SE Cupp: This is a time of reckoning for the airlines — and air travelers

CNN Political Commentator SE Cupp says the Covid-19 pandemic is bringing necessary scrutiny to both airlines and passengers.
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  1. I remember great air travel. 1980s. Swiss Air. Delta 1970s. Even in 2001 I flew British Airways, it was great.

    1. Airlines sound like a Saturday night trip to Wal-Mart to me. Your Wal-Mart mileage may vary.

    1. i dunno …id have to check if seth/ peter griffin voted for trump. but i can say this. at least seth is funny.

  2. So true. It’s taking the bus. And when you are tall ugh, be prepared for bruises on your knees.

    1. @Tim Oh well ! Fly first class lots of leg room . Or buy your own jet so you won’t get bruised 😁

    2. The bust took me 24 hours to get from Nashville to Cleveland.

      It smelled like piss, people were disgusting, multiple layovers and transfers and wasn’t comfortable at all.

      Takes an hour in a plane, they serve me alcoho, and I get a better view of earth.

    3. Do you have any valuable tips on how one can take a bus from 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 to the US and what route the bus takes across the Atlantic and other seas ?

  3. Agree with every Single point you made regarding Flights & Flying 👍🏾👍🏾 & the one of the main point
    Please Continue Sanitizing the Planes
    Jeez ! It shouldn’t take a Pandemic for that to Happen!!!!!

  4. Cupp…. don’t forget the children….screaming…. crying….. then remember the toddlers (< 30 years old) ..... screaming and crying.

  5. and here I am, miles away from any airport that will take me anywhere useful, wishing for a day of travel like the one you described in the first 2 minutes.

    1. granted I don’t want to sit on someone else’s gum or deal with rudeness…. but man I just want to be able to fly to a city that would take me 3 hours to drive, but no, my airport only goes through Denver, so going to a city that would take me 3 hours to drive, takes my 6 hours to fly including a layover in denver. So here I am not going anywhere, because I don’t like to drive anywhere let alone 3 hours, when the flight could take 20 minutes.

  6. Yes Jake… Justice delayed is Justice denied.

    I don’t want to die before I get Justice.

  7. I avoid flying whenever I can. I’d rather drive for a full day than get in a plane for a few hours. The pandemic only reinforced this for me.

    1. @Donald Ducko I don’t understand your need to insult Tim and use God’s name in the same breath . My folly – don’t know which god you believe in ..

    2. @Tim Oh no I didn’t… It was just a throw back 😁. I never really learnt to drive and live in 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 . Love seeing the world and have been to different states in the US .

    3. @Joy Simpson I’m with you. When I’ve flown to other parts of the world it’s always been a great experience once I’m there. But I really enjoy driving, whereas flying is meh. So if I could drive over the oceans, then I would. 🙂

    4. @Tim So you’ve never had a great experience on a flight ? Why not? I know which airlines to avoid so I’ve never had o bad flight – it’s always been fun and the service great . If you know what I mean certain airlines attract certain types of customers 😉

    5. My cut off is right around 10 hours. If I can drive there in ten or less I’ll almost always choose my car.

  8. Always loved the flights that went well, but the ones that were frustrating are the ones I remember the most…

  9. Yes we tax payers to giving them moneys but they didn’t refund me for their cancel flights.

  10. SE, I’m old enough to remember the great days of flying. It was a great experience. People dressed comfortable and classy. Children like myself back then knew how to act. I flew every year between nyc and San Juan. Also Europe one year. Airplanes were clean food either chicken or beef was served in coach, no extra cost. Then deregulation happened and it went to hell.

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  12. ive been flying for the past two years. I never had a problem with other people of flight attendants themselves but flying itself is exhausting. i think every has their own experience.

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  14. I worked at Bradley Int. for 20 years on Runway lighting.. Now I have a Ford Mustang that takes me anywhere I want to go. Almost as fast..

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