1. @Mustang 99 just because you didn’t have one didn’t. Make it OK it just means you qernt pulled up on it

    1. That makes perfect sense. Outside it’s extremely difficult to contract a virus without close contact. You’ll be fine.

    1. @twain307 get over it. You do have an immune system let it do it’s job. It’s freedom of choice just like the vaccines should be.

    1. Hagia Sophia and 12 secrets!

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  1. It’s weird I tried to like this video because the forced masked mandate ended but it won’t let me like it. It did like me dislike it though strange

  2. I am waiting to start wearing a mask until it becomes a problem for the system ! I quite enjoy not being tracked when I go to walmart !

  3. This is about respect for individuals. If you want to wear a mask, wear it. If you don’t, don’t. No need to fight about it.

    1. Yes, my only problem is a good amount of those still wearing masks want to force everyone else to wear to wear masks too. Why is it so hard for them understand letting people make their own decisions

    2. @J CSpotter I agree there are those on both sides that try to pressure others to their way of thinking or behaving. I just try to do my part by giving other people the same respect and freedom of choice that I want. Too many people make assumptions and don’t mind their own business.

    3. never was about respect for individuals before.Everybody was forced to wear FantasyFlu19 mask. Where were you Karen?

  4. Its not march 2020 anymore. This is an amazing video. Cdc and the media arent happy about this. Still calling it a pandemic

    1. It’s still killing hundreds of thousands of people around the World, Cletus. What’s your definition of a pandemic?

    2. @Don Keigh
      Actually deaths have slowed tremendously along with hospitalizations and most countries are seeing less deaths from covid than compared to flu for 2022 so far – the mortality of the virus is waining

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