1. @M S 👈. Just see what’s going on now since biden good God open your eyes. If you can’t see you’re blind and dumb.

    1. @SilentStrike117 SilentStrike I follow what you’re saying, to hope to avoid an armed confrontation. But I think Russia won’t just sit on their hands on a interrupted economy, and intense cyber warfare.
      I believe in our U.S., and Allied forces will secure our intelligence, and protect the American people. I feel our Commander In-Chief, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff have a incredible relationship with outstanding leadership… i’m proud of them. Prayers to our troops, God bless them all.
      Cpl. Cano
      Honorably Discharged
      U.S. Marine Corps Veteran

    2. @SilentStrike117 Sorry dude, China is financing Russia these decades. Communists supremacies, dictatorship & totalitarian are spread by them. Therefore they must be eliminated

    3. @Captain WinThanks to the Communist Virus (Covid-19).Also ASEAN are infected with communist supremacies.

    4. @Joe not as important as technology. Whoever controls the air controls the world. Drone strikes, bombs, emps, etc. Imagine last year if americas major cities had blackouts during covid and the our electronics were down, china could take the western coast in a week.

  1. You know this is gonna piss off those fox n News max people they can’t stand Russia being picked on

    1. @Harley Potokar youre either a foreigner or you got your education sitting on a tailgate… either way your ignorance shows

    1. unfortunately not! EU totally missed that in the early 2000’s when pro-europeans won elections yet the EU was reluctant to make ukraine a member after just letting many eastern european countries into the EU…big mistake! with nothing to show it was almost certain anti-european parties would win again and they did and corruption stayed. really a missed opportunity but now with all the problems the EU faces internally no way they will give a country literally at war a full membership. as a german I hope the EU will at least provide help to this situation for ukraine

  2. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you’ll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

    1. Not sure about that crypto is still way to volatile just look at dogecoin and how musk can make a joke and it plummets

    2. @SilentStrike117 He’s a bot. There are tons of these on news channels all pushing cryptocurrency

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  5. The ONLY message Putin will understand is a bloody nose.
    But you’d better be willing to back it up.

    1. @John Freedman if you think either Russia or the US would actually attempt an invasion of the other you aren’t too bright.

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