Supreme Court Rejects Obamacare Challenge, Upholds Affordable Care Act

In a 7-2 decision, the Supreme Court upheld Obamacare for a third time and rejected a constitutional challenge from plaintiffs who were claiming they were harmed by the Affordable Care Act's individual mandate. 

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Supreme Court Rejects Obamacare Challenge, Upholds Affordable Care Act


    1. @Lominoth Productionsno you didnt give me any source, it was just what you said because you bow to the government. But I did site my sources, I don’t have the names of the people in the Drs office. I told you what my source is, all the horror stories from Canadians and what my friend in England tells me, oh but I’m sure your so smart and superior and no one else knows. Universail health care will NOT work in America, the goverment is too greedy and I shouldn’t be responsible to pay for others health care with higher taxes, sorry but each person should be responsible for themselves, their life and their own health care, Thats just the way it is,

    2. @Louise Barrett you obviously didn’t bother to look at my previous comments to people where I cited sources 3 times

    3. @Sammy Allen both my parents worked a 40 hour week, my dad sometimes more. We were considered poor by society and government but they always took care of themselves, never asked the goverment for any kind of help including food stamps, and we never went hungry or with out, my mom made sure of that. My mom always says, “I rather live on the streets than take anything from the government”. I knew what she meant, nothing is free, there’s a cost for everything and once you accept help from the government especially, you are beholden to them. Again I am responsible for myself, my life and my own healthcare. Instead of stealing other people’s money and making people who don’t need healthcare pay, why not just make healtcare AFFORABLE for all income levels at the time of use. I have thought about this very hard since I’ve been 15. I’m sorry but I can’t afford to pay anymore than they are already stealing from me, to pay for others. And its selfish to ask that of others. I am responsible for myself, my life, and my health care, thats just the way it is. People are entitled to 0% of my labor, period.

    4. @Lominoth Productions I only read comments that people make to me directly. But again I do know what I’m talking about so nothing else to say. Obamacrap care sucks, all the people I know and its many that thought they had to carry it went broke had to skip meals, lost their transportation and do without others things in order to pay for the premiums, so please stop telling me how great government run health care is. Have a beautiful life.

    5. @Louise Barrett 788 amendments were submitted during the ACAs markup in the Senate committee for health, education, labor and pensionss.

      3/4 of them were filed by the committees republican members.
      Of those 161 were adopted.

      While most of those amendments were technical they still caused massive problems. One required congressional staff to enroll in the government run option and another infolved biologics medication.

      The Senate finance committee took up another version of the bill which initially offered up 564 new amendments dying that time only 6were adopted via role call and the majority of the rest were adopted via other methods.

      147 republican amendments were also added in the house brought on by the ways and means committee at 38 which were all rejected, 24 republican amendments from the energy and commerce committee.

      Many of the facits of republican agenda at the time made it into the affordable care act and they purposely tried to hamstring any effort to spread a false narrative that “government healthcare doesn’t work” when as I’ve clearly stated they tried to push and Inna t almost every policy under the sun into the bill to try to force it to fail. They are strictly the cause for most of the ACAs failings. So how is it the fault of the democrats when the Dems tried hard to work with the

  1. I wish I had Platinium Health Insurance like the corrupt Politicians voted for themselves. Instead of my Bronze.

    1. @myyou tubeacct • President Biden is going to work on changing it so everyone can afford insurance. I personally would prefer Medicare for all

    2. @M E • Illegal immigrants are not entitled to any federal government benefits. They would not even attempt to apply for fear of being ejected from the U.S. They were afraid to even be counted on the census which is why California lost a representative in the House.

    3. @Senator Joseph McCarthy You’re the one falling for the propaganda. Unions are what made it possible to have a middle class. You buy into the corporations and Republican lies that it’s socialism and socialism is bad. You poor sheep.

    4. @M E you should be able to go to the county health clinic for medical services and pay based on income. At least that’s how it is in my state and I believe is what everyone pays regardless of citizenship status. No one should be denied medical care for any reason.

  2. I have insurance through my employer (an insurance exchange) but the deductibles are so high its absolutely useless.

    1. @Scott G I’m just confused because in your response to Cristian it sounded very much like you were describing a premium.

    2. @Cristian Armaselu I understand that. I’m assuming that there is a slight language barrier but what I said was sarcasm. Hence the ghost. “👻 “

    3. @Kat loves dogs There was a youtube movie putting side by side the taxes and health insurance europe vs US and it showed US folks are paying more overall even the taxes are higher in EU

    4. @Kat loves dogs yeah and even if a had insurance there is a limit to that as well. So I’ll take my chances

  3. I like how people with universal healthcare paid for by me get to tell me that I cant have that same level of care

    1. @oltedders you live in a fairytale world of talking tulips and unicorns if you think life is anything other than survival of the fittest

    1. @★ Froggie Animation ★ hahahah Bidens a fraud and he sucks and the whole world knows it 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣🤣

  4. The ultimate goal of politicians is “how much more blood can we squeeze out of a turnip”… fund our personal projects.

    1. The states that put forward this challenge, it is their state and their district tax dollars that paid for this. Not federal dollars. The only federal money spent outside of district was the supreme court effort to get it on the docket only to have them dismiss it.
      Republican party makes b******* up to keep them looking busy is really the bottom line. Knowing their agenda sucks and is unpopular amongst the majority of Americans. knowing the likelihood it’s going to fail and their constituents are going to pay the ultimate cost in fruitless waste of their hard earned money that could be going to so many other things that would benefit their lives and quality of living for them and their families.

  5. Every American should have the exact same level of health care provided to Congress by us, the taxpayers. Simple as that.

  6. You’re Doctor can keep you if you’re covered, Cadillac plan for allowing you to pay Lincolns to get a Pinto

  7. They wouldn’t want to do anything that would be good for the majority of Americans, or uphold the constitution.

  8. start asking your leaders why American Citizens have no place to cast their votes in real time on real issues but are welcome to join facebook, twitter, and youtube and vote all they want.

  9. Regarding the merits, I’d say that a tax of $0.00 is still a tax, legally speaking, because at any time Congress could simply raise it without touching the rest of the law.

  10. The Healthcare industry had turned into a ” Racket” when Health insurance came into being , that is why it is so expensive in the first place

    1. @Ralph Boyd
      Yeah, and then they have the nerve to say that Donald Trump’s critics all suffer from TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME! 🤣😆😄

      Hypocrisy, thy name is Republican. 😝😛😜

  11. Republicans fail again Bigly and after 10 years still no Repeal or Replace plan. Just like the promised Infrastructure Week.

  12. The top will always take care of the top .. Having platinum care isn’t always a blessing.

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