Security Officials Say They Did Not See Jan. 5 FBI Threat Report | MSNBC 1

Security Officials Say They Did Not See Jan. 5 FBI Threat Report | MSNBC


During the Senate hearing on the January 6 Capitol riot, Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund said the FBI report that was sent to officials in the form of an email was not circulated to the upper reaches of officials and was never seen by him. NBC’s Pete Williams reports. Aired on 02/23/2021.
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Security Officials Say They Did Not See Jan. 5 FBI Threat Report | MSNBC


    1. @Patrick C Go tell the Police and Court. Can you talk or not? The Coup Makers got caught and others are waiting their turns. Trump’s courts and DOJ stated there was was nothing irregular.

  1. Pence is still Spooked nowadays after Capitol Attack, even he is Scared of White People. Especially when he sees himself in Mirror.

    1. @brian emory BS. That has nothing to do with what happened. Trump minions were put in key positions of the other law enforcement agencies for the purpose of keeping the capitol police in the dark about what they knew was going to happen. No law enforcement organization is an island unto itself. AND no law enforcement organization expects to be deliberately screwed by other ones.

    2. @brian emory So you’re saying that the DJT administration and was so weak that it had no influence over these organizations? Even with a Republican majority in the Senate and a strong Republican presence in the House they had no power at all over security issues? I know DJT is incompetent, but I’m not sure he’s as incompetent as you claim.

    3. And now we know also that DT trying to overturn again the vote then maybe
      another plan of riot.. gop knows it all!

  2. hawley, cruz, johnson, kennedy…all part of it. all the way up to trump. incl secret svc detail, incl LEO, incl staffers. arrest the traitors.

    1. It’s unreal you have Co-Conspirators asking Security why everything went wrong. This is bad and I’m begining to believe it runs deep.

    2. @Chris Davis They’re taking notes on how they can get even _further_ with their treason _next_ time.

  3. Trump as a president was responsible for Federal Buildings Protection and he is a Insurrectionist along with his supporters.
    What could go Wrong?

    1. @BostonBruins 88 Silencing conservatives? You guys never shut up. For every liberal (Bernie or AOC) who gets 5 minutes of airtime, you guys demand (and get) 60 minutes of rebuttal. You imagine we’re “silencing” you when really we are merely pointing out errors in your “alternative facts.”

    2. @BostonBruins 88 LOL you just repeated every foxnews talking point in your comment .all 75 million trump voters can jump in a bottom of the lake .because you still lost .

    3. @Jules Bjnln I know, right? In 2016 they told us to “get over it” when we lost. But in 2020, when it’s their “turn” to lose (that’s just the nature of elections), it’s Mutiny On The Bounty as the pirates storm the Capitol. Sheesh.

  4. No way they didn’t have insight to how bad things has gotten . if that’s true then fire them ALL because they so far out of touch its not funny

  5. They even arrested the leader of the Proud Boys with guns two days prior. That and his social media posts should have been enough on its own

    1. Did they arrest him (Enrique Tarrio) to protect him? A way to keep him from being at the Capitol the day of the insurrection? He was once (us still?) an undercover informant for the FBI.

  6. So, it seems like the FBI report about Capitol security and risks for Jan-6 was received by Capitol Police on Jan-5, but it never reached Police Chief or any high rank Commanders…
    Who was the person/persons at Capitol Police Headquaters who received it, and apparently hid it ?

  7. Every person with a brain could see this coming. Trump and his enablers are responsible and need to be held accountable.

    1. @Lee Christmas Democrats are responsible for BILLIONS in damages, 700+ injured police, destroyed lives, deaths from a summer of rioting, looting, and burning, When is Pelosi, AOC, Schumer going to be held responsible for incitement?

    2. Do research man. There were various groups involved. This will be yet another stonewalled investigation led by some career hack.

    3. @A P
      To answer your question succinctly, never. The incitement was and is the killing of unarmed black people. The cities which hired those cops are responsible for damages.
      Newest I saw was a black man shot dead over a “stop” for “jaywalking”. Seems the penalty for that is death in some places. Probably not in your neighborhood and not with a face like yours…

    4. @Michael Schaefer
      We’ll see what Merrick Garland does with it. I think he’s got what it takes. Time will tell.

  8. Who was not aware IN DECEMBER that Trump had promised that January 6 would be “wild”?! — Maybe a few cows in Iowa… smh

  9. If millions of Republicans see untethered self-interest as patriotism, why would they condemn “patriotism”?

    1. @Mastodon1976 More BS from liberals. The biggest fascists are proving to be democrats. Stop free speech, razor wire around capital, burning, looting, rioting all summer.

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