1. @Snausages Mcgee Cuomo didn’t downplay the virus because he got the most populated city numbers down with his leadership & implemented procedures that got used world wide. All leaders lie at some point for morale purposes for the state & NYC. The country would of had more deaths if it wasn’t for his daily briefings & actions. This is a hit Job at 1 point last year he galvanized damn near 14 states. That’s Dangerous for the government to have a leader of leaders walking directing other states.

    2. @shirley russell
      I agree. Put him on trial for 10,000 deaths because he sent C19 positive people to nursing homes while he was busy writing a book.

    3. @A.M.K
      wrong sparky.
      Cuomo called Trump a racist for stopping travel from china, called trump a sissy for over reacting, and said new yorkers were tough and didn’t;t worry about no virus.
      What do you people do all day? Try reading and making your own mind up for once.

    1. How many republicans lied about the numbers? Remember when Ron DeSantis was accused of lying and covering for politicians who were actually lying?

    2. @Snausages Mcgee Says the sycophant deflecting for a liar and sexual abuser. Seek help kiddo (:

    1. Hahaha, but how can he resist those free stuffs, since all progressive New York females are lining up for his magic hand. They ENJOYED him now turn the table on him. It must be the scheme to distract nursing home murder cases that could haunt Democrat for years to come.

    2. @Tĩnh_Lại_Đi Vietnam What about the number of people trump and his Republican cronies let die saying it’s like the FLU LIAR LIAR We won’t forget.

    3. @shirley russell President Trump put a travel ban on the pandemic. Democrat cried out loud doing that is racist. So the death happened is on Democrat. We won’t forget either. Fredo-Coumo kept trashing President Trump and when it comes to nursing home’s death he went quiet and Democrat went quiet. We won’t forget that either. When Judge Kavanaugh was accused sexual attack, Democrat said we must believe in women. Now Cuomo allegation come, Democrat won’t believe in women. Where is the #metoo? We won’t forget that either. When President Trump put the effort to create the vaccine, Democrat called him trying to distract the impeachment. And when vaccine is successfully created Nancy Pelosi, slow Joe, Kamala, AOC sit down happily to receive the shot. We won’t forget that either. Now slow Joe claim President Trump didn’t help to make the vaccine available but only him making it happens. We won’t forget that either. In the second impeachment of President Trump, Democrat appointed Eric Swalwell as chi-com spies brothel manager as an impeachment manager, we won’t forget that either.

  1. I like how the main point of the story is about cuomo’s sex assault charges and hardly even TOUCH the nursing DEATHS! wtf CNN!

    1. The point of the piece is character on both sides of the aisle. You remember? Didn’t Conservative claim to care about it?

    1. @Russell Stevens Maybe the left should openly say will stop at nothing to remove a Republican president going forward. I for one thought covid was just another coup attempt in the begining. Not because of Trump but because how radical the left has become. If anything I blame any delay in responce to covid on the first failed coup attempt that Trump was acquitted of.

    2. @Russell Stevens Coming from a guy who probably wears a mask in the car by yourself. Doubles up when in public and has a spit shield as well. Not because you actually think it will help, but as a demonstration to support the leftist movement.

    3. @Russell Stevens Do you think the Republican or Democrat politicians care about you? Do you think Trump is a Republican? Have you been paying attention to anything? You are lost brother, they have you convinced that the orangeman is bad. Wake up before it is too late bud. Trump is out, but not because of his response to covid, not because of the economy, and definately not because more people voted for Biden. He is out because he was exposing corruption on both sides from the bottom to the highest positions in our government. That is why they attempted to block him from running in 2024. Can’t you see that he won’t run anyway? The door is closed for that now. Biden will chip away at our freedoms for the next four years. The next President will be a full blown Socialist and further destroy capitalism. The US will adopt a one party Socialist system. Democracy and the republic are dead.

  2. those 15k DEATHS were not important…..now we are poopin our pants over 6 women with hurt feelings… ladies and gentleman.. the modern left…

    1. I see people only read titles and likely don’t even listen to what people are saying in videos because they just want to hold up stupid narratives. She literally goes directly into his nursing home scandal at 0:25. Not only that, CNN posted an article YESTERDAY about it as well. If you did a Google search, you’ll find it’s been covered for months. You don’t see it because you don’t want to see it, and the algorithms won’t recommend it because you frequent hive-minded media bubbles. All of you are pathetic.

    2. @Law they are pathetic? I don’t see either of those two people insulting you! Do you work for CNN by any chance?

    3. @Inspiring Minds so because you fail to come up with a response you support their bs and I must work for CNN? Goodness! I’m in the Twilight Zone. People lack critical thinking skills at a level that is shocking. And you happen to be on some self-righteous nonsense I can guarantee you don’t follow. I literally just looked at your past comments.

    4. @BamaBorn BamaRaisedRT I agree. Bothe the right and left are insane. Did you think I was part of the left? Dumbass!

    1. Trump was on a fast track handling all aspects of the plandemic including suggesting a highly effective treatment and preventative. Trump ordered 9 million doses for the US Military and it has worked very well. The Dems were in a panic because this virus had been carefully studied during the Obama/Soros/Biden administration when it was found to cause infertility in women. The Trump economy was roaring with the lowest unemployment numbers ever for Hispanics, Women and Black Americans. However the virus was released it represented a way to crash the greatest economy mankind had ever known and it was a premise for massive emergency mail in balloting.
      These elderly people were just collateral damage in the Dems war on Trump. “Collateral damage definition is – injury inflicted on something other than an intended target; specifically : civilian casualties”

    1. That Emmy is build on the blood of hundreds of thousands of innocent senior citizens and people with disabilities. It NEEDS be taken away NOW, but Hollywood is fine with killing both of those groups, because they think they’re of no worth to society.

    1. Andrew Cuomo clearly pissed off someone with a lot of power. This is just a coordinated hitpiece against him.

    2. @Plato DaVinci it’s politics. It gives the dems and the media a great way to get rid of Cuomo without admitting they were wrong for covering up his nursing home killing spree.

    1. …. and the emmys go to… all the fake “victims” claiming after 20 yrs they were omg…. KISSED by cuomo!! omg!! noooooooooooooooooooo

  3. If he’s guilty, get him out of office! I was fooled by his Covid News Releases! Get him out of office!

  4. Forget the allegations! Let’s focus on the fact that 1,000s of old folks died because of him…yes.. your grandma and grandad…

    1. They don’t care about babies what makes you think they care about elderly?
      Both are looked at as disposable

  5. Well, I Don, t know about to say confusing
    temptation is always there, this is the one u
    need to avoid. Good luck, God bless..

  6. Come on S.E.. the most prominent NY dems have called for his resignation. Others have called for independent investigation.

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