1. @Sunny Sands most of the moderate Republicans knew when Trump had gone too far though. I’ll give Barr the credit that he was standing up to Trump in December 2020

    1. It’s easy to blame Trump and Putin…So Brave…You want to know who’s at fault..All these Congressmen and Women who have been there their whole lives. THEY are at fault.

    2. @G K that’s exactly my point. The correct sentence should have read … they would have GONE with it …
      Go Verb; went—past tense; GONE—Have Gone— usage of past participle.

  1. The Election Defense Fund was like Trump University a total scam, and if you sent money to him you were conned and ripped off. 🤣

    1. Hopefully those people will sue him and get some of that money back as in the case of tRump University.

    1. @Polarbreez We need a President that people can take seriously who doesn’t bath in orange spray tan.

    2. @Polarbreez When you pull your head out of the sand, do you wash your hair or just shake the grains out?

  2. Can you imagine the costs (money, time, resources…) of this whole ridiculous mess, and why? Just because one 75 year old immature little boy can´t handle the truth! I think you Americans should send the bill (put him in jail) directly to him.

  3. What’s interesting is that if the 1/6 committee had not interviewed Mr. Barr, his interactions and responses to President Trump would likely never have become public knowledge.

    1. @Yaaghob Rahmani Serious question to you:
      Even if you think the federal government sucks as it is, what do you think would have happened under a second term of President Trump or his likeness?

      You think 1A, 2A or 4A would be secured to citizens under him?

      Don’t you think he would easily cut deals with leaders like Putin to sell out American interests?
      What are gun laws like in Russia or North Korea these days where Trump admires the leaders?

    2. @isabelle white The contents of books are not legally sworn testimony, and not compelled by subpoena. An author can choose to divulge or withhold information from their books.
      But, I do understand there is the possibility that some or much of the same information could have been published in a book.

  4. Willful delusional petulant refusal to accept reality is not a defense for criminal intent. What are we even discussing at this point. Indict the man.

    1. I think you are guilty of something as well..I think we need to use the same due process you want for Trump.

  5. Don’t think it was wise of trump suggesting “ the Justice Department and the FBI could have been involved. “
    Barr was at that point obligated to defend himself and his department
    Trumps a stupid person. Unraveling at this pint.

  6. The people who really need to watch stuff like this will either dismiss it or not see it unfortunately

    1. I expect some will see it and appreciate hearing other conservatives with direct experience. I just don’t imagine many will risk their friends and coworkers seeing a social media post that feels completely counter culture. And certainly not among a group who struggles to respect them or their strong sense of patriotism, however misled it was. I’d say give ’em the benefit of the doubt …and let’s all unplug social media from conversations that actually matter.

  7. I hate that the people they riled up will never believe any information from this hearing. I’m stuck talking to them every day at work as I pretend to not have an opinion.

    1. I’m fascinated by your comments. Are these people good at their jobs? Does their work include absorbing new information and critical thinking?

    2. @David Taylor I work with foster parents and foster children. These people aren’t bad people, their just dumb and constantly fed Facebook and fox news garbage. Some of the kids absorb this too. But it’s a cultural thing. If they don’t cross any boundaries or put kids in danger I can’t really say anything. I try to be a voice of reason but they rarely listen.

    3. @CharlesJ Ebarb can’t man. It’s my job to have good relationships with parents and foster parents. It’s a cultural thing. They aren’t bad people. They just only watch fox news and Facebook

    1. He’s lucky. Only a few hearings left, he got his done quick at the very start

      When it’s all over someone is going down

  8. He took his good old time finally standing up to trump. He should have come forth a whole lot sooner as far as I am concerned.

    1. @Ett Too It’s called public transportation or car pooling. Or hey….there’s this thing called walking. 5$ gallon (not 6) gas is NOT going to bankrupt anyone. “Guess I shouldn’t buy that second 6 pack today, duh-dupty-do” If the price of gas is what causes you to support a loon over a sane person in the presidency then that just shows your UTTER SELFISHNESS!

    2. Yes, he should have. But at least he is now. Which is more than we can say for a LOT of Repugnicans right now.

  9. Am I the only one that remembers way back in the 2015 campaign when Trump signalled his intentions at a press conference. he was asked if he would accept the results of the election. he said “I will accept the results IF I win”.

    1. @steve sun i think the other way, I don’t know, maybe I’m too positive. I mean the PGA striped his course for US Open, that is one hard pill to swallow, especially if you’re narcissistic who loves to brag about everything. Now your only crown to bragg is taken away from you? Yeah i think that alone is enough to put little donnie in desperation.

      Remember, he doesn’t need this presidency in the first place. He only need publication for leverage in next season of his show to TV Boards. Clearly he don’t want to be president with real responsibility, he just need that leverages against board members, then after campaign start he take that sweet donation money from supporter and bank of Russia, ofc.

      Then they give that power to him, then they take that power after only 1 period. He already taste that power, he crave for that power, he need that attention from people, and now y’all taking that from lil donnie?? He wasn’t done playing with murica’s yet! Why you taking his toy after only 4 year? That is something he never tasted too, some living wages group of people make a decision for his live.

  10. If there is still people out there being sued by Dominion I would recommend trying to settle out of court. The Testimony of Barr saying there was ZERO evidence is damning!

    1. @Lisa Davis Absolutely they should. He clearly defamed them and played into the whole lie about them. Go get him! He has it comin’.

  11. How would votes come in unexpectedly during a vote count? You only win when you have more votes at the end of the counting

  12. It’s about time the AG, Garland shows some balls an indicts Trump for SEDITION…
    SEDITION is language intended to incite insurrection against the governing authority…

  13. Barr almost seems like a reasonable person only after he found out he could sell books talking about how crazy his former boss is

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