1. Because Catholicism is not the official religion of the country.
      Apparently, the TV network is more accepting of other faiths and beliefs than the court.

    2. @PowerNapProductions it’s ok to have conservative views. Get over it. Not everyone has to think alike. Seems like you have the cult mentality. Enjoy your day.

    3. Considering the Catholic church has a history of pedophilia that reaches back to time do you blame them? First off no one related to the Catholic church should be in charge of children!

    1. @Bill-or-somthing bill if these kids are being treated poorly then the government should have not placed the kids their in the first place and a better solution now is if the kids dislike it there let them chose a different place to go., also you have to think why are the kids there? Is it the only place that they can stay? Well then it’s basically the my house my rules, which I think should totally be legal, if you don’t like it you can leave, maybe what should be done instead is the kids should be allowed to leave if they want to and go somewhere else, if there is no place to go, either form a place or let the kids emancipate themselves and become adults… All better solutions, I think children should have more rights as independents as is, they should not be forced to stay with a origination or family for that matter, that they don’t want to be part of..

    2. @Bill-or-somthing bill also children should be given alot more rights to who adopts them and how they are forced to stay with foster care needs to be addressed, kids should have a say on who adopts them, they should also be allowed to simply say they don’t want to stay there after they are placed, many foster care is used for profiteering, which causes abuse and neglect, and the kids are stuck because they don’t have rights compared to leave, if a kid could simply report the foster care or adopted party for any reason and they could be removed, then neglect and abuse would drop dramatically.

    3. @Leviathan (WoodenKraken) ya but under the foster system all children are property of the state and have zero autonomy to make decisions and can’t protect them selves from abuse or risk going to juvie when trying to leave. It’s not fair to blame the children or say that they have any autonomy from the actions of the state sponsored (in this case bigots). Absolutely shameful of you. I hope you don’t have kids.

    4. @Bill-or-somthing bill where did I blame the children?!, I agree with what your saying on that point, I think the children should have autonomy and more ability to chose there situation.. but those things should be addressed seperatly then regulations put on a private organisation, if you have knowledge that there is large scale corruption that the Catholic church is abusing or neglecting children or even mistreatment of them that is still “legal” I would support not having any kids put in there care, more then forcing them to do something they don’t want to…

    5. @Leviathan (WoodenKraken) I don’t think children should have to fend for them selves in that way even if it’s legal. I don’t think laws that Can be used as a tool to abandon our most vulnerable citizens in their developmental years is a good idea. Too relieve the responsible parties of their accountability is wrong and it only punishes the children.

    1. I agree. 47% of US Citizens do not pay income taxes. The people that work AND pay taxes should be the only ones with a say in the government. But I don’t think thats what you meant at all… : (

    2. @Tech Savvy oh I did, as in the rich folks and churches not paying a dime while us normal folk drown in them and live under their thumbs.

    3. @Sid Nastay Technically churches actually don’t have representation since they are not given seats in the Senate nor do they receive tax payer money (unlike the UK and the Church of England). On one hand, the power to tax is the power to destroy. Especially because in my own lifetime, I have seen the government use its power to tax to specifically destroy businesses (thinking of Obama’s coal tax or the sin taxes against cigarettes). So churches aren’t taxed for good reason.

    4. @Tech Savvy also the AND work part shows you have no desire to listen to those who are disabled and rely on government assistance to live. Good job on the self report.

  1. So I guess the state can just decide to not pay the church now? Or does this ruling force the state to give money via contract to the church? I’m a bit confused.

    1. That’s probably the point that was missed in this story. Why is a Church getting State money from US tax payers in the first place, particularly one with a trillion dollars in assets around the world and a seat at the UN? How does that respect the religious rights of US tax payers to not do business with that Church?

    2. J W Because it’s not a church, although it’s affiliated with one. It’s an adoption agency providing tangible services. State money isn’t going to help people worship. And it doesn’t take anything away from anyone else.

    3. @SI 292 That entity does discriminate in who it lets adopt, though. I’m fine with Catholic entities being allowed to adopt but if they sign a state contract and go against its terms then they should lose the contract. But maybe the contract was written without that clearly spelled out. I dunno.

    4. @Paraic McHugh , I thought the contract had expired, and Philly just didn’t want to renew it? That’s what I don’t get. They weren’t breaking a contract, but are still forced to pay for services that don’t fill their requirements.

    1. @Rumple Stilt-Skin generally that what the Establishment Clause and Free Exercise Clause mean, though if you chose to refer something different I guess you can, but I’m pretty sure the interpretation will not change.

    2. When the angel came to Mary he told her unto you a child is born this day, and the governments of this world shall rest upon his shoulders. Sorry but Jesus is coming back to rule and reign, so no church and state is not separate. It all belongs to God anyways. Live and let live, what’s so frigit hard about that?

  2. I hadn’t realized the baker won their case. It wasn’t publicized. I dislike how the news will blow something up, but not come back to say “we’re sorry. we were wrong.”

    1. @RaymondHng thank you for the straight info. This is what I want to read in my newspaper and hear from the reporters. Actual facts. Nothing more.

    1. Churches and other faith based organizations provide valuable services to the poor and society in general and in natural disaster situations, which benefits everyone and the necessary reason for tax exemption.

    2. But why can’t a government institution let a contract expire if they aren’t receiving the service they are requiring? Aren’t they free to not renew a contract, if they are not satisfied with the services? They weren’t breaking the contract, as far as I understood it, just not renewing.

    3. @lenka cfk no they are not free, they are s public entity and therefore need to represent the entire community, including the church. They can have multiple contracts with different organizations, even with some that only serve the LGBT community.

  3. So then if a non-profit is formed to provide foster care services it can refuse to work with Catholics?

    1. Considering the Catholic church is guilty of Decades of pedophilia they should not be allowed anywhere near children at all.

    2. @Gray Jedi no they couldn’t because ‘not working with Catholics’ is not religion. Freedom is not free to treat people however you want, freedom is free to treat yourself how you want.

    1. Unanimous decision by a bipartisan court. Say what you will regarding Catholic scandal throughout the years, but whatever we can do to protect the children is ok by me. And that includes removing Catholic leadership as necessary. Great win for the church!

  4. Msnbc’s narrative is starting to crumble…. The left has good I…t guys… Guess what so do we

  5. To the “separation of church and state ” supposedly according to a comment below is defined as the state cannot mandate a religious

    1. (continued from above) religion. Regardless, everyone does not use it that way. It’s today’s interpretation. So, unless someone sends a message to everyone that’s how it will be used. But, thanks for being out there to inform.

  6. For any sort of important legislation or lawful desicion to be decided based upon a guy floating around up in the sky trying to find new an creative ways to torture mankind seems a bit archaic.

  7. My religion forbids funding hate, so why is it okay for the government to take my tax dollars and fund these child abusers.

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