Sec. Buttigieg: It’s Washington That Seems To Have A Problem With Human Infrastructure 1

Sec. Buttigieg: It’s Washington That Seems To Have A Problem With Human Infrastructure


The Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework is set to hit the Senate next week. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg sits down with Ali Velshi in Oregon to talk about the hurdles and why we’re looking at two bills instead of one. He says Republicans didn’t seem to object to human infrastructure initiatives like elder care, child care and parental leave on their own merits, just the idea that it’s infrastructure. “Now it’s in a different package. Let’s see if they vote for it.” Buttigieg also stresses the importance of undoing damage of the past by making sure the process is inclusive. “Voices of those who have been most excluded have to be in the lead of shaping solutions.”» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Buttigieg: It’s Washington That Seems To Have A Problem With Human Infrastructure


    1. He forgot to mention it takes only 1/2 as much of children death at the mines . I wonder if Americans would buy bus if American children had to mine the resources to build his transportation system

    2. @Armando Sanchez
      The cheapest bidder. It’s the conservative way. The Republican way is not to pay them.

    3. Eric. Some people are wired to find comfort in propaganda. For many others thinking critically is only way , ( even if it is painful ). Wake up

  1. Always gratefully surprised, Mayor Pete, at your affable ability to manifest interest, intelligence, humor, and humanity into even (what historically has been) one of the more mundane governmental bureaus. So glad you’re there! Thank you:)!

    1. @Cognitive Supreme I don’t usually respond to dickheads but I just wanted to show people how little you know. Mayor Pete served TWO TERMS as mayor of South Bend.

    2. @Sheila Boston they don’t care. Cognitive ‘supreme’ dissonance is a foreign misinformation troll. The other one probably is too.

    3. @Cognitive Supreme pete was great for south bend, what are you talking about? We always knew he would run for president.

  2. there are 2 choices, both are difficult, one is difficult now where we change everything to sustainable, the other is difficult later when our children/grandchildren all die from our shortsightedness

    1. @GoGreen1977 I see Germany has stated outright that the rains/floods are caused by man-made climate change. USA is so divided over things that should not be political, such as the pandemic, climate change, drought and fires, that it will stay behind the 8-ball for a long time.

  3. We can fly a helicopter on Mars by remote and yet, we can’t figure out how to put out forest fires in the West. Of course, we know how to do it; just increase the manpower, the planes, everything. I don’t know why we can’t work together on this. You’re in Oregon? Fires are raging here!

    1. @Bryan Jan 2019 With a partial government shutdown looming, President Trump quietly issued an executive order that expands logging on public land on the grounds that it will curb deadly wildfires. All this while in 2018 cutting funding deeply for our National Forests

    2. @IVORY123100 “Lumbering”? Try “logging”, and we’re talking Oregon, one of the industry’s biggest boosters and contributors.

    3. @marmac Where are they going to go? The nearest inhabitable planets are literally light years away and would take tens of thousands of years to reach even with significant advances in space travel technology. Setting up colonies on the moon or building sustainable space colonies is far beyond our present resources rig by now.

    4. @IVORY123100 this is the stupidest comment I’ve ever seen. Just highlights how your educational system is.

    1. Why do we need the government to take care of our families for us? Shouldn’t people take care of their own families?

    2. who gon pay for it? dont say rich because they already pay way too much. instead of FREE MONEY given to children and lazy elders , they need to learn how to buy stocks when stocks get cheap. i am ONLY okay with 1-TIME $3000 stimulus

  4. I know it’s early but I predict that Secretary Pete will go down in history as the most effective Transport Secretary that restored existing infrastructure and at the same time deliver transformational infrastructure needed to take America into the 21st century and beyond.

  5. I don’t get why politicians don’t want to invest in American and the people.. we shouldn’t be suffering, we shouldn’t be going through all of this bs just to survive. the government has a responsibility to help its people and I’m glad Democrats are ready to get the work done! The Build Back Better Reconciliation Plan is what is going to change millions of peoples lives and send the American people back to work.

  6. I really like the reporting. I really don’t like the segment ending before it is over. What is with that youtube is always a rerun why leave out anything?

