1. Vote how you want of course, but don’t say voters don’t want partisanship when you’ve been nothing but partisan your entire pointless career. The condescending tone she has during this interview points out she thinks she’s better than anyone who would dare question why she is systematically voting against the wishes of her constituents. This is the equivalent of someone saying, “I don’t see labels or color.” Her self righteousness is just exhausting.

    1. @Tony She’s run for office as a member of the Green party, Democratic party, and now is an Independent, all within about 15 years. Kirsten is an opportunist, and is making the move that she thinks will be most beneficial to herself continuing to hold power and line her own pockets. She’s most aptly described as a member of the Me First policy, and there are plenty of Republicans who are actually Me First too.

    2. @GreenEyedLady once again, talking about Republicans when she fit right in as a Democrat, ran as a Democrat, and won as a Democrat. Do you people smell your own bs or is it just for the rest of us?

    3. @Tony What’s the point of winning as a democrat when you instantly go vote with republicans? You guys call republicans “rinos” even when they vote 99% with Trump. The difference is a “dino” actually voted against their voters who elected them.

      Yes Democrats were the confederates during the Civil War and later segregationist party up until 1965….with LBJ passage of the Civil Rights Act. That little bit of history you forgot. At that point the parties literally switched positions. So called southern white dixiecrats fled to the Republican party. The Republican Party of today no where near resembles the one of Lincoln, Eisenhower or even Reagan.

  2. Agree with him or not, imagine if all politicians were as direct as Bernie. Dana – “Does Sinema have the guts to stand up to corporations?” Bernie – “No.” No word salad, no equivocation, no changing the subject by saying “I’d rather focus on…” – just a straight up “no”. Refreshing!

    1. Bernie signed off on giving Moderna and phizer BILLIONS of dollars and was absolutely silent when the earnings for those corporations went through the roof.

    2. @Daryl He litterally said he will oppose the budget… Why? He didn’t give any valid reason apart from the fact that he hate them, talking about homeless without any valid reason either other than shaming and fallacies. He act pretty much the same way as Sinema, but for weird reasons, people still applaude him while at the same time villify Sinema… Why? Because these same people hate any corporations and believe they are all evil, and now Sanders is also hating governement agencies like CIA and defense. Why? No valid reason…

      Did Sanders already forgot Ukraine to oppose defense??

  3. What people are sick of, is politicians enriching themselves while voting against minimum wages, especially when the proposal is below the poverty level.

    1. @Bushido Who invests in these corporations? Your leaders do. You don’t think they want the most from their investments? It’s a big con.

    2. @Jae So a 16 year old should earn the same as someone who has done the job for 20 years and does it far better then a 16 year old? Generally when you start a job you work hard and as time goes by if you work good you get a promotion and a pay raise. I work with plenty of kids. 98% of them do not deserve a higher wage.
      But then again give them a higher wage and maybe some of them could move out of their parents home and then they would really see how much taxes they pay. Probably would make more of them republicans fast. I’m not positive that would be such a good idea. But then that would be a good time to have them start putting in for the climate stuff they are so scared about.

    3. @Bethany Healy when we think about the types of jobs 16 year olds have then yes. It is not as though 16 year olds are employed in industries where experience makes a difference. They are not doctors, engineers, counselors, or even work in dangerous industries . So we are talking mainly fast food or service industry. Just because a 16yr old makes a minimum wage of $16 doesn’t mean that someone who has moved thier way up or has siniority shouldn’t get raises. To tell you the truth I feel you may be arguing for the sake of arguing since you don’t really have an argument. If you have been working in fast food or the like for 20 years and haven’t been able to make gains in better employment or wages I wouldn’t blame the 16 yr old, I would blame the grifters and politicians convincing you that you don’t derserve better. I would blame the exact people you get your talking points from. I find it interesting that the filthy rich have convinced the public that they do not deserve liveable wages, and worse yet, that young workers don’t deserve wages at all. It is a weak argument implimented used to manipulate the weak minded to convince them to support policy that benefits the rich even at thier own detriment.

    4. @TheLordismylight and so wages should always remain the same? Maybe raising wages doesn’t make much since unless corporate greed can be tamed. I’m sorry, but in years when corporations make record profits AND wages remain stagnant there are still moves to cut costs (employees) and increase productivity and profits. So I don’t buy that argument. Also the federal minimum wage has gone up less than 10 times in the past 80 years.. This reminds me of what is heard from victims of abuse and exploitation, taking on the blame as if they have done something to deserve it when in all actuality they are being coerced and manipulated by thier abuser. Some of these arguments even make me think of Stockholm Syndrome. It is the Stockholm Syndrome of capitalism and a corporatocracy.

