See how Audi’s shape-shifting concept car works

Audi's latest concept car, the skysphere, will be able to drive itself, the company claims. But the real hook is that, as it changes from human driving to self-driving, the body of the skysphere expands by 10 inches from end-to-end.
The concept car's long hood extends forward and the steering wheel and pedals fold away. The driver's side of the dashboard, really a glass display panel, and the gear selector also pull away, creating a more comfortable space for the driver to relax.
All this is possible because the skysphere is an electric car powered by a motor that's mounted behind the seats. That means there's not much under the hood to get in the way as the front end moves forward and backward. Read more on

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    1. Actually looked elsewhere, and it does! (Move. Driveable, no word on Crysis, I’ll keep you posted.) Pleasant surprise, and it might actually be closer to a real thing…according to reports.

    1. @Danny Klimt Art
      I can appreciate a person who sees all the bells and whistles but gets excited about blankets in the back seat.👍

      I don’t know if this makes me some kind of automotive profit in your eyes, but my car has had blankets in the back seats since I bought it back in 2006.

  1. If you don’t like driving you don’t have to own a car. If you’re a terrible driver you shouldn’t own a car.

  2. Theyre just making electric cars attractive so we can start moving into the new age of driving quicker. I support the car if its thoroughly checked for any flaws and theyre fixed. Its environment friendly and we need some cars like these to help let our world heal

  3. They are making cars to where only the rich will be able to afford vehicles and the rest of us will be taking the bus.

  4. Here’s a question, how would a driverless car do on a course like Le Mans? On the course solo and amongst other cars. Just food for thought…

  5. Imagine if was Tesla to come up with this concept? They would probably accepting pre orders even if they didn’t figure out how to mass produce it.

  6. Its basically the car from the movie The Wraith with Speed Racer’s Mach 5 in mind with a little Inspector Gadget, Get Smart(1960s) James Bond, M.A.S.K vibe thrown in❗🤯

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