    1. Democrats always leave you wanting…they never leave you with the feeling you’re satisfied.

  7. Amazing how much this country and her people need, not just want, and how many say no, with many of those saying no range from affluent to multimillionaires, like improving something is so detrimental to their life.

    1. @Mary Lamb Busted, guilty as charged, it’s not easy separating the parrot bots from human beings these days, forgive me.
      Have you studied end-game Capitalism? It’s a lot like end-game Communism, except the rich will be renting our lives out to us instead of elites deciding the best way to make use of us.
      I believe it’s inevitable, but I wish more people would invest in securing their own freedom, how many people do you know that own their homes and the land it is built on, debt free? None of them are as free as they think they are, someone else literally owns them.
      We don’t invest in people. we don’t invest in families, we don’t invest in infrastructure, pretty soon, China will be lapping us using Communism, that will not be a good look for Capitalism.

    2. @Mary Lamb List, please, one example, with the amount of money earmarked for this “pork” and explain why it is pork, why it is good only for a segment of the populace and not the whole nation. We Democrats can indeed start the list of Trump pork with $1,500,000,000,000 in tax cuts mostly for those who do not spend their windfall to benefit anyone else but themselves, if they spend it at all. If you cannot do this from your point of view, or don’t think it is worth your time to share this important information with your readers, then your readers will remember your name and stop reading any of your comments. Unless you can prove what you say is true, why should anyone believe you over Biden and Buttigieg?

    3. @Gnirol Namlerf

      I already did list, more than one.

      I don’t care if you believe me or not. It’s there.

    4. @Gnirol Namlerf

      Lol if you read my comments than you’d know what I wrote. Im not repeating what I already wrote. Scroll up, or not.

    5. @Gnirol Namlerf

      The bill presented by republicans 2 trillion takes care of ALL the real infrastructure. Supported by many democrat politicians, beçause even they are seeing the out of control spending has to stop.

  8. Good information, innovative solutions, and all doable. Let’s do it! Get on board, GOP. Secretary Buttigieg, President Biden and Vice President Harris want to put American women and men to work Building Back Better in our country. Stop holding us all back. We have WORK to do. An economy to grow and benefit the USA.

  9. I highly recommend his book, “Trust”! It shows how we got to where we are today and how we can change it.

    1. Sounds like a book by Andrew Chomo, a book of lies to cover up incompetence and failure. Bootyjudge couldn’t even govern little South Bend and left it broken. This is what happens when an election is stolen.

    2. @maria schultz Unfriendly reminder that 50+ courts all over the US plus Trump’s administration officials didn’t think the election was stolen

  10. How can one man make so much sense snd we as a nation just found him Hooray for Pete B or forever lovingly
    Mayor Pete

    1. @Evelyn Rodriguez; You keep your mid-evil hobgoblins, the last “chosen one” nearly destroyed this country. We need real people paying attention and communicating with one another.

    2. He’s young. Lots of people don’t accept his sexual orientation. But lots of people see how savvy and compassionate Pete is. Hopefully, someday we’ll be addressing him as Mr. President.

    3. @J Marie oh, let’s just stuxnet the Russians and get it over with already. We have superior cyber cadres doing battle as I type.

  11. Man, I like Secretary Pete. The guy is smart and eloquent. I think he’ll be President some day.

    1. The DNC has realized what a disaster Kamala is, and will try to primary her with Buttguy in ’24. I’d be surprised if she even runs, given her crushing rejection in the 2016 primaries. You’re in luck!

  12. Sec. Buttigieg is such an eloquent, intelligent speaker that it’s a darn shame that he never had the chance to debate former president Trump just once! His well-reasoned and thoughtful answers would have put Trump’s pattern of insults, ravings, and ramblings to shame and emphasized Trump’s numerous verbal shortcomings even more!

    1. Although he might have lost a point or two because of his fake bike-riding virtue-signaling minidrama.

    2. He couldn’t even win in Iowa in Jan 2020 even with the DNC and Iowa Dem Party cheating for him

  13. Secretary Pete is one of the most intelligent people in government. It is an extra bonus that he may also be one the nicest as well. Kindness and intelligence are a pair of traits we would do well to value.

    1. 6 months and counting that Donald Boogeyman has been out of office and they STILL won’t STFU about him. No surprise because their ratings have tanked since Joe Dementia took over

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