Sedona Prince: There’s a big misconception women don’t need to lift weights

Sedona Prince, a basketball player for The University of Oregon, talks with CNN's Fredricka Whitfield about her video of the lack of women's equipment for the NCAA tournament going viral. #CNN #News


  1. Lmao smh. This reminds of of the time I bought the book “strength training anatomy for women” and realized once I got it that it left out the entire section of arms that exists in the men’s version

    1. Um,but the viewing public is saying that even though you may think you’re popular, you’re just not that popular as you might think.hence the allocation of resources.
      Ferrari and Lamborghini used to make cars with a stick shift,they looked at how many people ordered one and reallocated the money to make automatic transmissions.

    2. @philippe trahin never said that,all I’m saying is that if the market(viewing public) doesn’t want to watch you play and rather watch men or watch golf or whatever means they’re not interested in the sport,doesn’t imply that they don’t respect the people who play. Don’t expect to get the same cash/airtime as everyone else.
      TV airtime is expensive and is a finite resource,if women playing basketball doesn’t do the same numbers,kinda implys that they don’t want to watch women play basketball

  2. That is annoying!!!! I love lifting weights in the gym and I’m not even a professional athlete. That’s messed up.

  3. This want a mistake! This was intentional discrimination, ignorance, uneducated, arrogance on the NCAs behalf! Glad they fixed it so quickly:)

    1. ​@poonanny
      That’s probably why the League of Women Voters is promoting boys who must be girls to beat up on girls in sports. They couldn’t care less about girls’/women’s sports because it doesn’t bring money into their organization. Apparently their contributors couldn’t care less about girls/women’s sports. Healthiness certainly isn’t the League of Women Voters’ primary concern.

    2. Lol. Like a bigger weight room will draw more people into the stands at women’s sporting events 😂😂

  4. This is a perfect representation of the revenue disparity between women’s basketball and men’s basketball

    1. @Steel Bill keep dying on those hills, they’ll never touch your ding dong. why can’t simps be more creative ?

    2. @Mental Midget, thanks for your incomprehensible reply. I appreciate how vulnerable you are making yourself so that others know to ignore your crazy talk.

    3. @Women’s rights was a mistake People say that about women’s football (soccer), yet FIFA viewing figures for the 2019 world cup, which the USA won, was 1.12 billion. The US women’s team still had to fight for the same money, facilities, travel and accomodation as their male peers, who have won nothing, have a lower profile and sell less merchandise.

    4. @ExternalInputs dude you think US women football team players have to get paid as much as ronaldo and messi? even their teammates don’t get paid half as much as ronaldo and messi. GTFO.

  5. Well then, I’m grateful my husband lefts me use his weights with him in the morning.
    He shares his stuff.
    Not sure why a basketball team can’t.
    Messed up! 🏀🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♂️
    Inside Michigan, USA 🇺🇸

    1. The men’s and women’s tournaments are in different states. They cannot share the same weight room for the tournament as they do at their home schools.

  6. This just in: Female muscles work the same way as all human muscles. Who’d have thought?
    Like, come on. There are female body builders ffs. Of course they need proper weights.

    1. Of course they do, But most women do get as large or as strong as men athletes . That’s why they should have all their own competitive leagues. There is some sports that can be coed but some sports should be for each gender.

    1. Then you better start speaking up!
      The ACLU, the media, and partyline Democrats are all gung ho for the destruction of girls’/women’s sports. Our Supreme Dictators (Bostock) are legislating the issue, that “sex” means “sexual orientation” and “gender identity”. So boys who must be girls can steal all girls’ records, titles, and scholarships. No need for the “Equality Act”. Women voters are very powerful. Why aren’t they stopping it? Do they want to see girls’/women’s sports destroyed? Do they care?

  7. Umm…… nobody told her to shut up and dribble when she spoke out for parity.
    It’s not the double standard, but the ignoring it that grates me.

  8. My 5’2″ sister was a professional bodybuilder and won the iron rose by lifting 3x her weight. At the age of 64 she still works out with weights. Women fight for your rights if my sister can do it, so can all of us.

  9. I laugh when I saw the girls weight. Thought it was a joke. These girls deserve way more than this. These weight stand is for like a 5yr old.

  10. It wasn’t just the weights, look at the difference in the welcoming gifts. Equality is priority. What are yall doing with the money that the players don’t receive? This shouldn’t have never happened.

  11. I like her attitude. She saw a problem, raised her voice to create awareness and got a solution. She’s not “angry” like some people are nowadays while addressing things that are not going well in the world.

    1. My simple economics say anyone making under 500,000usd a year are useless using up all the resources on the planet, America etc .
      That’s amount (500,000) simply shows a line of success vs unsuccessful people regardless of sex, race color or religion, nationality etc
      On the factory farm what do we do with not productive, equipment, animals, tools, buildings etc that are weighing down the company business?
      So I agree, we should eliminate all that is not economically justifiable. The population of the planet should never exceed 500 million.. We have to ask and always think about the 7th generation from now.
      Just an agent of Snowball, not that prudent pig himself. Lol

  12. Sedona Prince rocks. On the court, off the court, and in the courts. Do Ducks! Alis volat propiis. I’m a fan for life.

  13. You think this is bad? The men’s tournament is 100% fully catered with the best food, while the women’s tournament is given Swanson TV Dinners. I’m not fucking kidding.

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