'You keep changing the subject': Tapper presses Blinken on Afghanistan 1

‘You keep changing the subject’: Tapper presses Blinken on Afghanistan


CNN's Jake Tapper presses Secretary of State Antony Blinken on President Joe Biden's handling of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan.

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    1. @Delirium Tremens Correction: Republicans under Biden… Why didn’t we leave on May 1 like we agreed to?

    1. @Donna Cotter thats all these clowns did to Trump for over four years! Nobody can find Biden right now….Haiti, Afghanistan?? This administration is useless!

    1. So you’re saying Biden should have told the reporter,:”Sure, the Taliban are going to take over the whole country in a few weeks.”


    3. @P Le American troops weren’t fighting, Jethro. You mean they took American made weapons from the Afghan army. You Trumpers are pathological liars.

  1. This is a lesson for future translators, don’t work for the US or you will be left behind and fend for yourself 😂.

    1. @Tim The Ameicans always go back to WWII when they are accused of this. I could say that the US didn’t win WWII by themselves. The Russians and other allies had been fighting for more than 4 years before Uncle Sam came in very late into the war. Also, US hasn’t been successful since WWII. Korea, Vietnam, Somalia,Syria (ask the Kurds if they think local people will ever help the US in their next invasion), etc.

    2. @Ranger Sly it’s almost like you don’t understand the difference in global war and local police actions.

    3. @Tim How arrogant and stupid are you Britain was still in the war and so was the Empire or so Don’t forget the Soviet union I don’t underestimate the US contribution to World War II but to say it was for the world’s interest in the stopping axis powers would be a total lie you were the only country in the world to get rich from that conflict before that the US was in a deep depression it was in their interest financially hence why they got involved

      This is the third time now you have been defeated in less than 70 years Cuba Vietnam now Afghanistan you have to be the most unreliable ally in the world No country in the world will ever take you serious again after this fiasco

  2. At the end of this video Tapper looks like he just doesn’t believe anything secretary Blinken is saying 😂😂

    1. Why would he? The narrative is not in step with the need to sell commercial space. The media needs a sensational story to cover the fact they have not mentioned COVID all day! blinken is not giving him one, lol.

  3. Biden: “Unlikely the Taliban will fully take over Afghanistan”
    Less than a week later…
    Taliban: “We already are at the Presidential Palace”.

    1. The Taliban overran Afghanistan quicker than the Blinken of the eye. Blinken is an idiot just like Biden. Impeach Biden!

  4. Isn’t that what this country always does-meddle with other countries for years then up and leave them with the mess we created? Hmm nothing new here folks

  5. Taliban in 2001: “Terrorizing with Kalashnikovs”.
    Taliban in 2021: “Terrorizing with advanced military weapons and jets”.

  6. Biden administration just seem annoyed that they have to explain anything. They just want to rule with absolute power and gaslight opposition. They think “We’re in power. What are you going to do? “

  7. I have been waiting for years for CNN to do a real story and hold officials accountable!! A rare good job CNN!

  8. The way we abandon people, it’s a wonder that we still have any allies.

    Now, having said that, Afghanistan had become a quagmire and a hug we waste.

    Still, to just abamdon the afghans like we did is despicable.

    Politicians make me sick.

  9. This Blinken fella is a goof. Doesn’t sound like he could pass a literacy test, let alone be a diplomat.

  10. The administration completely bungled this withdrawal. Couldn’t have gone worse. How did the military and intelligence communities so completely misjudge the Afghan army?

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