Scott Galloway on the chaos at Twitter and what it reflects

Marketing Professor Scott Galloway joins CNN’s Christiane Amanpour and discusses layoffs in the tech world, including Twitter, and what the current chaos at the social media company reflects. #CNN #News


  1. Very insightful, Professor Galloway may not be part of Silicon Valley but he certainly has a better handle on it than most of the media. As someone who was part of the recent round of tech layoffs, I agree – there are still so, so many prospects for most of us. As he says, tech firms got out ahead of their skis, with some very ambitious roadmaps that haven’t exactly worked out. This is creative destruction at work.

    1. ‘Being able to fire people, makes it easy to hire people’ people as a commodity what a beautiful neoliberal concept and of course pay little or no taxes, so it can trickle back to the ‘people’ staring at us decadent billionaires, offering joy flights to space for fun

    2. @Zz Mmz just make them pay tax, like we all pay and instead of King decadence bezos, thanking his workers for paying his joy space flights.

    3. @Jaak Savat most of the tax money are laundered into the pocket of weapons makers companies. They literally spent the most in military. Lol. Those weapon makers companies is becoming filthy rich from tax payers money. They’re the real owners of usa. Yet the homeless kept rising.

  2. Dear Ms. Amanpour and Mr. Galloway:
    I was privileged to listen to you, Christiane at my daughter, Renee’s Graduation from Northeastern University.
    In this piece you bring a clear thinker, Scott Galloway to speak his free way ahead.
    What a joy it is to pay attention to your work.
    richard e. mulcahy

  3. What a terrific guest: why is this the first time I am hearing/seeing him on tv!? Please not let it be the last 🙂

    1. I am glad that he could push back on Amanpour on the layoff question.
      She wouldn’t take to his explanation that the layoffs are a small correction on a huge expansion.
      She wanted sympathy for the unemployed.
      So he came back to remind her of the strong job market, the reality of being sturdy enough to handle a layoff at least once, and the employability of those let go.
      I hope she realizes she was spanked and recalibrates her journalistic biases.

    2. @Martha Reis No, she automatically assumed layoffs were bad. She went there without any analysis. She had to have it explained two different ways. She has undoubtedly heard about the super strong job market. Near record low unemployment. Businesses that can’t find employees. There is a restaurant near me that has 40 tables, but only only seats 5 because they can’t find staff.
      And tech layoffs. My dad didn’t want me to go into engineering. He used Boeing as an example because they had just announced thousands of engineers being laid off because a project had closed down. I looked at him and said, “not one of them will be out of work three months from now.” I was 18 and that truth was obvious to even me. And he knew I had a point.
      Having a boyfriend break up with you may be the best thing that ever happened to you. Losing a job is not a bad thing. And it will happen to everyone at least once on average. Now, if we are talking about being unable to find work after 6 months of looking, that is different.

      She is a smart person. I have seen her handle tough topics. This was the first I have ever seen her show bias. And with a situation she should have known better. I saw her interview with Erdogan. An interview fraught with the possibility of misunderstanding perspectives. She showed real skill of not projecting herself in the questions or in the reaction to his responses. Is it too much to ask her to have done the same here?

  4. Would love to see Mr. Galloway more. Saw him on Bill Maher. I’m impressed and thank him for his input to help my education. Thank you for having him.

  5. Never heard of this guy, but I LIKE him. He’s got that “glass half full” mentality. Not to mention we agree 100% on every single point. Everyone focuses on the bad, which intensifies everyone’s view that things are bad, when they’re actually running about normal…

  6. Love how he cuts though her hype on huge tech layoffs and puts it in perspective. Need more experts like him stating actual facts on the air.

    1. @Jesus Zamora lots of people of hates USA bruh. Even Canada hates usa. Lol. Only Mexicans like USA nowadays. Only because they’re country is in worse condition. And that too is USA fault

  7. Amanpour is an international treasure. Scott Galloway is a wonderful thinker and teacher, them on camera together is magic.

  8. Scott hit the nail on the head with this. I have limited sympathy for most people being laid off from tech jobs like Meta. These folks are guaranteed making at least 200k-400k (SW devs), and are probably enjoying some time off ignoring the dozens of recruiters trying to reach them.

    1. This is a good point. Hell, even the people being booted out of Twitter are probably better off than if they were still in that dumpster fire. They’re going to get snapped up real fast by other companies. This is NOWHERE near as bad as, say, a factory layoff.

  9. This was for me, one of the best interviews, nay conversations that I have watched all year. Beautifully constructed, brilliantly unfussy and ferociously logical. Bing. Bang. Boom I say. In a sea of pretentious pugs selling their literary wares. This stud muffin just sold me his book.

  10. Hubris comes before a fall, Scott Galloway is one of the most brilliant minds in business out there today. I love listening to him talk about these topics. I don’t always agree with him but most of the time I do.

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