1. @FROM OUTTA LEFT FIELD The fun thing about America is you’re free to spout your unproven allegations to your heart’s content.

  1. All these folks are dishonorable. They have no honor in the constitution or the USA. A whole lot of “I don’t know, I don’t recall” bull$it. Dishonorable!

    1. they dont wanna go to jail. They care little about honor. These people will trample over anyone to become richer and more influential if given the chance. They belong in a facility.

    1. Rudy was drunk ? What next thing your gonna tell me is the sky is blue and the earth is round.

    2. @Lord Vader The Leftie That’s how he ended up using a cheap hair dye that ran down his temple.

    3. How exactly would one know if Rudy was drunk? He spouts nonsense when sober. (If he ever is sober)

  2. Can we talk about why he was silent on Twitter while a group of people invaded The Capital?

  3. 😂😂😂😂😂😂”We were getting ready to win this election- frankly we did win this election”…. Does that even make sense ???

  4. Thank you for the coverage of this historic event.
    This struggle that our country faces, will hopefully result in accountability for the criminals.

  5. Committee to Guiliani: did you speak to the president on election night?
    Guiliani: I dunno, I was too drunk to remember 😂😂😂😂

  6. Bill Barr: Trump was detached from reality.
    Trump: That’s the ticket! I was bonkers all along, so therefore I claim the insanity defense.

    1. He can’t, he wasn’t under psychosis. So it’s prison. But that’s def. an interesting point. That “human” uses any loophole to getaway with murder.

    2. @Julie C there goes my presidency future. Out the window. Lol I’m also a naturalized citizen, so yeah pretty solid I won’t take over the world and kindly set. World peace.

    1. @Dr. Florida Man; PhD fraud isn’t free speech fraud is a crime, I hope you are joking…

    2. @Dr. Florida Man; PhD A lie can get you 20 in prison, you can’t lie to a grand jury and call it free speech!! where did you get your PhD from, trump university??🤔

  7. Liz Cheney: On election night, Trump followed the advice of “an apparently inebriated Rudy Guiliani”
    I’m dead

  8. I remember Watergate well and these hearings make that ordeal look like a Sunday school picnic by comparison. At lease Nixon had the balls to resign.

    1. @Red Skywalker “Republicans are a miniscule portion of the American population. Registered Republicans are a mere 27% of the electorate. Which means that they are less than 13% of the U.S. population at large. And yet, due to the preposterous, and wholly undemocratic idiosyncrasies of American politics (i.e. the electoral College, senatorial representation, gerrymandered congressional districts), they have an oversized influence on what laws can be passed.”

      “Unfortunately, that means that nothing substantive will change with regard to guns (or abortion, or racism, or voting rights, or fair taxation, or the environment, etc.) until that imbalance is corrected by either reforming the political system (including the Constitution), or electing more Democrats. Let’s hope that there is some progress on the latter this coming November.”

      In other words the Republicans are the MINORITY, that’s why Trumpushka lost the election.

  9. Who shows up drunk to the Whitehouse? Who let’s a drunk person give advice to the President and his advisors?

    1. @Robert Slack Are you in the habit of arbitrarily taking away people’s rights? You never gave me rights, therefore you can’t take them. You can’t determine what is easy for me either. But you offer something fun to read. Thanks.

    2. @Linda Hinkle You can spout off as much gibberish as you’d like! I just won’t be treating like an informed adult worthy of conversation.

  10. Imagine that… he actually did have some sane people around him to urged for the truth and facts to be the focus… He just chose to ignore them.

  11. If AG Barr thought Trump was detached from reality, strange that he would still vote for him in 2024!!

    1. @TheVipernick Funny, all I’m seeing is winning by this administration. I’m so grateful for them.

  12. This is just mind blowing…that a sitting president would behave this way!!! And those who report to him!!! Doesn’t sound like something that would occur here in USA…we’re better than that!! At least I thought so before this happened!! Politicians acting like they’re part of a 3rd world country!! Just pitiful, heartbreaking 💔 😢

    1. Only in a third world countries does the top 5/10% of the population own 90% of the wealth, which is exactly the case in The US.

    2. Kinda like how Brandon’s been acting for almost two painful, disgusting 🤢 years now! What a disgrace to We The People and America!

  13. Stunned that so many of these people agreed to testify, but I commend them for doing their patriotic duty in providing their account.

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