be a shining star on the hill after this sham of an election. You are a weasel and have some nerve speaking down to the right! You will be bowing down to the communists as you are all one in the same and killing our nation.

    • Marianne Waldman | January 6, 2021 at 7:02 PM | Reply

      It’s not a small band of Republicans….its way more than the 75 million that voted for OUR PRESIDENT! You wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped you in the face. And don’t you DARE say GOD’S name when you have broken your sworn oath you POS!

    • @ChairmanRidicule 2.0 Clearly it was liberals that raided Capitol Hill today and flew Confederate Flags in it

  3. Raymond Turpin | January 6, 2021 at 4:42 PM | Reply

    Well the protesters are running around filming everyone evolved and providing Phone records of the fact they were there.

    • @Chris Wings It lmao as soon as one person died at their own trumpie protest they all shout “MURDERER”

    • need2knowBasis | January 6, 2021 at 7:27 PM | Reply

      Some inside the Capitol. There was a bomb located outside the building. Hope everyone involved gets locked up.

    • @Joe Blow 2021* lol good try

    • @AirsickCashew ok Trump🤦🏼‍♀️ it’s called peaceful protest. You are so gross

    • @Robert Moore 93% of blm protests were peaceful…. You are delusional if you think the trump mob was peaceful today. Evidence is there, just like there is evidence of violence from proud boys 2 weeks ago in DC and rioting in Oregon 3 weeks ago. Did you have fun with your attempted coup today?

  4. Are we finally ready to invoke the 25th amendment?

    • Sophanara Chay | January 6, 2021 at 8:46 PM | Reply

      They should also make a law for impeachment: if not, Trump will be back in 2024.

    • The Democrats and the Chinese traffic children, they kidnap them and use them for blackmailing. pizzagate

    • Galloping Goose | January 6, 2021 at 9:11 PM | Reply

      If they do, it’s just a shame for him to be removed with 2 weeks left. 4 rough years and relief comes with 2 weeks to go.

    • Pence, president 45½ … yay

    • @Deuw Dja Joined YouTube one hour ago… Just to tweet propaganda (12 comments total) on CNN’s page. Maybe you should find something better to do with your time? And by “something better” I don’t mean reading up on new QANON conspiracies, try a book instead.

  5. Everardo Navarro | January 6, 2021 at 4:54 PM | Reply

    Evil only success, when good people do nothing. Today wasn’t the day. Thank you all voters 🇺🇸
    Your voice has been heard.


  7. Outside US, and we saw this coming 4 years ago.


  9. The message should be: now watch trump and his ranking pols getting frog-marched to long prison terms.

    • Mimi Mathieson | January 6, 2021 at 7:12 PM | Reply

      I sure as hell hope so! Enough already!

    • You mean tossed in the gulag by a bunch of berserk Commies like yourself? An utter lack of any evidence hasn’t stopped you from trying to overthrow Trump’s election in 2016.

    • Carrie Ullrich | January 6, 2021 at 7:58 PM | Reply

      The for profit prisons should enjoy the batch of sedition convictions they’ll have a nice new imprisoned slave labor workforce.

    • Crow,
      And turds like you will be on the payroll of the new fascist leaders, like in good ole East Germany???

    • .           Joe Biden  –   MADE IN CHINA 
      .      Hunter Biden  –   MADE IN UKRAINE
      .                Obama  –   MADE IN RUSSIA
      .                Kamala  –   MADE IN WILLIE
      .         Democrats  –    MADE IN MEXICO
      .   NHL  NFL NBA  –   MADE IN CHINA
      .                    MSM  –   MADE UP
      How’s that working out for YOU !
      Your President TRUMP – MADE IN USA

  10. Oaths mean NOTHING if they aren’t enforced with unremitting determination.

  11. The dislikes on the vids posted by CNN in the last few hours are unusually low simply because all the people who dislike them are having a Covid party in DC

    • @alerabnhoj I believe in science ,not an orange buffoon who has thousands of peoples blood in his hands for down playing a virus that its not just here in our country but the whole world . Yet those idiots protesting at the capital for lies by the king of fools . Yes 80+ million are way better than these terrorists and covid spreaders …I guess the shoe fit perfect on your foot ..

    • Jay Sonneville | January 6, 2021 at 9:24 PM | Reply

      If trump won you’d see a covid bonfire party in every major city in america

    • @mauri
      Does it feel good to be a bootlicker to authoritarians or r u paid hourly by Soros?

    • That was a good one. And I’m a republican

    • @mauri i believe in covid i’m not a denier, i wear my mask etc etc, i also have signed up to get my vaccine. My question to you is will some of you finally accept that covid can’t be controlled unless under a insane unliveable bubble? Other places have done way better, but at this point damage is done, no lockdowns, no extreme measures, NOTHING can slow the spread. Along with the vaccines we need to develop treatment, hope for some kind of herd immunity. If anyone’s loved one’s passed or does in the future I’m sorry. Nobody ever said life is fair, never has, never will

  12. They should remove those that object to the votes since they don’t believe in Constitution.

  13. We said it for more than four years, this is FASCISM.

    • Worse, it is global communism

    • shaunjeff45 pillar of light | January 6, 2021 at 6:05 PM | Reply

      Fascism in its highest, because it’s being allowed to play out on the American land. Trump and his worshipers, has done considerable damage to America democracy.

