1. I guess now it’s time to have some new laws that ensure that ALL children get health care. ALL children get a safe, clean, and stable place to live, ALL children get access to healthy food, and clean water and ALL children get quality education. What we have on the books aren’t doing the job so time to show that you truly care about the lives of children.

    1. @FerallHog Nice ad-hominem logical fallacy attack. Care to articulate a critique of a particular statement or claim of mine?

  2. Thomas’ ultimate goal it to overturn the Loving decision, so he finally has an excuse to get rid of Ginny.

  3. Seriously how do we move fwd as a country if we keep undoing well established precedences every time new opposing comes in power? We are like a dog that keep chasing its own tail, or reck it Ralph, build then break down, build then break down….

    1. You move forward by doing things the right way. Making laws in the legislature, not the judiciary.

    2. It’s easy. The answer to your question is to stop voting extreme left or extreme right and vote something reasonable in the middle.

    3. @William Davis yeah, definitely. It’s truly astounding. Sorry I exploded a bit when I first replied, today has brought out the most incredible levels of shamelessness. It’s truly a shame that we have lost any appreciation for diversity of thought – or at least, from my point of view it’s a shame, and from what I’m reading from you, you feel it too. How we view this era in a hundred years – I’m might be glad I won’t find out.

  4. Next move: codify freedom of choice into law.

    Except didn’t the Dems try this last month? Yes, and it failed by 11 votes. A future bill will have to be less expansive for a chance to get the votes, and would probably have to be co-crafted in a bipartisan way.
    After all, federal micromanagement of an American woman’s body is “big government.”

  5. If everyone doesn’t get their asses out to vote this November then just kiss democracy goodbye cuz that literally is what is at stake.

    1. @Underfell Gamer Well who’s will did they do it by? Another’s? Do women have control over their bodies or not? Can they say “no” to a guy who wants to have sex with them? Can they make the guy use a condom? Can they hop on birth control if they’re sexually active? What are you saying?

    2. How did killing your unborn child because you and your sex partner were irresponsible idiots about very important decisions, become just a normal thing?

  6. Whoever is in charge of titling these CNN YouTube videos really needs to learn the difference between a reaction and a response. There is a difference, and this carefully-worded statement is called a response.

  7. The Supreme Court could strike down a law or executive degree if it Violates the Constitutìon

  8. Anyone else out there born into extreme poverty and an unstable household? Me 🙋🏼‍♀️ guess what? The government isn’t there for those children. I told my school counselor that I wished my parents had aborted me when I was 10. Did anyone help me or any of the other kids I knew in the same place? No, bc the system is broken. They’re so proud of themselves for saving all of these unborn children but what are they doing for the ones alive? My heart goes out to all of these children. Stop shaming the parents – yes some of them have made poor decisions, some of them need abortions for medical reasons – but for the love of God, someone please make a plan to save the children in abusive households or in foster care. Please 🙏🏻

  9. “Constitutional right”? Where does the word “abortion” exist in the Constitution?

  10. Well, now we have to get a bill in place for the one who contributed to getting the female pregnant to pay child support or go to jail. It takes two people so both parties should have to pay the price. I am pro-life but will not have to place judgment on those who choose the choice to terminate a pregnancy. If you do practice your religious beliefs you are taught through Christ to judge yourself not others. They make the decision therefore they suffer the consequences.

  11. Okay, Grandpa Joe, do whatever your handlers tell you to and then you’ll get some butterscotch pudding.

  12. The opposite of love isn’t hate,
    it’s selfishness.
    We call it
    ‘A woman’s right to choose.’

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