Ari Melber: ‘Obamacare Wins’ With New Supreme Court Vote | MSNBC 1

Ari Melber: ‘Obamacare Wins’ With New Supreme Court Vote | MSNBC


The Supreme Court has voted in favor of the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare, after some Republican-led states challenged the policy as unconstitutional. MSNBC’s Ari Melber has the latest. 

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Ari Melber: ‘Obamacare Wins’ With New Supreme Court Vote | MSNBC


    1. @Mainely U cant blame Manchin for voting for Gorsuch. Whether he voted for the guy or not, Gorsuch was going to be confirmed, so voting against wouldve been useless and have cost him his Senate seat, meaning that right now u would have Majority Leader Moscow Mitch.
      I have plenty of issues with Manchin, him voting for Gorsuch is not one of them. That was a thoroughly pragmatic and understandable vote, coz u dont give up ur seat to the opposition for a useless vote, that changes nothing anyway. That would be the pinnacle of idiocy.

    1. @Ian Rhodes No, pandas that could tap out Morse code in Italian, so the Italians could interface their satellites with the Israeli space lasers.

    1. @Colin Baker Of course most bills are attacked is some way. Trump boasted that repealing it was his 1st order. After four years Trump never released an alternative plan.

    1. @big buck true however not every state has the same population so the federal mandates are flexible and each state can regulate it for their needs that’s why I don’t get screwed over and you do we stay on top of our politicians and hold them accountable that’s why I pay less in Medicaid than you we are on top of our politicians you just blame Democrat we blame them both

    2. @Rtyert Rt Obamacare would of never passed if Obama didn’t force a Government shutdown.
      I blame the Dumocrats for not putting America first.
      You blame America for it.

  1. Once Again Republicans tried to Destroy ACA-OBAMACARE in the middle of a Pandemic and Failed MISERABLY… AMERICA is Back… Thanks Joe.

    1. @Scott Harrison : Thanks Donald for Destroying the RACIST Republican Party… You like that better CUPCAKES?

    2. @Rodrigo Lemus – So, Trump destroyed racism?
      I’ll go and make popcorn, but while I’m gone, maybe you can tell me how the Republicans are racist!
      I seriously doubt you can, because you are an ignorant racist yourself.
      C’Mon smart guy. Explain yourself.

  2. Ari raises an iteresting question: If they rejected it on Standing, WHY did they accept it in the first place?

    1. Because there may have been specific issues raised which they wanted to address, despite rejecting it overall. Not very common but not unknown eithe.r

    1. It’s a beginning and it was 2/3 of gop judges, I’m not saying anything but maybe they saw a glimpse of the will of the people. It’s the right direction, it’s still a one-off, let’s not get delusional but the LBJ court was conservative .

    2. It’s time they add more justices. The alt right Supreme Court majority does not reflect the majority of the US.

  3. Everyone: “It’s 2021. We should be evolved enough as a society to not let medical emergencies destroy your life financially.”
    republicans: “WRONG!!”

    1. That is why I moved to Germany. My Son broke his leg and hours later I was in Debt to my Jing Jang. Here, I could work and recieve Employee Protection, Health Care and Retirement. Yes we pay alot of Taxes but ALOT of People benefit from it.

    2. @Wilfried Hölscher You are right, Germany’s system is far superior to the American system. I live in Canada and we have universal healthcare but not as good as Germany’s. There is a lot of pressure here to make our system more like yours.

    3. And we all know Obamadon’tcare is for sure helping, because they spend more money than they need, tax more than they need, and because Obama and the Media said so. Anyone claiming that ACA has been stomping out smaller insurence providers and only letting the big ones rise causing imbalances in the economy is objectivly wrong because Obama care prevents any and all injuries incoming with a super sonic high defenition device powered on burning money, so we need more money funded to them.

    4. @Alex Hamilton Believes health care belongs to those who can afford it.
      Yo, that is some prime 1950s thinking right there.

    1. Kamryn Desha
      you evidently have no clue about what you are saying. You just take a swing at Trump and Whiffed LOL

    2. Right!! How many times did Trump and Kaylie say…this AMAZING HEALTH CARE PLAN is coming out in 2 weeks…it didn’t happen because he never had one. Where was the tax cut for average Americans? He made sure the top 1% got their tax cuts. Trump was all LIES and how people continue to support him after they can see what he did and didn’t do during his term is mind boggling!

    3. @Kelly W. So what is your point? The majority of Republican Voters didn’t want a Federal Government ran health plan anyway. That is why the Republicans won back Congress before Obama’s last term ended. I got a tax cut. I think only Republicans were supposed to get it 😀 The federal Government has screwed up enough social programs. If the Voters want their States to deal with it find. Obamacare will never be anymore than what it is right now.

    1. I have been saying that for years that Obamacare is not perfect but it can be fixed if these lunatic politicians care about their constituents. They just hate obama so they want to get rid of it. Will, all these toxic politicians could do is just change the name and fix it. I have so many friends who have pre-existing condition and are so depending on it too.