    • Fascism is a system for the followers of the political far right. Communism is a political system for the far left. Both systems are Authoritarian.

  14. Gregorio Gallegos | January 6, 2021 at 5:25 PM | Reply


    • @James man…. you are truly brainwashed. BLM isn’t black… dude, you need to find Jesus or something. You’re truly sick in your head. You would have fallen for Hitler type rhetoric

    • @James well we could let them leave but if they leave they are forbidden from ever doing business with the USA again in ANY form. Besides where would they go? Most countries are some form of socialism. In most all other civilized countries, everyone is guaranteed free healthcare, education, etc… So in most places they go, they would be expected to pay in

    • @Jonna King most country’s are not in debt and actually use there taxes for the better. And when they go there goes the jobs. This is not my opinion this is what is actually going on in our world.

    • @Max Scott a healthy balance. A man being majority leader and not even allowing bills to be voted on shows his abuse of power. Term limits for congress have to happen for there to be any healthy balance of power. He weeped like a child today because he lost his power. He lost his power because people were sick of him abusing it. I’m not a dem or a rep, but I couldn’t be happier about the situation our government is in now. People will get back everything they lost this past year due to lack of leaders that actually cared about the people that empower them. The government destroyed our country this year, not us.

    • @Ricky Freezer I’m not the biggest fan of trump ether

  15. “…they will embarrass their country…” … they WILL embarrass their country? Too late.

    • @Deuw Dja – proof?

    • Schumer the American citizens asked for fair and free election with integrity. You just said we don’t have the right to know the facts and truth and yes democracts only care about power. No they are not baseless that’s a lie to we the American citizens and people. We are a republic with democratic election process. You disgrace. We are not because you and your cronies hide the fraud in any form in this election. Over 75 million you have denied thier right as you pretend to care about democracy. What a joke you are. Facts don’t matter or truth matter to you. You mean to steal by any means necessary. You violated your oath and continue to do so and lie. Then tell the facts and truth about the fraudulent activity show it before all and be full transparency Schumer. You hide behind that you believe in the constution for years you have gone against the constitution. You are not transparency or for the facts and truth. You are the embarassment to this country Schumer. You don’t fool those who know you violated rights of the American citizens even in NY. You make excuse to do so and so does the governor Cuomo your buddy.

    • Yes gary they refuse to hear the facts and truth. They don’t want fair or free election without any type of fraud. They agree with fraud in any form because democracts agree with fraud as long as it is them. Why do you think they are so determined to hide it now. Because the corrupt politicians know there was fraud from thier party of democracts. They want to keep it hushed and think it will go away if they just continue on with the lies and fraud. Unfortunately that’s the game they play we can do fraud in any form not fallow the constitution and place our guy in because most on here will agree with fraud activity as long as it’s a democract. They all should step down from thier position yet we know they will not do. They hated on trump and any American citizens that didn’t agree with thier political agenda and msm news continues it than will ask for unity like it was democracts idea. They steal in every way, put them on the lowest income bracket salary of American citizens. They don’t deserve to become rich off the American citizens taxes yet democracts raise those taxes and thier salary. They can live comfortable on your taxes while they tell you what rights you can or can’t have as they want control. It’s disgraceful. They have done an unjust thing over and over and are praised for it by other democracts.js

    • @Deuw Dja Uh… no.

    • seveth sun sun of seventh | January 6, 2021 at 11:05 PM | Reply

      @Deuw Dja ; Yes, that’s Joe Biden and his son

  16. Eugenio Corpuz | January 6, 2021 at 5:50 PM | Reply

    I think the protesters need to watch Sesame Street programs to see how the President is elected.

  17. January 20th this nightmare is finally over

  18. Someone should have shouted, “free beer at the washington monument”. This would have avoided the riot today.

  19. “Our beautiful and grand democracy where the peaceful passing of the torch is extolled by school children in the second grade, but not by some here.” Preach it, Chuck.

    • @Jake Mann what happened in court was the judges failure to hear the cases, does that fit your idea of a democracy? If the courts fail, where can anyone go? And by the way jake, remember this because it can happen to you. And if it does…will you sing the praises of your democracy? Liberals never think anything through, for you it’s just attack if you don’t like it and to hell with anyone elses rights.

    • @Pa Ms What it means to you or me is largely irrelevant. Donald Trump lost and lost hard. Nothing you or I say on YouTube is going to change that. I hope you move on soon. Try a therapist.

    • The Democrats and the Chinese traffic children, they kidnap them and use them for blackmailing. pizzagate

    • @Jake Mann did Nancy Pelosi move on soon? No! She spent the last 4 years trying to delegitimize your president , while letting her city and state go to hell in a hand basket..then stall covid relief for millions…yeah you must be real proud of your democrat party!

  20. Jazmina Corta | January 6, 2021 at 6:37 PM | Reply

    It makes me so sad that he needs to spell this out.

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