Madeleine Albright: Biden-Putin Summit Was A ‘Master Class In Diplomacy’

Madeleine Albright: Biden-Putin Summit Was A 'Master Class In Diplomacy' 1


  1. There is way too much press focus on ”who won the summit”. These events involve modest expenditures of time resources. They are most often part of a much longer process – often years.. Even if they fail, there is value in adversaries seeing a human being on the other side of the table. The bottom line is, it may take many months to determine if anything positive came out of Geneva. Whatever the outcome, it was worth an afternoon.

    1. @Frank Hoffman so you are saying the the video that I watched of President Biden saying exactly the words I had in quotes did not happen? He did not say that? Is that what you are claiming? Did evil Republicans just make a video using his clone? Is that what you are saying? If so, you are going to need to prove it, because regardless of what you think (,or prejudged me about) I don’t anybody’s word for anything, I don’t read anything and take it as truth on either side. Because whether you realize it or not , Democrats will lie to you too. (I hope that is not too shocking for you).

    2. @wyl Kan China is still laughing. All this pointing at Russia us a distraction from China who is a much bigger danger to us. We can’t get this year’s cars made if they don’t produce the computer chips. They run the Panama Canal now. You think it was bad when a boat was stuck in the Suez, just wait. We need nothing from Russia. China is more than capable of the hacking going on.

    3. @Virginia James you have made good points. My only disagreement is so far the Russian regime has shown more hostility toward the US and it’s allies. China is so far mainly focused on using its huge economic influence. Wether we like it or not, China is here to stay and there is nothing that can be done to make a country of 1.5 billion people irrelevant.

    4. @Virginia James you have made good points. My only disagreement is so far the Russian regime has shown more hostility toward the US and it’s allies. China is so far mainly focused on using its huge economic influence. Wether we like it or not, China is here to stay and there is nothing that can be done to make a country of 1.5 billion people irrelevant.

    1. The media should show the Helsinki meeting along side Biden’s meeting with Putin. tRump is so jealous of Biden with Putin, because he, tRump, could not put Putin in his place without disgracing himself, not what tRump did in Helsinki, a huge American man with his tail between his legs and hunched over with eyes cast downward in the presence of Putin. That was the most embarrassing presentation of an American president for the world to see.

    2. @Tim Kozlowski he called white supremacists and neo-nazis “very fine people.” it’s on tape. trump knows that the racist segment of this nation is a big part of his base. and he knows he can’t lose them.

    3. @victor abrams So you have time to read these and reply but you can’t take a few seconds to search YouTube for Trump’s briefing on misspeaking in Helsinki? Sorry, can’t help lazy people who aren’t going to believe it even after they’ve watched it.

    1. How about her facelift, hair coloring, and style, artificial eyelashes, and make-up? That’s is a very expensive investment!

  2. Putin: I would be scared If Pres. Biden looked at me saying, ‘you better check yourself”. Putin looked very anxious and fearful. Just my take.

    1. At the very least he looked subdued. Not the arrogant smug cockiness he displayed next to Trump.

    2. Seriously. Putin dispensing with pretense snd thoroughly bored at the prospect of engaging with a vegetable. This guy’s been in power for how long? Think people. Use those TV fried brains ya’ll vote with.

  3. I admire this woman and always have. Her kind of empathy, intelligence, and integrity were sadly lacking in the former loser’s staff! What a relief to have these women who have done so much acknowledged!!! I’m in awe!

    1. HAVE YOU SEEN THE AD? IT PUT TRUMP’s head on the Montenegro leader, and Joe’s head on Trump!

    2. @Mary Ann M yeah that was hilarious! Im sure some trumpfluffers will think that was real tho 🤣

  4. Ever hear of the expression keep your enemies closer.
    Putin was on the world stage denying that he doesn’t
    poison his opposition when the facts say different.

    1. sure putin destroys his enemies and so does America, besides the clintons terminating any threat look at epstein, does anybody believe that he was not set up to die, He could have hurt a lot of big time creeps from around the world he just had to go and the honorable barr should have known that, and I think he did and let it happen. So in essence don’t judge putin when our government does the same. just a sad state of affairs

    2. As was mentioned in the video, Putin was simply pandering to his base, nothing more.
      Sounds like someone we used to know, doesn’t it?

    3. @Frank Zito
      Should Putin be allowed to annex the Baltic states to re-form the Soviet Union? That’s what he really wants.

    1. @judy Salt sure look up her interview at the dickey centre in Dartmouth I think it was,sure the clips of that will be on youtube somewhere,enjoy.

    1. @Kev Morgan I saw a documentary on how he pressured coastal residents to sell their land. If they didn’t, their properties were condemned through eminent domain, to build his golf resort. He also promised thousands of jobs at his club, which didn’t happen.

    2. @Lynn Carson some ppl are just sheep Lok at vanity fair Michael forbes and see in the video what he tried and see the exact same lies he talks and please reply 👌🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿👍

    3. @Michel Fortier It’s part of a large scale money laundering process. Trump has always claimed being the king of debt. Interestingly, once he spent time in Russia and former soviet countries, he’s been buying tons of properties 100% cash over several years. Just follow the money… He was the laundromat of the Russian mafia, this mafia also being weaponized by Putin

    1. Madeline looked perfect…
      When you get older, you will understand the difference between classic elder and old age hag! It’s there wisdom dearie, the wisdom, not the years.😃😄😁😉🙃

  5. I am SO happy to see Madeleine Albright FINALLY getting her due for being one of the most remarkable figures of the 20th century – first female Secretary of State in the United States. Check out her brooch – the United States of America in gold!

    1. Are you also really happy that she was involved in war crimes,the same woman who said in an interview that the Iraq war was worth HALF A MILLION CHILDREN dying even tho she knew it was based on lies?she is utterly vile,know your history.

  6. That was the epitome of diplomacy on the international fronts. That was a masterful thing that happened between both Russia and America.

  7. Putin has lots of work to elevate himself in the international arena….he shouldn’t be ignored despite his attempts to get attention by antisocial aggressive behavior.

  8. Seriously, after Albreight gave a blistering to Putin how evil he is, and to think, Trump was his buddy! That is NON-MAGA.

    1. And you are the strateglicy smarter one?
      If so you should request to be part of the Biden administration.

  9. She’s 84 and still very fluent and coherent. And speaks at a great comprehensible pace. Many people that age can’t even remember what they’re saying.

  10. Albright is the same person who said it was perfectly fine and no problem for 500,000 Iraqi children to die of starvation and lack of medicines as long as it served her definition of US interest.

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