1. It’s sad that is become the the way to disagree with someone. Don’t debate,argue or question just run up on them and get violent.

  2. I wonder if now we’ll unanimously condemn violence against our politicians, or will it be more of the same? Partisanship will cause more of this.

    1. @Abram Carroll the guy who tried to stab Chapelle or this guy? I don’t get your point- that assault is somehow ok?

    2. @JR Porter Looks like dude is a Russian troll/bot. But anyways, can you point to any democrats that are saying that this violence is “fake” or a “hoax”?

  3. Whether it was true or not, I love how politics make u choose to believe it or not. Civil war drums beating!!!

    1. @Snitzy Splitz I am what Jesus was then, a weakling. He could have saved himself and crushed his enemy, but nope, he chose the cross. Guilty as charged, I am indeed a weakling like Jesus.

  4. That has to be the most feeble attempt at stabbing someone I’ve ever seen… He had more than enough time to carry out an attack before anyone responded.

    1. @Dan King I’m a veteran with that suffers from PTSD from an assault. During the Kavanaugh confirmation I was near suicide because of the lies Dr To d told. I know how he feels. He seriously needs help. The VA is fragmented. They abuse us, neglect us and trigger us to commit suicide. You can’t sue they. The hospital all have different policies. It’s like walking through a Field with land mines on one land blind folded. I’ve had my privacy violated, woken up during a procedure. My neck bends the wrong way for 2 years without pain medicine. I went to the Syracuse NY VA. I’m in Florida. I was going to Lake Nona Va. The use us a Guinea pigs for residents. Nothing is followed up. The standards of care are horrific. Nursing care is non-existent. I’d write a statement to the Congressman for him

    2. @Jacquie Pick thank you for your service. You deserve the help you can get ❤️. I’m hoping Dave gets it now

  5. What’s crazy is they immediately let the attacker go, like do they want him to try again? It’s insane

    1. @edmundo oliver it was a sharpened key chain, literally lethal people in prison kill each other with them what are you on

    2. Even a sharp plastic or hard rubber toy can poke eyes out /puncture and cause bleeding so can a pencil/fork. There are many things that can be dangerous weapons

  6. They let the guy out of jail three hours later. It seems to me that this may be a red flag.

  7. Wtf? He walked up slowly, he made eye contact, then attempted “stab”, then someone came to help? Wtf was that?

    1. @Dale Hartley Pointing out that you are inventing a fantasy is not violence against you. You are the only one accusing others. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Other than a slow reaction from security and NYC releasing yet another criminal back to the street, what evidence do you have that this is staged?

    2. @CherokeeVolf USA wow, you dont even recognize the manner in which you engaged as aggressive…Ok bud. We obviously do not live in the same reality.


    3. @JR Porter That’s my opinion too, I had to watch it a few times, even when he speeds up his arm its still slow, but you can see it speed up, I think he was dazed and that’s just how fast he could move his arm given whatever he was on. It’s still insane how anyone can get on stage like that mid speech…

    1. He was definitely intoxicated if that’s the fastest he can swing his arm in a life threatening situation.
      Still can’t believe his life isn’t over after trying to assassinate someone in front of a camera though.

  8. Of course he’s out of jail, I would like to know how much he was paid and by whom. If he was Democrat that man with a knife would never see daylight again. There’s no real justice in this country anymore.

  9. Thoughts and prayers for him. Nothing else should be done, clearly this kind of violence is inevitable, like a hurricane.

    1. @#SuperOldGameSaturday I didn’t say it WASNT…. I Saud that your RETHUGLICAN PARTY and the Democrats have switched places and ideology about 75 years ago.
      And I got a scholarship to college because of my HISTORY, World History, ENGLISH, AND SCIENCE grades… I bet you failed in READING COMPREHENSION.

    1. @Hikikomori Trader and who was letting drugs in. Running around catching people cross the border when El Chapo got tunnels dug under ground and they go through them right under the border and come up out the other side

    1. Not Really. Do you follow politics. This is only kind of surprising to people paying attention. The surprising part is you’d expect NY to treat a political assassination attempt a little differently than assault but other than that, it’s almost a surprise the guy wasn’t back in time to try again before Zeldin’s speech was over.

    2. The event was held at a VFW Hall. Ever been to a small town VFW? Everyone knows everybody who goes there.
      Some guys are fixtures, they drink too much, someone will run them home.
      Small town America.

  10. “It was shocking how quickly he got on stage” He moved like a snail and the senator’s bodyguards did also.

  11. “Well we got to stay on the streets. And we’ve gotta get more active. We’ve gotta get more confrontational. We’ve got to make sure that they know that we mean business.”

  12. I’m gonna give CNN some credit. They covered it, they were real, they even called out the connection between policies and crime. BIG PROPS.

    1. They tried to hide a few facts: the guy had a deadly weapon in his hand and he was released immediately without bail.

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