See Jenner's response when asked about false election conspiracies 1

See Jenner’s response when asked about false election conspiracies


CNN's Dana Bash sits down with Caitlyn Jenner in an exclusive interview to discuss why she decided to run for governor of California, false presidential election claims and her thoughts on President Joe Biden.

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  1. Long story short: no experience or qualifications to lead a state of 40 million people and 5th largest economy in the world

    1. @Ron McMartinYep, yet Trump continued bombing them all and even increased the amount of drone strikes!

    2. @DJ D really? The sad tactics you people use don’t work anymore kiddo, doesn’t matter if you accept it anymore, no one’s asking and no one wants you around. Enjoy the downward spiral lol

    3. @Jack Warren she’s being gentle because she can lol Caitlin could barely answer the questions as it was. I’m sitting here watching and wondering if she was always dumb. I hate to admit it but I watched the first few seasons of the Kardashians. I barely remember Bruce being on it. (I’m not sure if it’s normal to refer to their old selves by the new name or old name). I’m just glad I don’t live in California lol I have heard horrible things about newsom and the interviews I’ve seen of Caitlin make me feel like they’re screwed in Cali either way.

  2. I find it soooo funny that she has a giant Malibu mansion and says she didn’t know what to do because she couldn’t go to restaurants. Girl you have the ocean to the left and dirt bike trails to your right – get over yourself.

    1. @Bhida48 oh I know these states will not vote Republican. As an independent, I’m not sure NY should be under republican leadership. Having said that, look at Florida, and how amazing it’s doing under the leadership of DeSantis. So many people are moving there. Newsom and Cuomo destroyed their states and didn’t care that their oppressive lockdowns cost so many people their livelihoods. That’s terrible leadership and has consequences.

    2. @JJS 1990 how the hell do Florida doing any better? Their one of the top five states with the most covid cases. Are they “doing better” because people don’t have to wear a mask in public? Is it because their theme parks opened up a lot earlier than others? What exactly is Florida exceeding at right now ?

    3. @Bhida48

      His name is “Bruce”. I used to watch this guy in the olympics as a kid, his name was, is, and will be “Bruce”. I think he got messed up in Hollywood really… like Britney, Lindsay Lohan, and Miley. Somebody gave him drugs and fried him I guess.

  3. Caitlin and her first world privilege problems of not being able to go to a restaurant because of deadly pandemic.

    1. Hi Sandra seems like caitlins elitist out of touch lifestyle makes her the perfect political candidate these days.

  4. Why do we vote in people who don’t live like the rest of us, nor know anything what regular people need or want?! SMH

    1. @Christopher Parks sorry to tell ya this but Democrats suck & Bruce knows it ..but wont say it !

  5. I went to a restaurant for the first time this week since March 2020 and I have no desire to run for office

    1. @budget EDC knives Just because he didn’t go out to eat doesn’t mean the restaurants were all closed.

    2. @budget EDC knives Because of a restaurant? I’ll never leave Berlin even if they would close restaurants for the jede 20 years, lol

    3. @Lola PR You must live in free enterprise state like Texas where the lazy government did not force the utility companies to update their equipment against the possibility of the cold. That red state chose not to join the national grid and opted by law to keep their grid off other state’s grid.
      Then it got cold.
      People had no gas or electricity.
      People DIED
      Most have huge utility Bill’s because that state chose not to protect its citizens and chose to protect the profits of companies.
      BTW….you really don’t understand the difference between Communist country and the desire of pure greed found in the party of Ebenezer Scrooge where the dollar is more important than human life. Because the two ARE THE SAME. Just take a look at how China is treating its citizens in Hong Kong!!!!! Just like djt treated his citizens to have a photo taken of him holding the Holy Bible upside down!!!!

  6. “During Covid it was horrible. What do I do today? It drives me crazy.” Caitlyn says this living in a mansion, while millions of people lost their jobs, homes, loved ones. Here’s the worlds smallest violin

    1. @jim mims Who doesn’t work hard? So most Americans who don’t own a mansion, don’t work hard? Very elitist of you.

    2. @Sin Sincere don’t like Trump. OAN is a joke, actually, its the antithesis if CNN. Tuckers alright. Might want to consider searching a little deeper on everything you hear.

  7. Aww poor entitled Caitlin can’t go to a restaurant how horrible – life must be so hard (sad face)

  8. The last time I heard someone say “I’ll surround myself with great people”, it was a disaster!! Just a sayin!

  9. Just hearing it, you can’t help but laugh. At everything. There is no knowlege of political or social issues going through that head. Not much knowlege at all for that fact.

  10. I feel like I’m living in a constant fever dream since like my sophomore year of college dude. Wtf is going on?!

    1. @Dennie Saunders That’s actually something that I have thought about a lot. I do believe that scientifically she is a man. But, she isn’t making it a big deal. She will advocate for the normalization of transgender people but not surrounding her whole campaign around it. She will support it, but she is focused on policies about economics more so then social issues. Ben Shapiro once said that if he had dinner with a trans person, he would respect their pronouns but, he is still aware and supports science. I agree. That’s why in this case I am using her pronouns.

    2. @Miracle Man I don’t think she hates liberals but just disagrees with them. She likes some of the social issue aspect of the Democratic Party (if I understood that properly).

    3. @Tanner Alt but he won’t go to dinner with gays. that’s where Toddler Shabino draws the line! also Right wingers don’t understand the science. nice try.

  11. “I have a 12 acre lot what am I to do now?” Meanwhile people are dying and losing their livelihoods. Privilege at its best

  12. God forbid not being able to go to restaurants….celebrities are just so out of touch… People are dying, losing jobs, losing their homes.

  13. She talks about being bored and not being able to go to a restaurant … meanwhile the rest of the country lived in anxiety about paying bills and finding food… she is not in touch with society

  14. Dear lord she is so clueless. Her biggest problem during Covid-19 was not being able to go to a restaurant.

  15. Jenner: My kids won’t be involved whatsoever
    Also Jenner: Kim will have my ear when I’m up in Sacramento…

    That was like the tenth contradiction in this horrendous interview that I heard.

    1. Technically Kim is a stepkid. And she’s probably just keeping an ear safe in case someone needs it to clone Caitlin.

  16. “I’ve sold billions of dollars of exercise equipment”; yeah real good qualification to be Governor…

  17. Caitlyn “I’m meeting with budget people”. Oh honey, the guy you call when you need an early alimony from Kris is not a “budget person” .

    1. HAAAAAHAHAAA I’m Dying! I just kept wincing when Jenner repeated those words over and over. I was hoping Jenner would find the right word but damn Jenner was struggling.

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