See how African national park is trying to count every animal 1

See how African national park is trying to count every animal


Kenya's wildlife could be facing an alarming decline as the tourism industry falters due to Covid-19 and factors such as increasing human populations, poaching and climate change come into play. The government wants to carry out a census to find out exactly how many animals are left in the country. CNN's Larry Madowo joins the Kenyan Wildlife Service on an aerial mission in Amboseli National Park

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    انا امرأه من فلسطين/غزة انا ارملة زوجي توفي سنة ٢٠١٣ و اعيش في الايجار ولا يوجد احد يعون بنا والله اعلم كيف ياتي اجار المنزل انا دخلت لاطلب يد العون من اخواتي الكرمين اطفالي ايتام لا استطيع توفير لهم اساسيات الحياة
    يمكنكم التواصل معي على الواتساب الموجود بالصورة الشخصيه

    1. سأترجم هذا إلى اللغة الإنجليزية حتى يصل إلى المزيد من الناس. أتمنى أن يتم مساعدتك

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  2. Poachers and those that hunt these animals for fun are sick cowards. Elephants are so majestic, intelligent and beautiful.

  3. Zoo keeper at the alligator exhibit tells AOC, “some alligators grow up to 18 feet”! AOC said, “ But most only have 4 feet right”?

  4. Well Poachers actually hunt those animals a lot so I don’t think there should be many left

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