1. @Bey HeyHey I haven’t caught a cold since March 2020. Asian countries masks are part of the culture, if the person is sick wear a mask reduce the spread.

    2. CDC has been always wrong. Why should we believe them now??
      Just fully vaccinate your family Dr. Death
      Texas is fully open now without vaccination

    3. I’m wearing my mask until we reach herd immunities. I’m still concerning about break through cases. My body is weak, can’t take a mild Covid symptom.

  1. RIP to everyone who died from covid and did not live to get a vaccine. I had covid, it sucked but I’m alive. Stay well everyone.

    1. @Alfred Stetter and don the con and the missus took their vaccine in January, before vacating the spots they occupied in the People’s House

    2. CDC has been always wrong. Why should we believe them now??
      Just fully vaccinate your family Dr. Death
      Texas is fully open now without vaccination

  2. I’m fully vaccinated. My mask isn’t going anywhere any time soon. We know the virus is always changing.

    1. CDC has been always wrong. Why should we believe them now??
      Just fully vaccinate your family Dr. Death
      Texas is fully open now without vaccination

    2. All viruses mutate or change. The media has exaggerated many aspects-fear and hysteria. I used to conduct research in Immunology. It’s high time to throw away the masks. No one talks about the psychological damage. it is dehumanizing to be forced to cover most of your face. It breeds suspicion and fear of other people; breaks down social connection and community. No child should be wearing a mask. Your fear and anxiety is more detrimental to your immune system than not wearing a mask. Simple commonsense: stay away from people who are actively sick.

  3. I live in Floriduh. There was a surge recently connected to the governor allowing spring break parties.
    I will continue to wear a mask when I go to town from my hidey-hole in the woods

    1. @tim O THAT’S what you got from that? Your education has failed you, bud…🤦🏻‍♂️

  4. I’m totally vaccinated..but I don’t think I can go without my mask in closed places.. no way am I going to expose myself to civic until it is fully safe!!

    1. CDC has been always wrong. Why should we believe them now??
      Just fully vaccinate your family Dr. Death
      Texas is fully open now without vaccination

  5. So what she’s saying is, everyone who isn’t vaccinated is going to act like they are and not wear a mask. CV19 test take 2. Popcorn waiting for the next lockdown.

    1. So, with the variants and those who refuse the vaccine this is where we are? I don’t think so. I never bought into the notion that a mask can only protect others. Yet we have seen Asian countries wear masks for decades, and depending on the type of mask, it can provide protection. Some healthcare professionals wear TWO masks! So, they feel the need to suffer through two masks just to protect others? Not convinced—I will continue wearing the KN95 mask.

    2. The unvaccinated are the ones spreading and getting Covid. They are the ones responsible for bad things that come. Children are less resistant to new strains. When kids start dying, we know why.

    3. CDC has been always wrong. Why should we believe them now??
      Just fully vaccinate your family Dr. Death

    4. They prob gonna begin to make people show proof of vaccination (with ID). I wouldn’t be surprised if they begin to segregate and/or deny vaccinated and the non vaccinated (myself included) lol.

    5. @Yaria Samavan Carlan The paper masks filter out bacteria not viruses. That’s been all over the news for a year. Some of the cloth one may be a little better, but not much. The main determinant is your own immune competence. If you have immune dysregulation or impairment it’s more problematic. I rather live like a HUMAN BEING than wearing the stupid mask for 1 yr 3 mos in NYC.

    1. @Travel Crawl Are you triggered that Biden handled the pandemic better than trump?

    2. @Daniel Gallagher You’re also triggered that Biden handled the pandemic better than trump did.

    3. @GreatWhiteBuckwheat He inherited everything. What do you mean Biden handled the pandemic? He can’t even read a teleprompter. Yeah like he’s in there with his sleeves rolled up grinding. You’re a delusional fool and you’d rather pay 3.55 a gallon for gas without anyone saying AnYtHinG MeAN than pay 1.70 and have a stern face at the head of our country. Emasculated, weak, frail, worthless. Stay away from the libtards. They genuinely want a Joe Biden in office over billionaire, economically smart Trump. LOSERS.

  6. Its too soon to lift the mask mandate. Not everyone has been vaccinated yet. They just started vaccinating young adults.

