US completes evacuation of embassy in Afghanistan 1

US completes evacuation of embassy in Afghanistan

The American flag at the US embassy in Kabul was taken down Sunday, marking a final step in the evacuation of the diplomatic compound, days earlier than US officials initially projected, according to a source familiar with the situation.
The US scrambled to evacuate staff and top officials from its embassy in Afghanistan Sunday as Taliban fighters entered the city, Afghan government officials fled the country and gunfire was heard at Kabul airport, multiple sources told CNN.
Early Sunday, two sources familiar with the situation told CNN that the plan was to pull all US personnel from the embassy in Kabul over the next 72 hours. Hours later, most US embassy staff had been moved to Kabul airport for flights out of the country.
The rush to the exits marked an unsettling, tragic end to the US presence in Afghanistan as the Taliban retook control nearly 20 years after the US invaded to avenge the terror attacks of September 2001. After an investment of around $2 trillion, some 2,400 American lives lost and thousands more wounded, a nation-building project that spanned Republican and Democratic administrations devolved in just a few days into a complicated and nerve-wracking rescue mission.

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    1. @sam ridges it was a lost fight, hes just trying to save our people. If it were up to me we’d nuke em thats why i aint allowed to make those decisions.

  1. “Advance” sounds like the Taliban organized and marched onward like a column of ants. They were amongst the population all this time just wearing a different hat. Once the go ahead given, there they were, ready.

    1. @Thought Criminal yeah
      We don’t think s*** thru.
      We’ve been tearing up Afghanistan for decades before we invaded.

  2. So now the Taliban has an Air Force, free of charge, and they never had one before…
    That means they can use Incendiaries, Chemical Weapons, the lot.

    1. Okay, and who’s gonna fly them planes? And while we’re at it, the US didn’t exactly supply the afghan army with B2 and F22s, not even F16s. The US knew the afghan army were a bunch of part time goons and armed them as such. Some MD530s and Super Tucano’s Don’t pose a threat to anyone lol.

    2. @Charles Martin so they got their hands on a pair of UH60s. Who cares? How are they going to fly them, and what about parts, maintenance??

    3. Any of those planes make any strange moves, they will get shot down so fast it will make their head spin. Meanwhile, let Turkey, China, Russia and Pakistan deal with the most backward country on earth. Have fun, AHOLES!

    1. The Taliban was never weak. That why we couldn’t defeat them. We didn’t make them anything. Just ask Russia.

    2. @Me Off their bold but it’s not that their good in my opinion … it’s that their not afraid to push the line … so if they died , their rewarded and if they live it’s a success so it’s no lose situation … but the statement of the USA can’t defeat them is probably misleading … their many taliban killed … it’s study they showed over 120 million muslim out of a billion that has ties to Wahhabism which is a Sunni sect in Islam with strict call for sharia state … so their recruiting is easy according to one isis fighter … I think the isis fighter said for every one extremist killed , they can get back 10 more … I remember when taliban only had about 5,000 fighters left after the NATO invaded … their back at 75 ,000 … so it’s not too accurate to say the USA can’t win or lose cause of numbers … also their breeding and training children to be whabbi Sunni Muslims … so it’s more of a culture fight

    3. @Me Off if the west kill all 75,000 … it would be back in years to that number probably … honestly , you only solution is to challenge the religion as some ppl do … just read the Quran and join the INTERPRETATION debate which have moderate Muslim doing or just kill the 120 million which is extremely difficult since their spread out threw the earth … even a poll show that it’s about a few thousand whabbi Sunni citizens in america it seem

  3. Afghanistan was more messed up than I thought!! The Taliban weren’t playing about taking over that country.

    1. The Taliban was always there . That’s how they easily accomplished their rapid advances and entry into Kabul.
      Like our politicians, of course, they receive donations and make good use of captured military materiel, etc , to enhance their reliability as fighters.

    2. The Taliban never lost the country they have been in power the entire time. They jus been waiting the U.S. out.

  4. “Looks like by April, you know in theory when it gets a little warmer, the Taliban miraculously goes away.”

    1. @Electric Gigolo Leaving a base in the dead of night and not telling the Afghan government? They were supposed to get those weapons and vehicles to fight the Taliban. Instead it’s being used against them.

  5. “Deal with the folks that attacked us on 9/11”? Yeah, wrong country, man. Saudi-Arabia is a bit further to the west.

    Does anyone still believe that BS?

    1. They were involved in 911, so they could push the Patriot Act. It’s also a distraction from the real reason, protecting the poppy fields.

    2. The US government attacked its own citizens so they can have excuses to invade Afghanistan and Iraq. People are stupid to believe Bin Laden by passed all the securities and planned the attack from a cave in Afghanistan. The CIA can make up any story to spoon feed the media.

  6. They better have! If they left our people in that mess, they should never be able to even run for dog catcher.

  7. Wouldn’t success be if America left the country in a state that allowed it to continue to occupy its own embassy? I love the choice of words tho, Very Orwellian

  8. This evacuation sounds a lot like what happened in the new Korean movies “Escape from Mogadishu”. That is a great movie; go see it.

  9. And how about all the innocent people? We’ve been there how long? And we leave like this, running with our tails between our legs. Shameful, this has been mishandled for years.

  10. I hope we took EVERYONE and didn’t leave anyone as sacrifices… We have a very bad habit of throwing people who have helped us to the wolves…

    1. We didn’t. We also left every piece of our military equipment there and the taliban is using it.
      Thanks for your vote!

  11. Looks like Saigon all over again. Maybe oneday the U.S. will be trade partners with the Taliban like they do with Vietnam nowadays.

  12. “Quick, burn all the evidence of murder and war crimes”
    Something’s will never change. We went into a country that had nothing to do with 911. We should of went into Saudi Arabia, but that would put Americas money at risk. Warmongers.

  13. Look what we did to the Kurds. America lost any honor it had years ago. No country will trust us again and we earned it.

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