1. So that fake news that Melina Gates put out about not wanting any money is because they already settled the finances from 2019. Very misleading. 🤷

    1. @Power corrupts I know, after William Barr insist that Jeffrey Epstein be transferred into Federal custody from New York State custody from his boss Donald Trump. I wonder why William Barr took such great interest into 1 criminal and not others. Is it a coincidence that the same prosecutor who gave Jeffrey Epstein a light sentence in Florida, Donald Trump hire him in his administration. 🤷🗯️Hmmm

  2. I never cared to hear anything about the gates divorce because what adults decide to do in their personal marriages is none my dam business.

    1. @Liberals need a slap omg you’re hilarious! Hilariously a sheeple! An ignorant following sheep. Get your own thoughts and express those because in meantime…. *yawn 🥱 💤

    2. lol, me too. I don’t care to hear anything about their divorce That’s why I clicked on it and watched it.

    3. @wiser time Oops! 🤣🤣🤣 Here I am calling someone dumb and tagged the wrong person hahahaaa!

      My bad 🙂

  3. Bill, refrain from disturbance! Youtube is like my office and desk! Whatever appears with the semblance of seriousness or a serious person, such as yourself, I have to pay heed!

  4. Aw, thats sad to hear. All the best to both Bill and Melinda. I hope they find someone, or just happy about the single life.

  5. Its not the title of “convicted sex offender” that really concerns me about Jeffery Epstein. We already know that title. Its all the other titles we don’t know about and will never know about.

    1. Somehow he extorted an obscene amount of money from one of his financial customers that included that mansion where they found all the photos and videos. How a man who rarely had a regular job ends up so incredibly wealthy is the question. He probably used entrapment and extortion as his number one gimmick. I wonder how many of the people he has photos of went there thinking it was just a regular resort island, found themselves in a strange situation with no advance warning and Epstein right there with the cameras rolling. How easy to get gets lots and lots of money from people thinking they are about to be ruined. I wonder if Gates ended up forking over a lot of money.

    2. @Amy Walker Yeah, I bet Epstein tricked people into rubbing genitalia together. Poor victims were then blackmailed for the innocent action.

  6. It’s really sad that it didn’t work out. His is one couple i really thought would stay together. bummer

    1. Are you serious? Do you seriously give a poo? If so, you need to focus on your own life and well-being. Seriously who cares?

    2. @Dany StormbornI am quite disappointed too, I really respect this couple, and really hope they would have worked it out.

  7. Bill and Melinda Gates: We ask for some privacy during this difficult time.
    News: New details about Bill and Melinda Gates’ divorce.

  8. I was wondering why the divorce was covered by Outfront. The Epstein connection is very serious.

  9. They seemed so perfect for each other. They had everything, and could do basically anything. Wow, who would have thought…

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