1. How it makes sense? It stimulates the economy it help the American people with bills and debts. This guy is a clown.

    1. @Milton Bradley I already had direct deposit enabled with the IRS/Treasury Dept., so I didn’t need to do anything. This was after weeks of research to find out what I needed to do! At the end of the day, despite my worries, the money just showed up. And it was a godsend—my refrigerator broke the day before the money was deposited into my account. It’s likely I’d have been living out of an ice chest for months without that payment.

    2. @Mrsjay Jones The only clown he may compare too is Pennywise. And I think maybe Pennywise may have more heart than this dude and his cohorts.

    3. @Virginia Moss Virginia, I’m with you on everything except not providing the middle class a boost. There is a $ cap on recipients so that helps, but where I’m from, these are the households helping those in need. These are the free of charge caregivers, donators, food distributors, servers, drivers, volunteers, etc … The hands holding America together. Their expenses have increased too. However, this group is likely to give much of it back to those in need. It’d be money well spent.

    4. @Jedi Roque he isn’t concerned with the same economy you are. It’s a K shaped recovery, hence the stock market is doing great for the people who can afford to play the market, but for us peons, we are sunk. We are losing the lower middle class people from this. Don’t get too comfortable folks, middle class is next!

    1. You rich people sit on top of our country and hide behind youbemptry hands like you have problems with bills car payments and house payments and gass oil rlecity .you got made if those are not your problems .what about a these people that are getting evicted I don’t no about you but I can’t stand to watch a family get kick out of one place just to get kicked out of another but your helping hands are everything to us to our people that have it you schould be great full and help the ones that need are you that selfish you can ignore the problems like there just going to go away .robbery’s go o up when people can’t eat my friend as a kid would do b and es to eat to steel good I don’t no about you but I hate to see someone get in trouble steeling food but it happens all the time nthing are bad and there getting eorse

    1. @Steven Brown Reread his comment and re-listen to the video. *Toomey* said we are better off now than we were in March. Comprehension is key, luv.

    2. @Kevin Kemble Hopefully that clown and skull & crossbones are meant for *Toomey*. the one who said it and not the OP for *repeating* what *Toomey said*. If not, rewatch the video and listen.

    3. @Bridget’s Nintendo Switch he actually said “then in”. You tried it though. Maybe your vision is bad? Maybe you’re just stupid? It’s like saying “your welcome”. It’s spelled wrong. #gameover

    4. @Bridget’s Nintendo Switch also, I’m talking about a comment, not the video. You should stay in your lane.

    1. @Unbiased Talk With Mr. Mane I’m on social security and I don’t qualify for ppp. Where are you getting your info? If someone collected ppp and they were on social security, they will get caught.

    2. And it’s our money! Billionaires don’t pay their taxes! It’s horrifying. Denying everyone’s reality, he has a NERVE.

    1. I’m an essential worker. I haven’t lost a dime. I don’t need the stimulus check so I’m going to give it to my local food bank. And I URGE my fellow Americans to do the same. This is a time to come together and help each other out! That is the spirit of America. It’s what we as a nation are all about.

    2. I went to a restaurant, outside, in the snow, because they can’t seat inside. The employees that are there have increased wages but the layoffs were crazy bad.

    3. @Tin Man You sir, are a philanthropist. I hope I could be like that if I’m ever well off financially. I think it would be very difficult for me to give it away. Maybe not.

    1. @Dregoth Dread Yeah, I don’t think you know how our monetary system works, probably running on outdated information.

      We create money from nothing, we don’t have to borrow it and it won’t increase inflation. The deficit is someone else’s surplus, usually the rich by means of massive and unnecessary tax cuts, that surplus can instead be pointed at those struggling and become their surplus.

      Money isn’t an issue here, unfortunately it’s easy to fool people that know little about how our current monetary system works into thinking the United States budget has to be balanced like it’s a household and this guy is literally banking on you believing that.

    2. I bet he’s not so “sensible” when it comes to military spending. Probably gives defense contractors everything they want.

    3. @Christopher Chilton-Smith We create money from nothing? Then why do any of us even need to have jobs? Seems to me the government DOES borrow money, there IS interest due on that borrowing, and year after year our taxes that go to cover that interest CAN’T be used to pay for anything else.

    1. Real.Talk. If only Dumbass Jake Tapper had the capability of pointing things like this out mid interview instead of sitting back and enabling completely idiotic/shameless & irrelevant talking points we’d get somewhere, but nope.

    2. Just give me back $2,000 from all the taxes I have paid in my life! During the last recession I kept a $500k a month payroll going. Paid huge tax bills. Now I can’t get a mere couple grand?

    1. If the bill would have been for Americans and not spread all over the globe it would have been more convincing to the citizens that fund the tax pool.

    1. @Wanda Camara cause some of us know they are even worst than politicians taking advantage of people for their $$ ! God Is all around you , have you seen the obscenity of these people who r running these churches ? How many Jerry Falwells and oh that lunatic Trump let into the White House “ angels coming from Africa” oh “ you have to call now and send $$ to show your commitment to god now “ ! Wake up

    2. @Wanda Camara If the church receives money from the government and they want to be politically involved the church should be taxed. Period.

    3. @Angel Melendez Even if the people that didn’t loose their job, we still had to pay higher prices on just about everything !@

    4. Yeah target my Republican boss that applied for PPP the first time even though we will be hitting his profit margin which is more than last year also making his laborers take days off with no pay to balance his payroll after receiving PPP money.

    1. …and other countries. If these politicians would have hashed out a bill for America and not funding all of these other countries, it would have been a MUCH better starting point.

    2. If you don’t have people supported by using these businesses that they propped up real good, then won’t that be a waste of money? And you don’t get it? Really

  2. All that Covid doesn’t kill, the starving will or the police still over a unpaid bill, still push away the pill and conquer that hill like G.I Jack and Jill.

    1. You know what makes no sense? Is you!! Your exorbitant salaries that we pay, that our taxes pay! You live off of us, we the people are your welfare and that is the truth. What makes sense is TERM LIMITS AT THE HIUSE AND SENATE! That is what we need! Wake up America, wake up!!

    2. I’d bet everything I own that he won’t give up the tax break HE got!! Millions for the rich, nothing for the people.

    1. I don’t think he’s wrong, but I haven’t seen him propose an ALTERNATIVE solution. If he gives reasons for why a proposal won’t work without offering a better idea, those reasons are just excuses.

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