1. @TRUTH if pointing out the stupidity of letting in over a million illegals, that a good percentage of which have Covid, the inflation that exists, since Joe took over, and the cost of gasoline being up 48%, i guess it’s stupid.
      We all know how this investigation is going to play out.
      I don’t like Trump. I treat all these politician’s, as they should be treated….LIKE AN EMPLOYEE.
      These people have parlayed these elected jobs in to million dollar opportunities, for themselves, and their families.
      Maybe your ignorant.

    2. @Tom Beacher i never did.
      nice deflection.
      Oprah, otoh…..

      but we WERE talking abut the attempt by trump supporters to overthrow democracy and the how republican politicians supported that attempt and are now trying to weasel out of responsibility.
      avenetti has nothing to do with that attempt to overthrow democracy.

      it seems the right doesn’t believe in a constitutional republic.
      they want a fascist dictatorship.
      I assume by your attempt to deflect you agree with this.

    3. @Josh Smith bring it Josh.
      75 million LEGAL voters are with me.
      We use to tolerate and try to understand liberal arguments. Show empathy.
      Now we flat out despise you.
      Yep, the Alzheimer man said;
      “I’m going to bring this country together”
      HAHA. Fat chance!!!
      Get use to it for the next 3 1/2 year’s.

  1. Whoa, this Clyde guy is just embarrassing….and these fools are making decisions for our country.

    1. The people get they leaders they deserve. Half of America actually voted for these crooked politicians.

    2. @Khepri X the coroner asked them what answer they wanted the facts or a bit of skew on facts he said the man was overdosed with “???%”over the lethal limit enough to put down a horse and that he would have died within a short amount of time from when he took the drugs which was right b4 the cops got him he also said that the kneeling on his chest might have also lead to his death but that ultimately the drugs killed him And as I said the kneeling on his chest certainly helped his demise along so he was dead no matter what not that the cops are in anyway absolved of what they did even the ones that stood by and did nothing they all have to live with that

    3. @Steve Austin yep. Today’s “Republicans” are not the Republicans of 50 years ago, these self serving assets could not care less about the trouble or our people.its keeping their big pocketed donor bosses happy and keeping their cushy “job”.
      Liars and traitors, almost the lot of them.

    1. Rene, where have you gone? You had 30 examples of how I was destroyed here, and you can’t even pick one of them and argue with me on the point? You disappoint me, son.

      You have all the conviction of a dog running away from the smell of its own farts.

  2. Clyde is incredibly defensive and aggressive. This is because he’s deflecting. He’s a disgrace and he knows it.

    1. @Scott Comer I know the you took it out of context. Then read the entire statement. What about the my other bill? Ok let’s talk about the bill. Why did you not support the bill that does what you claim to want. I loved it when he asked so the mob wasn’t violent enough for you to support the bill. He complete obliterated him then he tried deflect then looked even worse.

    2. He was literally helping barricade a door and he has the audacity to say it was like a tourist visit. Bring that mob to his house and see what he thinks.

    1. @DameDench’s kerchief well technically they were democrats back then but the parties switch platforms. Sooo yeah I’m gonna say the joke is the last time was the civil war since back then the Republican Party was closer to the what would become the modern left. In fact Lincoln actually said “Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed. Labor is the superior of capital, and deserves much the higher consideration”. You’ll never hear republicans say anything like that today and you’ll never see a klan member vote democrat again either.

    2. Ya, how things have changed, and how the police aren’t supposed to be believed, not matter what either, for them.

    3. @Justin Karte yes. Why would they? Democrats want to take down statues of confederate historical figures and the klan was literally founded by confederate soldiers lol.

    1. Just because they carried trump banners doesn’t mean they were trump supporters . its easy to pretend . anyone with half a brain can figure out who was behind this. To many people think the average person is stupid and will believe anything, those days are long gone

    2. @zoob7 You’re correct. Those with half a brain did figure it out. They had Trump flags, had just attended a Trump Klan rally, told their lawyers that Trump told them to be there, and take back (what was never his, or just yours and the cults’. Definitely Trump supporters. Are the Proud Boys left wingers now? Why would anybody on the left try to overturn an election they won? How come I can’t find any legitimate sources to back your claim? And that last bit about believing everything you hear, which is exactly how it is with you all and Trump? You all believe Trump’s medical advice over an actual expert’s.

