1. @BigFry9591 this has become so long, I can’t figure out which comment you’re responding to. I am guessing you are asking if I excuse violence when someone else commits a worse offence? The answer is no. I am pointing out that you can’t justify or compare two crimes that aren’t equal. One crime is a bunch of violent criminals overshadowing what was a planned peaceful protest. The other is a group of insurgents threatening violence and planning to take over the capital and overthrow our government.

    2. @Arturo Montana no such thing as Racism, persecution and discrimination. There is cultural hate on both sides in australia but all have the same rights. There are more programs and help service’s for our indigenous culture than there is for mentally ill. They also receive massive royalties. How their elders choose to spend and abuse the system is there own internal problem. Elders are now being charged for stealing from their own people do not compare as the same as America. Everyone has rights in australia and we also not afraid to have audits.

    3. @Billy Was Here look man I’m not here to argue with you. But I and many other beg for people like you to do some research intro credible sources. This election is not some giant conspiracy. Biden won and that’s it, snap back to reality and accept defeat because there was not any substantial cases of voter fraud to tip the election. I don’t even know what to tell people like you anymore because any fact checks we throw at you or hypocrisies we point out in your political views doesn’t bother any of you. So good riddance and hopefully you can one day not be brainwashed by trumps propaganda

  1. Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.

    Abraham Lincoln

    1. @Kristian Seibt Whatever !! I couldn’t care less – how well you know your Minister . All I am happy about is that Trump is a loser – Twitter blocked his account – world leaders have condemned him and he will NEVER be President again . He is NO longer relevant – his own Party have thrown him under the bus ..He is an international disgrace. Have a fantastic 2021 – I raise my glass of champagne to you . Bye Bye !!

    2. @Tim
      My Video Game? Okay? Not sure what you are talking about.
      Are you on Hormone Conversion Therapy? I know you Liberal think you can change your gender like changing your cloths.
      Sure would explain alot.

    1. Putin will pay for his support of Trump. Democrats and Republican hawks will squeeze the Russian economy. Russians will turn on him. With Trump gone NATO will be more aggressive and so will our cyber capabilities. Putin can expect at least eight years of hurt no matter who is our President, Democrat or Republican.

    2. @Dudley Burleson They did, read Mueller’s report. Mueller believes a sitting President should not be prosecuted. That is the only reason Trump remained in office.

  2. Look at the bright side, they all may be arrested for felony trespass and lose their right to own a gun. Ironic.

    1. @Kathryn Geeslin

      Watch what happens. The book will not just be thrown at them… they’ll be beaten silly with it.

      Meanwhile Blm/Antifa will continue to get away with terrorizing the entire country.

    2. @Armen the Man this attack can give the new administration ideas of extream gun control. I am against gun control on lawful citizens, I own several firearms and I use them in the manner in which they were designed. Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. But not all people including some political people feel the same as I do and they have the power to take our rights away.

  3. Exactly Van call out the racism. Why aren’t those rioters being thrown into police vans?
    So much for American democracy.

    1. I watched all day, and The Police handled these Idiots with Kid Gloves..if this Was BLM the Police wouldve Been Livid.

    2. @Soleil Honey THIS. If BLM did this none of us would have lived long enough to step anywhere close to the Capitol’s doors.

    1. One yallqueda member was shot and killed today. If this was blm, thwy probably would have killed 50 plus.

      Hell, if this was blm, they would have never made in inside. They would have had the army down with tanks

  4. The same people that wanted to build a wall for a southern invasion are the same ones that did an actual terrorist attack on the U.S. capital. The republicans are looking like a real… Anti-constitutional party.

    1. @steve marshall so it was anyone but the people wearing the trump hats and flags? All crisis actors bussed in by the conspiracy against…? And they’ve kept this secret except for you and other q believers?

    2. @Random Internet User sigh…anyone can wear a hat….crisis actors are for…ummm crisis..not what it was…its not
      a secret…maybe for you…been in video business 20 years…wide camera shots are for context…close ups
      narative…easier to manipulate..200K people at the rally…50 just walk right in and start acting stupid…few
      individuals been at other riots..do a teeny bit of research…but beyond that just keep banging the trash can

  5. “If you’re are not black you’re safe, If you’re are black you’re in jail”
    – Hüseyin B.

  6. “When you’re born into this world, you’re given a ticket to the freak show. If you’re born in America you get a front row seat.” George Carlin.

    1. I love how dems say this stuff and have their own protests and riots but it’s only bad if it’s reps

  7. so this is what the self proclaimed “law & order” President is about?!!

    and the sad part is, he’s watching inside the WH right now SMILING.

    1. @Prime E You maybe but the Democratic Party didn’t. They have been trying there best to get him out of office for years.

    2. @Prime E I think it’s funny how Democratic run states are going to crap! But people don’t learn and vote Democrat. People leaving those states for Republican states hmmm I wonder why?!

    1. This man is a threat to the to all the world .he has the nuclear combination to launch weapons. He is a mad man

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