    5. @Bethany Healy I think you have that backward. Corporations invest in our leaders. They fill thier pockets, and in turn they get policy that increases thier power and ability to manipulate workers, trusts, markets, stocks, regulations, taxes. It’s all leaders, not just mine or yours. Take a look at your leaders, whoever you consider them to be, since you have obviously bought into thier very corporate arguments. You pretty much just admitted you are being conned.

    1. @Joy Simpson “yOu”Re ThE aCtUaL “pArRoT”. gOoDnIgHt !” 😆 You easily manipulated brainwashed useful idiot zombies are pitiful.

    2. @Douglas Brian Ford 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂I’m so chuffed I hit a nerve …👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋

    3. @Joy Simpson Not sure how me laughing at your embarrassingly stupid reply equates to you hitting a nerve, but whatever you say 😆😆😆 You’re proving me right and you don’t even realize it 😆😆😆😆

  4. There are murals about Bernie in Dublin. That man has an international respect which is greater than any single other US politician of any party.

    1. @Alex Youngberg Bruh, this comment thread had nothing to do with Trump. You are the one that brought up Trump. Hence, I called you out for being cringe and bringing up someone that had no hand in the current issue in this video nor in Ver Coda’s comment alone.

    2. @Nameless Person No. But he would make a great President. He should have won and the United States wouldn’t have to deal with a Narcissistic businessman that cares nothing for the people he was elected to serve and a good-hearted man that can’t string 2 sentences together without a teleprompter. Both are beholden to corporate power and greed. Fucking sad.

  5. When you serve your constituents, you serve their interests. Sinema is proving that she serves her own interests. Arizona is going through a very rough time. I feel for the good people of Arizona. There doesn’t seem to be enough.

  6. Thank you Bernie Sander for always speaking the truth and about Sinema and Manchin being corporate politicians. Hope Arizona pick the right candidate to replace Sinema in 2024.

  7. I wonder how long it took her to perfect that soft, reasonable, “I’m so inspired and dedicated” tone while hiding just how self interested she is.

    1. Not rehearsed enough to not sound like she’s totally full of 💩.
      From the Kari Lake school of forced sincerity.

  8. Love Bernie. Wish more people would support him. He would make a great president. He may not be young, but he cares about the country.

    1. He’s my Senator and I’ve met him several times. He sends every week-end travelling and meeting with plain people about their concerns. He’ll never get rich advocating for seniors or working people but that’s not he’s about. He has a big heart,. and a sharp mind.

    1. @Joshua Brady thats very authoritarian of you to say. Why because she switch parties lmfao that’s not illegal. SOme of you should never run in govt

    2. She didn’t switch party, she switched sides — to the billionaires and corporations that lined her pockets! She has no party allegiance, she’s only loyal to whoever gives her the most money!

    1. What the heck was going through God mind when the guy created Mercury? What a Dumb ao just like IN & IN SR, the Asians & Republicans!

  9. Bernie is loved by people of all ages because he’s straight forward about his support of the poor in society and still strong and vigorous in his speech and intelligence.

    1. sure seems that way, he also is two faced . . talking as thought he is for Human Rights and then being semitic with its voting record. Facts Matter !!

  10. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you answer questions directly without dancing around. Feel the Bern.

  11. Never heard of this lady but my 1st impression was that she was being honest – shows how gullible I am 😞. Bernie is the 1st and ONLY politician I’ve ever donated to. I believe Bernie!!

    1. She’s a RINO.Really.
      The last three yrs has proved her actions.
      Wants it 50/50. If so Dem can’t pass laws without VP.
      Scandalous female dog.
      Who is paying the ferry man??

    2. As a Conservative (not a Republican) from Az, I think she has done a good job in trying to bridge the parties. I don’t always agree with her politics but she seems to be trying

    3. Sinema with Manchin have blocked every important bill aimed at helping the American people every chance they’ve gotten. Both are evil and work against progress and human rights!

  12. From one senior Canadian to another senior American Bernie Sanders, I am very impressed by his progressive agenda and the heart to help seniors, students, young Americans and the less privileged. My love and best wishes to Bernie Sanders from Canada ! 🇨🇦 💖

    1. You sure don’t sound like the Sinema who ran in 2016. You betrayed North East Arizona. Nice backstab to Native America.

  13. When she said that she didn’t listen to all the noise, I thought to myself “Oh, so that’s why you hide from your constituents when you vote against their interests”

    1. When she said, ‘What’s important to me is to not be tethered to the partisanship’ What she meant was “What’s important to me is to not be grateful to the party that supported my candidacy and the Democrat constituents that voted me into office’.

    2. The betrayal is stunning. People exhausted themselves helping Sinema get elected and she just disregarded them.

  14. What an actress! Give her an Oscar! Every word sounds so deliberate and charismatic – a sign of narcissism. How did she get her $11 million? She is full of it.

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