    3. @zoob7 So then why are the terrorists who remain detained in federal custody pledging their fealty to Donald Trump despite facing federal prosecution for their roles in the insurrection? Why did one defendant tell a federal judge in D.C. just last week that he laid siege to the Capitol “because Donald Trump invited [us] there?”

    4. The first people to flee through the Chamber exits when the Capital was breached, were…… (wait for it) ……Republicans.

    1. Yes. If I understood correctly, Traitor Clyde said that a very specific 5 second clip looked liked it could have been tourists, yet refuses to comment about the rest of the day. Then TC contradicted himself about medals. It party over country with this tool.

    2. @Russell Jordan if you you think he has a point then all that bleach your “dear leader” told you to drink has killed your brain cells . This is you brain , this is your brain on Donald trump

    1. Spot on. It’s all about twisting, bending, mutating and frankly destroying the facts, either verbally of written.

    2. It’s the standard GOP playbook. “Do you accept that Trump lost? A: I accept that the results say that Biden is the president-elect”. FFS

  3. Do these Republicans actually think any sane person is buying their BS? I’m just so sick of this.

    1. @Rex Effect I agree. I think most of the GOP knows the big lie is just BS, and they’re having a great time trolling the country and reveling in the discord.

    2. @Sethers
      And the façade of ”I am not a lying right wing fascist, but I think dems lost their way” Drops like trump’s promises of fixing the health care:/ Thanks for proving me right, lying insurrectionist;)

    3. @jeck jeck once again just name calling with no substance. Meanwhile, you have a presidential administration telling Facebook that they’re going to label posts “problematic” and they must be removed. That is the definition of fascism.. moron.

    4. The even bigger issueis that there ARE people who do believe Klyde and his foul statements. This is who we have to worry about! This congressman has no shame and no moral compass! He’s just trash!

    5. The adjective ‘sane’ in your question, …..answers it. Maybe someone slipped quaaludes into their drinking water.

    1. I’m sure all of those defending this snake haven’t seen this photo or they’d realize what a cowardly and lying creature he is.

    1. Go live in San Fran, Seattle, Portland, LA, Philly, or any other Democrat run city. It’s a paradise there. Repbulicans are just lying that Crime is sky rocking.
      You can get some “Cultural Enrichment”… You deserve it!

    2. The big issue is that half the country doesn’t care if these weasels lie shamelessly; they’ll vote for them again.

  4. Obviously 99% of federal politicians watched the Capitol officers’ testimony on 7/27/21. Why are the majority of GOP denying doing so? #ScaredOfTheTruth!

    1. Because if asked about the testimonies and admitting to watching it, they may be forced to answer a question on whether or not they side with the police, or with the domestic terrorist base that keeps them office

  5. People giving this a thumbs down: “We don’t like you pointing out what horrible, traitorous hypocrites we (the GOP) are.”

    1. @Magic Studios Hey, Einstein, who are you referring to? The overwhelmingly uninformed GOP-voting people who “thumbs-downed” this, or the Trump bootlicking party that almost unanimously supported the traitorous insurrection? Either way you look at it, you lose. Koo-Koo-Catchoo.

    2. @Nowherebound you have lost your mind.
      This is a sham. We all know how this investigation will read.
      Pelosi picks 2 “Republicans”
      That aren’t Republicans. Disallowed 2 strong Republicans, that would bring up both sides of the equation.
      This is a crap show.
      The only person that died was a former veteran of armed services. She wasn’t a felon, like George Floyd.
      No press. No coverage. No statute.
      The cop that died had a stroke 2 days later.
      We all get it. Trump bad. Biden good.
      Please spare me.
      We have cities burning. Inflation out of control (gas up 48% since Joe took over)
      Murder rates higher than ever in our history. A mask mandate due to a Covid spike. Gee, we let in 1 million non mask wearing illegals, I’m told, 10% have Covid, and the government doesn’t want bad press.
      They are sending these new people all over our country.
      I wonder if that was a smart move. 100,000 new cases.

    3. @Mark Sharnsky Hi, “Independent Voter.” GOP voted against the bipartisan panel, then tried to install members that both stoked Jan. 6 & traitorously voted against sanctioning the election. Now they’re crying “it’s so unfair!” 😭

    1. Republicans responding to a question about what they said earlier, “the camera was faulty. It was made by Chavez, and the microphone was supplied by Karl Marx. It’s all a Commie plot.”

  6. The “tourist” should visit his house! More terrifying, this guy can make laws for our country.

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