    1. nah the 30 percent who refuse to get the vaccine will get the antibodies anyway, the hard way

    2. The key words here are, “Those who have been vaccinated…” If young adults are not vaccinated, they need to take care of themselves by wearing a mask. It’s not rocket science.

    3. @None None Young People can still pass the virus to older people who refuse vaccines. Also, younger people can have pre-existing health conditions as well.
      I have heard about different variants of the virus going around. They are now more contagious, could also become more deadly? Who knows.

      Not having enough people vaccinated, could cause the virus to mutate more.

  7. Will still continue to wear my mask even though I’m vaccinated. The news from India is sobering, and I worry about letting my guard down too soon.

    1. CDC has been always wrong. Why should we believe them now??
      Just fully vaccinate your family Dr. Death
      Texas is fully open now without vaccination

  8. I might still be very cautious for awhile. I haven’t had the flu or even a cold in ages. I think Howie Mandel has the right idea about not shaking hands.

    1. I did not get the flu or even a cold in the past year. I went out in public, but always masked. I think it’s a reasonable idea to wear masks in crowded places — at least in cold and flu season. They do that in Japan and some other nations – if someone doesn’t fell well, they just mask to protect others.

    2. I didn’t get sick until December 2019…after not being sick in almost 5 years before then.

    3. Can’t deny what we did reduced all infectious disease. I think masks during flu season like Japan may become more popular.

  9. Special Thanks to Dr Gupta, and others, who have constantly spoken so well with the truth and with compassion to others still struggling with taking these vaccines.

  10. Now that CDC said it, people against mask will finally wear mask .. it’s all about going against the motion 😂

    1. @Pulling Bitches well, I’m not going as far to say that. All I’m saying is it’s long over due to shed the masks

    2. nawh, they’ll pretend they have been vaccinated and walk among us spread their crap, or maybe your right…reverse psychology.

  11. My daughter’s friend had the vaccine (both shots) and has been diagnosed with Covid19 yesterday. He is symptomatic. I’m hoping his symptoms do not get worse since he has been vaccinated.
    I will be wearing my mask until I feel comfortable which will not be until after this upcoming winter if the numbers stay low. I think the CDC is pushing it too fast. There are so many that refuse to get the vaccine

    1. @Electric AF my sister is an ICU nurse in PA and she said there are ppl who have had the vaccine coming in with symptoms of COVID and test negative and even their x-ray shows they have COVID lung…there are variants I’m sure CDC is not aware of yet. I would not take my chance and not wear a mask until we know this is under control across this country.

    2. It’s a shame that he is in the 5% that aren’t immune after vaccination. Of course that only applies to Moderna and Pfizer. J&J is less effective. Fortunately those that had the vaccine are less likely to experience severe symptoms.

    3. @Sonia C it sounds like you aren’t following the science because the vaccines have proven to be effective even in the variant strands.

    4. @Electric AF its possible but the over all likelyhood of that happening does not justify living the rest of your life in fear its literally less than 1 in a million

    5. @Electric AF yeah its this weird new science that people are following based on “what if” scenerios….. which means they are looking for reasons to live their lives in fear and have moving goalposts for what their standard to get back to normal is

  12. Nope I will keep wearing mask! I’m a nurse and tgat will be my mantra now- masking helps!!

  13. I actually like my mask, I look good with it, it hides my imperfections and it lets me know when I have a stinky breath…

  14. Covid is amped in double dutch mode right now knowing stupid people will stop wearing masks. Hold my beer- Covid 19

  15. TBH I’m not comfortable to let loose for various reasons. It’s really helped with my allergies. Also, if I’m minding my own business and someone tries me, it’s not going to be nice.

    1. Hey, if you have allergies, have at it. There are people out there with compromised immune systems, and have been wearing masks for years. If they don’t like you still wearing one, they can bugger off.

  16. My heart goes out to all who have survived, passed and to their loved ones. I’m vaccinated, but not letting my guard down. Too soon.

    1. You are correct, better safe than sorry. Why not wait a couple more months until the virus is virtually gone?

    2. I’m fully vaccinated but I know 2 people that just got out the hospital with Covid. I’m not going to stop wearing my mask right now.

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