Secy. John Kerry: We Can Limit Climate Change 1

Secy. John Kerry: We Can Limit Climate Change


Andrea Mitchell is joined by John Kerry, Special Presidential Envoy for Climate and former Secretary of State, following the release of the UN Climate Change Report. Secy. Kerry says, “what we have to do is recognize the reality of what the science is.” He continues, “I am actually optimistic in the sense that the bright side of this is there are millions of jobs to be created in building the new technologies” which are better for the environment as “it’s not a lack of capacity, it’s a lack of p

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  1. If the electricity for electric cars comes from a power plant that runs on natural gas , then it makes more sense to convert our cars to natural gas.

    1. All of the country’s electrical needs could be handled by solar and wind right now. When that happens, there will be no need to use fossil fuels for power plants or automobiles.

    2. Well, no. No matter how efficient you could make a natural gas burning engine for vehicles, a power plant would be many times more efficient, thus reducing overall consumption per person. However, it is still best to somehow eliminate any energy from burning, as the burning of natural gas still releases carbon dioxide (a known greenhouse gas) and heat.

    3. @Trumpocalypse According to who? Solar, and wind are not anywhere near meeting our electrical needs, even on a good day.

  2. Stop flying around the world for meetings if you want to be taken seriously as a climate change Envoy Mr Kerry. You and all the other leaders could do your business from home.

    1. @Richard MacLean This is not a political statement you fool. This is about stopping emissions and flying across the world with a big party is not necessary so why don’t you stop making everything political and grow up you child.

    1. @John Paul Pistorio maybe he should refrain from flying in a private jet……
      If he’s so worried about carbon emissions….

  3. It’s part of a natural cycle, nothing humans can do will change what’s coming. Kerry is just playing his part in the stage show folks.

    1. Sorry, but you’re sadly mistaken … this is not a natural cycle … there is a tremendous body of verifiable scientific knowledge that proves it conclusively … leave the myths and fantasies behind …

  4. First were going to freeze to death now we are going to burn to death. Wonder whats next to try to control you. Seems so easy.

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