Sec. Pete Buttigieg: There's Bipartisan Support To Boost Infrastructure 1

Sec. Pete Buttigieg: There’s Bipartisan Support To Boost Infrastructure


Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg joins Morning Joe to discuss the latest in the bipartisan infrastructure proposal and the Republicans' move to block debate on the bill.

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Sec. Pete Buttigieg: There's Bipartisan Support To Boost Infrastructure


    1. Everything we do at the federal level should be done at the state level if we actually follow the 10th amendment. But nobody follows the Constitution anymore…

  1. The complexity of selling infrastructure to the Republicans amazing and they’re the ones trying to Make America Great Again? What exactly do they mean by MAGA?

  2. “We expect that even republicans can put their petty games aside to work on a deal that helps all Americans.”
    Everyone: 🤔😅😂🤣

    1. Lol pot calling kettle black. The democrats are the most conniving, petty, childish, tantrum throwing political party in existence. They don’t know what budgets are, they just think we can “print more money without consequences”, they scream, cry, complain and do the equivalent of taking the ball and going home when they don’t get what they want, then play the victim card (i.e. Texas Dems’ plane ride). “Democrat” is just a name just like “antifa” to deflect and say “but but we are the gOOd gUyS!😭”

    2. Spending 1.5 TRILLION on one jet fighter that even our own millitary now dont want as it costs too much to run…That was money well spent.
      Spending that sort of money on things the people want and need and would use?…Thats a very bad idea…… cant make this stuff up???????

  3. For a party that uses the motto “make America great again” has and is failing. They are done and no longer useful to this country and its people. Step aside so we can move forward and get this country where it should have been a long time ago.

  4. Internet infrastructure is still woeful in many rural areas. I have friends that live outside of town in the South end of the San Joaquin Valley who are still struggling to get reliable internet.

  5. What your seeing is a Bill to improve and rebuild Bridges, Roads, Sanitary Sewers and Transportation going downhill in the wonderful Senate compliments of the WORLDS GREATEST DELIBERATIVE BODY. If you believe that last bit of highlighted BS then you’re a republican.

  6. I remember when watching interviews with Pete Buttigieg was like *chicken soup for my soul!* ❤️‍🩹 It only just struck me that ALL of the members of this President’s administration talk like that now!🤘 *They’re competent, educated, level-headed, dedicated, honorable, eloquent, patriotic, PUBLIC SERVANTS.* 🇺🇸🗽
    *What a breath of fresh air!* 🥲

  7. Republicans don’t want to do anything for the American people. Democrats should do it alone.

  8. The Chinese just finished their first high speed rail to Tibet, meanwhile the USA is still arguing about votes and procedures…

  9. Let’s not pretend this brilliant guy isn’t just managing the DOT. They’ve widened the parameters of what DOT used to be because Pete Buttigieg is in the house. Seriously, I’m astounded at how brilliant and astute he is everytime I hear him speak.

  10. I love listening to Secretary Pete on infrastructure bill projects. It’s always a pull and an argument in Congress. Yup. It will take time …once it is done in Congress. To have the states do their road stuff. Yup. Go Pete!!!

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