1. Mostly but not all. Some in the audience were not happy with Trump
      according to reporters in the room.

    2. MAGA 24!!!! Americans first ! Close these borders, ban gender affirmation for kids and teens, stop promoting lgbqt to these children! The list goes on and this is why we need trump !

  1. Zelensky always knows exactly what to say and how to say it. He lets you know that he knows Trump is bllsht and yet he has respect for the U.S. in his response. What a gem.❤

    1. Looks like you want the war to go on. Yes Russia took Crimea like England took Falkland but it doesn’t mean to start it over land. Russia is petty but Trump during his Presidency never started war and wouldn’t support Ukraine but to keep peace

    2. That’s the sign of a strong leader. He’s careful with his words so that he doesn’t burn bridges. Skava Ukraine!💙💛

  2. dumpster #45 was the worst ever….I would not doubt if he was involved in it all…. disgusting human being

    1. Here’s a l i be r al living his life out in his m other’s b as e ment figuring out what Trump needs to do, lol….

    2. I wonder why he is under 50 criminal investigations , I mean they changed a law to have a woman pretend that he raped her when she clearly would give it up for anyone.. Next someone is gonna come out and say he the baby daddy of someone damn shame

    1. Yeah suppose by stopping factorys moving to Mexico from the USA means you can collect more taxes..

  3. Somebody that has a big mess in his life is going to settle somebody else’s issues. Yeah right!!

    1. Trump doesn’t even know the words of the national anthem! goes to show he’s not here for America. I bet he knows Russia’s national anthem.

  4. What a bag of hot air Trump is! Talk is cheap and we all know who Trump aligns himself with

  5. “In 24 hours” says the guy who pointed at the women accusing him of rape and said “that’s my wife!” 😂

    1. ​@Jordan And that still makes more sense and truthful than what comes out of trump’s mouth.

  6. I’m 66 years old, what the hell has happened to our country. How the hell have we dumbed down this bad. Lord help us 😢

  7. We ALL know it’s all about HIM, not necessarily whats good for the US or any other country for that matter.

    1. If you say that about Trump who worked for all Americans I can only imagine what you would say about Biden who works for China and Ukraine. Americans last policy.

  8. I wish Zelenskyy would not give Trump a millisecond of his time ever. The only time I want to hear Trumps name, is when he be sentenced to 150y in prison.

  9. The way to tell if Trump is lying is when you see his lips moving and hear words coming out of his mouth.

  10. You already know a promise is just a promise when it comes out of a politician’s mouth but this guy takes it to whole new level

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