1. that’s horrific scene, so brutal,killing civilian indiscriminately,this is really war crime

    1. What’s happening in Ukraine is sad but what about the casualties in Yemen Iraq Afghanistan Syria Libya Palestine? What about those victims? I have a bad feeling that the U.S. is using there casualties to promote there interests

  2. This is looking more and more like a replay of “The Winter War” in Finland: Even the pullback and narrower focus.

    1. @Sean Rice THANK YOU! Someone Apart From Me Who Still Takes The Time To Read Books! If ONLY More People Discovered Just How Much Knowledge Bools Contain!

  3. It seems Putin is challenging humanities of the world. He says, ” I would do what I want. I do not care what you think”.

    1. @Agung Prabowo Only 18.000???? how is it possible that he gave so few guns? This is absurd for a population of 40 million.

  4. Give Ukraine the equipment they need to defend themselves, show them being part of the free world is worthwhile fighting for.

  5. When people are dying minutely, there is very little comfort to them in hearing that sanctions are being tightened or applied gradually. In my view, maximum sanctions should have been applied from the first week of the invasion instead of a process that keeps adding and tightening sanctions. For while the West is gradually tightening the economic noose that will eventually cause the Russian economy to buckle, Ukranian civilians are being slaughtered by the minute. If our (collective West) objective is to safeguard civilians first and foremost, then bring the Russian economy to its knees with every sanction possible; and only after clear evidence that Russia is reversing course that sanctions should gradually ease. But what is presently being employed is a strategy, that even if effective, will arguably have allowed for more civilian deaths in the long haul than realistically had to be.

    1. @DoctrZhivago lies they never specifically said Bucha was liberated, they said Russian troops were seen leaving the Kyiv region but warned they might be regrouping. So what’s you point smh , not everything is propaganda have some sense of empathy

    2. THIS IS GENOCIDE, and everyone is just sitting and watching….. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🇺🇸🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ shame on you

    1. WITH RESPECT! Think The Media Have To Be VERY CAREFUL with Using Emotive Words Like Genocide In The Wrong Context! If They Do So It Lessens The Impact When Genocide REALLY Happens!

    2. Genocide has a very specific legal meaning. The US’ chief ambassador has to be exceptionally circumspect in how he uses language.

  6. So heart broken to see these gruesome images, and thinking how can a human being do this horrific and evil thing to other innocent people, just because they believe in freedom and liberty. Only incarnations of Devils van do these evil things to others.

    1. @Nan Log NO Excuses For This HORROR! But Like You I Don’t Understand This Scene! Seems Strange The Way The Bodies Have Been Arranged To Look Like They Were Just Shot Where They Are Lying. But Then Their Hands Are Tied! Just Hope This Not Some Set Up For The MSM By The Ukrainian Military! Please Don’t Call Me A Russian Troll! Just Welcome An Explanation From Anyone With War Crimes Knowledge!

  7. I live in Estonia, we got first Ukrainian refugees already. I came to library today and saw an Ukrainian woman with her child looking at the school itinerary they got here. When I started talking to her, her first asking was, please share the truth. There are so many lies told about Ukrainians and that they wanted to attack and started the war. She was not able to talk more, tears were about to come. So – again and again, we must do everything we can to stop all this madness and happy that our politicians co-operate on this.

    1. OMG so many pathetic russian bots, I hope that you are paid in Rubles, or is it Rubbles? It is worth nothing. You should be ashamed

  8. I have been following Us politics as a non American for years from Europe.
    This gentleman has said everything just right .
    Despite my critic of the general handling of the USA in this war , his formulation is correct.
    No one but only Ukrainians must decide what they want in negations and the NATO must support Ukraine.

    1. Events in Bucha:
      March 30- Russian troops left the city
      March 31- Mayor of the city confirmed that there were no Russian soldiers and did not mention any massacre.
      April 1- Ukrainians entered the city
      April 3- a story of a massacre appeared, with corpses wearing pro-Russian white ribbons.
      Now guess who did it?

    2. I don’t think you heard correctly. You have to look not only at what he said but what he DIDN’T. He’s hoping Zelensky accepts a lesser deal than what he’d get with joining NATO so that America won’t have to put boots on the ground or send him Migs; that’s why he didn’t specifically say “if that’s what they want we’ll defend them” and notice he kept saying “we’ll do anything to help them defend themselves”. If Ukraine joins NATO they’d get everything they’ve asked for and didn’t get this time.

  9. That’s so horrible. Those people are someone’s precious family member. I feel for those affected by this unnecessary war.

    1. Something not right here, if Russian did it, they would never left civilian open on the middle of the road. Never.

    2. @Enjoy ESK8
      He asked Ukraine to not join NATO (an organization built on containing Russia)

    3. Correct. I personally worry for my cousin’s wife’s family. She’s Ukrainian and she still has family who are too and are still there in the Ukraine 🇺🇦.

  10. My heart bleeds for these innocent civilians of Ukraine who are paying the ultimate price for an invasion that has nothing to do with them.It’s just BARBARIC!

  11. I have never felt so emotionally head wrecked with seeing the images and crimes of war committed against Ukraine, and with
    A nation of Innocent people that were minding there own business going about there lives only to have this evil come there way.
    A force of evil that must be and will be stopped.

    1. @Mark Seymour no one said they did but you clearly have a bias for some victims over others.

    1. @Rob H Literally every international relations expert knows it lol.
      But I can’t force you to accept the truth, you can believe whatever you want.

  12. “He is a Genius!!” “He is Savvy!!” “He is Smart!!” Famous Words of the Twice Impeached Insurrectionist.

  13. I don’t understand any hesitancy in calling this crimes against humanity, as well as genocide. We all see what’s happening and we all know who instigated it. I see the words I’ve written here and they don’t begin to convey the torture and brokenness I feel inside at what’s being allowed to happen to Ukraine and its brave heroic people.

    1. Please be careful
      where are all the satellite images/videos? every millimeter of movement has been filmed since January, and now we only see photos and videos from mobile phones. and the russian troops said that they had left these territories before this terrible event. who killed these innocent people?

  14. My ex-comrades are getting ready to fly south for the 40th anniversary of the war of liberation that we fought in.

    It saddens me that my health will not permit me to join them.

    It saddens me even more that I am no longer capable of offering my aid the Ukranian forces.

    Slava Ukraini. 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

  15. Such an educated, eloquent and astute Secretary of State – unlike his predecessor who was a useless apologist for the childish former President!

  16. If I were to see my son or brother lying in the street like this I would be so filled with grief and anger and a thirst for RETRIBUTION…😔
    God Bless these Courageous People. 🇺🇦

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