1. @Hirdley Reid A black and empty soul. The only way he is admired is by brainwashing his people, telling them he is on a holy mission from “God” to blow up babies and old folks; or to bribe the rich people and police torturers with “a good life,” $$$. A sick F, a sick society. Let’s hope he and his genes meet a sick and brutal end.

    2. @Pokey No, we must be sure he’s completely disabled and suffering as intensely as possible for as long as possible. Maybe start with disabling his body so he’s unable to move and in constant pain.

    1. I do… because someone can send him the Devil’s way if people know where he is going.

  1. Here’s are chance to hold Putin accountable for his war crimes, arrest the as__ole if he steps outside of Russia.

    1. @fredrik bourgeois his days are slipping away by the second.
      No one is after him but if his daughters or grandchildren become visible he will be memorializing them. Wetwork has been assigned to them.

    2. @ANGE & ДЕМОН I just looked it up. So, am I right that _”Wetwork”_ was th Russian expression for _assasination_ which now is adopted by the CIA?

    3. @Thilo English language it is called mokroye delo and that is my job.
      I am not American but they pay me well.

    1. He might if he felt desperate enough. But he sure wouldn’t go to any area where they were not in total control.

    2. Are you talking about Napoleon 2,.? He said, he is Kiev , in Russian land,.🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺

    3. @Владимир Кирчанов No we’re talking about the coward poison dwarf Putler.
      Who can’t go to the front because some russian will take care of him.

  2. I was disappointed with Matthew chance interview. He did not state that president Biden made clear the precondition that he would only sit down with Putin IF Putin was ready to discuss withdrawing from Ukraine. The interviewee needed correct him on this huge point. Telling a half story to generate a sensational story is beneath the interviewer.

    1. I was more than disappointed by the reporters disingenuous attempt to stir up controversy. I despise both politicians and reporters who knowingly, deliberately misrepresent the facts.

    2. But look at how blessed we r to have Pres Biden & not trump. Trump would help Putin which would be more than disappointing.

    3. @Spicy Irwin The point was that the reporter was deliberately trying to make it sound like Biden WASN’T going to keep helping Ukraine and was going to negotiate us out of Ukraine when that was not at all, not even close to what Biden said. I agree, we are blessed to have Biden instead of Trump. Let us pray God continues to look after us fools.

  3. Thanks to Dmytro for pointing out immediately, this anchors, (imo blatant) leaving out of Biden conditions.purposely try to twist words, and get called out right away 👏

    1. Hard to say. The men who would replace Pooptin are just as bad. There has to be more serious consequences for Russia.

  4. It was nice that the Ukrainian foreign minister (2:54) pushed back on a “partially quoted” accusation of Pres Biden’s comments.

  5. “We cannot negotiate with those who say what’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is negotiable.”
    -John F. Kennedy

    1. True that , you do not own what you can not defend . UKRAIN has shown the world , they own the country of Ukrain ..

    2. Reading this brought a tear to my eye. Not because of the speech but because Joe nincompoop is our president

  6. I love how this guy make it clear of what the President of USA said not jumping over the key point but this interviewer is still saying the same thing over and over

  7. Thank you to all countries and all people who help and support Ukraine. Please Donate (united24) and help Ukraine get through this winter. Slava Ukraine.💙💛💙💛 Ukraine has been defending itself from Russian murderers, invaders, baby killers and terrorist since 2014.

  8. I’m always impressed by the honest, no nonsense speech from Mr Kuleba and other Ukrainian politicians. Western leaders could learn a lot from them.

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