SE Cupp: ‘QAnon Shaman’ attorney’s awful defense

CNN Political Commentator SE Cupp reacts to "QAnon Shaman" Jacob Chansley's attorney using offensive language to defend his client.
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  1. Keep your eyes open. Soon every criminal that comes before a judge will have an attorney who presents the same defense. You can count on it.

    1. @Hunter Roberts have you seen the people Obama pardoned? Yeah, didn’t think so. What else you got?

    2. John B you mean the white supremacist who was smashing windows,or the one who killed the cop sitting in his car.

    1. @molly cruz wow, you are an f-word r-word. You don’t have a single clue. Hope your enjoying the show!

  2. To claim that they are basically too stupid to be held accountable… what a great defense!!

    1. They do vote and unfortunately, they comprise the majority too. That’s why the world is a miserable mess with ridiculous policies.

    1. @Dixon Uranus one day where 5 people died including a police officer as criminals invaded the capital and tried to overthrow the country. I’ll take some big box stores with broken windows and stolen hoodies over that any day!!

    2. @Dixon Uranus, oh, you think because white people are shot and don’t complain that black people also shouldn’t complain and that our current police killings are justified? Those are some fancy reasoning skills you got there kid.

    1. @Rod That just means that Fox, who don’t talk about him, have already thrown him under the bus. Like we all knew was coming. Nothing less from the cannibal GOP rats.

  3. These are people with brain damage 😂😂😂😂 I’m dying over here, at least that lawyer is honest.

    1. @mustafa1name , A stupid traitor can kill as many people as an intelligent traitor.
      By the way, this cretin’s argument is Exactly the same as the lawyers for the Nazi war criminals at the Nuremberg Trials: “They were just following orders”. His twist is just to say “They were idiots following orders. So they’re not guilty by stupidity”.

    1. You all removed the video of Jacob’s Attorney and what he really said . Very opposite of what cupp said up there , on yellow journalism , What is wrong with hearing him directly . Taken down so I know it was seen . Well you had the opportunity to hear it directly from him and not the lies spewed above . It is odd though the mind set of rather hearing jr. high school tales from, ahem adults .

  4. As soon as I hear “Reasonable Person” from the Defense Attorney, I automatically think that they are in “Stall Mode” while a Plea Deal is hashed out.

    1. Of course he’s trying to work out a plea deal. There is a reason only something like 2% of felony cases make it all the way to trial. It’s almost always a terrible idea to go to trial, especially when the government has plenty of evidence to prove other case. The plea deal is to get a “plea discount” basically. In most every case you can get a better deal for your client with a plea bargain. Sometimes the prosecutors are just crazy though and won’t get reasonable and you have to try a case with an obviously guilty client because you are hoping that the judge (or jury in some states) will be more reasonable than the overly zealous prosecutor. As the defense attorney you count it as a win if you beat the offer in those cases. In a case like that you may not be trying to beat any of the charges at trial, or you are trying to beat one or more of the charges arguing that your client was overcharged. But when there is plenty of evidence that your client committed crimes you only upset the jury (or judge) when you argue he’s not guilty on everything. You want the court to see that your client is accepting responsibility for what he did, he realizes it was wrong and is never going to do anything like that again, but you throw in every mitigating factors, get evidence out that your client hurt no one, that he has a clean record, that he was misled into doing what he did, and so on.

    2. @Harry Amos Did you hear they are now finding ballots well the duplicate ballots , when the original get some thing on it or … , the original which is suppose to be with the duplicate But are not . As needed ?

  5. I love your “Holy Hell Balls!” This puts the reaction perfectly! That’s why you’re the reporter and I’m not lol! The lawyer……no words….but Holy Hell Balls! My new favorite explanation!

    1. @Caring Sharing I am not a fan of the snarky either. Rachel Maddow and Tucker Carlson are also snarky. They are two sides of the same coin.

  6. “Your Honor, my client is stupid. Very, very stupid. So stupid in fact, that he commits crimes, and will likely do it again. So we should let him go.”

    1. @Beastly Bunny So you think the lawyer is just going through the motion???
      I agree, “just get it over” situation??

      THIS MORONS need to be made EXAMPLES of.

    2. @Rodolfo L. Roiz I agree.the lawyer’s situation is similar to that of a babysitter dealing with a toddler throwing a tantrum in the middle of a Totally destroyed and trashed house in front of really pissed off parents…. poor man isn’t being paid enough to deal with these clownish clients lmao

  7. Then “All we want is our concerns to be taken seriously ”

    Now “you can’t take us seriously, we’re obviously mentally unwell “

    1. Btw, that reporter has a big mouth. She sounds boisterous and a pain in the ear. Be more feminine and less masculine, is my advice.

    2. @Caring Sharing, btw, you have a fat mouth too, but I’m not sure what this has to do with the topic at hand.

  8. This reminds me of when after Dan White killed Harvey Milk, and at his trial, Dan White used the “Twinkie Defense” saying he had eaten too many Twinkies, and the chemicals in the twikies poisoned his mind, causing him to kill

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