    2. @Priscilla Robb Yes, it seems that the GOP doesn’t actually care about their constituents. I really can’t wrap my head around why people keep voting for them and against their own interests.

    3. @B Bodziak , to know that lots of people who have Obamacare do not even know that their health care is Obamacare. It is so mind bogging.

    4. @Priscilla Robb Those “politicians” are only willing to get rid of Obamacare purely out of spite and once again not out of a unanimous, unbiased decision.

    1. @Kingmobmor anything free will never be respected man has to work to provide or eat
      I’m glad my parents told me nothing is ever free somebody is paying for it

    2. @Trump 2020 you think only in monetary terms. Nothing is free, from your first breath to your last. If you want someone to accept societal norms, there must be a benefit to them doing so. Most crime is caused by poverty, committed by people who feel abandoned by society, if they had a stake in that society they would be a lot less likely to commit any crime. That is without the mental illness such poverty causes. People don’t just pay with money. Money is an abstraction created to give artificial value to luxuries, while true worth is lost to greedy animals. How much is a glass of water worth to a victim of famine? How much would a cancer sufferer pay for chemo? And why do businesses want to make money from them?

    3. Jim Davis it’s not free by any means, universal health care is paid for by our tax dollars. How do you think our current system works? People pay their monthly premiums (also yearly deductibles and co pays) and what, do you think your specific money is set aside for just yourself? No, your money goes to the company and they disburse it to where it’s needed. Universal healthcare is like like that, only on a large scale and would be one large network, allowing you to go to any doctor and any hospital/clinic. There have been several studies showing a universal healthcare system would be significantly cheaper than the current for profit system and every single person would be covered. As individuals, we would be saving money also. It’s unfortunate that the insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies, that spend hundreds of millions of dollars each year in propaganda, have been successful in persuading so many people that a Medicare for all type system would be bad. The US is the only developed country without some form of universal healthcare.

  4. We all know why they don’t like Obamacare. Because of the skin color of the person who introduced that law. We all know.

    1. Now they will tell us we’re playing the race card or we’re being racist for telling the truth. They refuse to admit.

    2. THEY didnt like Hillary s proposed healthcare either ,, its obvious they refuse and deny any help to those who needed it . OBNOXIOUS PEOPLE

    3. Not actually. Versions have been around since the late 80’s (Sen. Ted Kennedy) into the 90’s(Pres. Bill Clinton). Pres. Obama just happened to have a little more finesse in order to get it passed.

    1. Lifetime appointments are a great way to have justices that actually do what is right and not what is politically expedient.

    2. @Ron The UK Supreme Court has 12 members but unlike in the US not all sit on every case. In very exceptional cases you might have the full Court sitting but in most cases you would have five Justices sitting. I am not sure why the full court has to sit too hear a case.

      If you increase the number of justices as you suggest if they were to all sit on every case then you would need a large room also the speed that appeals would take may go down. T think nine judges is more than enough.

    3. @Michael Vidal Biden should add more members though, just to balance the court out, and they need more people in order to see more cases because the backlog is becoming insane. If the court had 15 or 21 members then they could preside over cases with just 5 or 7 judges, and only assemble the full court in certain situations. Like when Trump’s administration refused a subpoena from Congress, that violated black letter law, meaning the law is explicit that a person “shall” answer the subpoena, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. The SCOTUS should have convened in full and deliberated every day until a decision was made and that decision should have been binding and enforced through an appropriate law enforcement agency. The idea that one branch of the US government could have it’s powers effectively stripped by another branch simply by shifting a legal decision into the courts and constantly appealing the meaning of the law all the way up to the Supreme court, which may take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years, is just insane. The law is the law, and if the SCOTUS cant make an immediate ruling regarding an aspect of the law then there really is no law at all as anyone can flaunt it and just appeal the law.  
      – You cant arrest me for murder, murder is legal – no it isn’t – well I disagree, lets take it to the Supreme Court – alright sir, I guess we have no choice but to release you until the SCOTUS rules –

      What a bunch of BS, I hate the Trump admin, they got away with walking all over the USA’s laws and they still are not in jail, WTF!

      You either ARE or ARE NOT a nation of laws, there is no in-between.

  5. Obamacare would never have happened under Trump.
    – Republicans: “Exactly”
    – Democrats: “Exactly”

    1. Dozo G
      It wouldn’t have happened under Obama if he had not bought off several Democrat Senators and Representatives. LOL Except for 5 States and DC there is no longer a penalty. So the Insurance Companies make a fortune just like Obama Promised them if they pushed for the bill

    2. @Alex Hamilton Then republicans must be very happy because they thought it would be the end of the insurance industry.
      I will weep with you if you explain how much better the republican alternative plan is… Don’t worry, I m not holding my breath.

  6. Obamacare was a well calculated policy… health is a basic human right… period …the government should help to have a healthy population…

    1. Well said! The wealthy pay less taxes and want regular people to go bankrupt paying insurance bills.

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