Secretary Buttigieg: The Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal Is So Needed 1

Secretary Buttigieg: The Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal Is So Needed


Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg discusses his support for a new tunnel connecting NJ and NY, the state of the infrastructure deal on the Hill and the president's trip to Wisconsin to hold together support for the infrastructure deal.

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Secretary Buttigieg: The Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal Is So Needed


    1. I agree, George. When I see Pete’s pictures the thumbnail I can’t wait to click on and listen. His intelligence and rational eloquence make me feel calmer and more hopeful. The more Pete the better.

  1. It’s a necessary and important public works bill, which probably means Moscow Mitch will corral all his republican sheep and obstruct and weaken it.

    1. which he’s currently doing I don’t get why people aren’t seeing that. republicans care about the mechanics? the president said time and time again he won’t ignore his other priorities for republican support.. he laid out TWO deals Infrastructure and his Families Plan. Republicans thought if they did infrastructure that would make him forget the Families Plan but no, that was always moving forward through reconciliation which started two weeks ago before a bipartisan deal was ever reached. they’re only playing dumb on this for the cameras.

  2. After 4 years of idiocy and incompetence, it’s refreshing to see that there are now people in the WH who have projects for the people, who can speak clearly, and who know something about their subject.

    1. What do you mean incompetent Trump was the best president ever Biden is incompetent and pete is a phony I seen a news clip showing this phony driving 2 blocks away from where he works then parks then get on a bike and ride 2 blocks to work him and the democrats and fake news cnn and MSNBC phonys and the biggest liars I ever saw they these commmist make me sick

  3. Republicans intend to use funds for additional new highways not repairing existing infrastructure, nothing but a sham for them for more spending paying their buddy contractors!

    1. Grow up will you? That is not accurate and you know it. Existing infrastructure will be updated with part of the funds.

  4. This corporations use trucking and trains to forward their products and it is a known fact that these large trucks damage the roads so it makes good sense that they should start paying a higher amount in their taxes in order to cover their usage of the roads and the repair is necessary to maintain them

  5. it needs to be pointed out AGAIN AND AGAIN that republicans WOULD NEVER BE THE ONES making these bipartisan deals, THIS IS AN AMAZING quality EXCLUSIVE to the Democrats, so if you are conservative you should at the VERY LEAST be grateful to the other party on this front, we are trying to include you, you dont do that for us 🙁

    1. THIS! When tf have they ever been bipartisan?? Democrats need to push tf forward and stop caring about Republicans feelings when their only goal is to OBSTRUCT. They don’t want a bipartisan deal or a reconciliation deal to happen.

  6. It’s friggin 115 degrees in the north west? We don’t need bi-partisan infrastructure we need progressive infrastructure with climate change policy included.

  7. Do we actually know that Republicans being in these negotiations will lead to 10 Republicans voting for the bill?? I’m skeptical. I didn’t see 10 Republicans in that group. I saw the same people who have been moderate votes already and still didn’t vote for some bills.

  8. I have lived in Washington State and California have driven on many of the roads on the Pacific and southwest and some of the roads and infrastructure in New York and New Jersey 15 years ago and have been surprised how many of the bridges and overpasses that the cement had crumbled away and the rebar was exposed. This is a problem with much of the infrastructure throughout the country and just like the collapse and loss of life in the structure in Florida more lives will be lost if infrastructure is not reconditioned and rebuilt.

  9. Republicans don’t care unless they can see the pathway to money to themselves very very clearly. They care about Noone but themselves. Unless they think someone has money you are worth nothing to them.

  10. Kudos again to Mr Biden, for selecting Mr Buttigieg as Secretary of Transportation. It’s apparent “Mayor Pete” is well qualified and motivated to give U.S. his best.

  11. One group believes that children deserve food and the other believes they should starve.
    Different strokes, I guess.

    1. Boom. That’s the bottom line and why I will always vote for democrats. It’s not even a hard decision.

  12. Pete is more than the Secret of Transportation. He’s the best communicator in this administration and the future of the Democratic Party.

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