SD Hospital Offers Rare Preventative Antibody Treatment | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC 1

SD Hospital Offers Rare Preventative Antibody Treatment | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


NBC News' Dasha Burns reports on a newly available antibody treatment at Sanford Health in South Dakota. Officials there say the therapy "really gives our patients hope." Aired on 12/01/2020.
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SD Hospital Offers Rare Preventative Antibody Treatment | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


    1. @Kelvin Blackstone probably, unless covid is raging further out of control … although they will likely require masks and also take temperatures of those who attend…better than no precautions, I guess….Impossible to keep people away for such an event I would think….just my opinion.

    2. @Todd Swartz I wonder if Trump supporters will try to block entrances to the speech like the left did during Trumps

    3. @Kelvin Blackstone i bet there will be resistance and protests.. probably more so, this inauguration…seems to be more unrest than in 2016 , from what I have noticed anyway.

    4. @Brian Dunbar I think they will. It’s what the left did to them. They’re going to do it back. Fair is fair

    1. this is the state that the women gov did no restrictions because god forbid they wear a mask and help eachother out

    2. @PATTY PERRY they wanted the “freedom” to not wear a mask, _instead they got the “freedom” to die, _*_and take others with them_*_ !_

  1. No surprise here, red state, loaded with reality denying trumplings who somehow think protecting themselves and their community somehow denies them their “freedom” _masks only deny the “right” to die stupidly_

  2. So if you’re the most reckless with your decisions that in turn expose you to Covid you’ll jump to the front of the line to receive cutting edge treatments. From Trump on down apparently. Noted.

  3. SD: “1 in 10 residents are positive for Corona.”
    Gov Noem: “Masks are for losers. Everything is fine.”
    SD: “Your grandmother just passed away from the corona.”
    Gov Noem: “Don’t care. Masks are for losers.”

    1. @ruth depew Thanks for the facts! I compared it to California, which is at 3.2% Even hard hit LA county is 4%. Still SD and ND are both double or more.
      Way to protect your residents there, Dakota Gov’s!

    2. @Ro G no I hadn’t seen it till now, BAHAHAHAHA, classic trumpism! Wonder if fat-donny is tired of “winning” yet.

  4. In an interview, “Bill Barr said in an interview that the doj has found no evidence of widespread voter fraud” uh-oh. _NO PARDON FOR BILLY-BOY!_

  5. Obvious questions to ask – how much does it cost and will it be free to everyone or is it reserved for billionaires (because in America, nobody else seems to matter).

  6. Maybe they should have taken precautions when given the info in Feb. Now because it is over run they get emergent treatments.

  7. There is so little good sense out there, we must count this antibody treatment use as at least a sensible option to try.

  8. Imagine living in an empty badland state but, choosing to not socially distance so now you need a medical handout.

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