Why Erdogan’s fate matters to Biden and the US

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s struggle to cling to power in a tight election in Turkey against opposition leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu is the latest twist in a tale of global strongmen who are defining Joe Biden’s presidency. #CNN #News


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    1. @Jao Bidan It’s not an election, it’s a court case. How much is raised doesn’t matter until a verdict is reached. It also, btw, has nothing to do with an election in Turkey… 😂😂😂

    2. ​​​@Jao Bidan try making a comment relevant to the subject, unless Penny is involved in the Turkish election, wtf?

    1. @What’s Good My Guy Exactly. America is not the epitome of democracy average Americans think it is. Our leaders are chosen for us, more or less, if choosing between the two parties.

    2. @Wheat and Steel It’s worse then that..the primary is rigged. Which means you don’t have a choice…. You have the illusion of choice

    1. @Suga Dagud bro we won two world wars we helped depose Saddam and Gaddafi. It is up to us to ensure Justice in the world. Also I’m sure you know NATO Nations decreased their military spending and instead Aid us so that we can take care of military efforts

  2. I am an online English Teacher and have been teaching Turkish students for many years now. In the last two or 3 years I have noticed that literally every Turkish person I speak to comments about how they have hope for a new president. I’m not exaggerating when I say that in the past two years, I can think of only one student that supported Erdogan. Every single student I speak to from the age of 12 to 45 wants him to go. When they are not talking about getting rid of Erdogan they are talking about moving to a neighboring European country or they are studying English in order to get a visa to the United States or Canada. They say that owning a new car or owning their own home is a fantasy now for even highly educated people. These educated people are leaving Turkey in droves! I am definitely not a political analyst but if Erdogan wins it sure is going to feel like something shady happened. The Turkish people need a change. My heart is with you all. Go and vote. Young people turn out and vote. Your vote does matter!

    1. Perhaps they don’t comment online about dissatisfaction, because those who poorly of Erdogan have a tendency to vanish.

    2. Sadly the people you are in contact with do not represent the majority of the population. Most college educated/English speaking people I know do want him gone. But basically all of my extended family (most of whom are middle/high school educated) are loyal supporters of Erdogan despite complaining about how hard it is to get by. They got on board when the rate of economic development was high in the 2000s and haven’t gotten off bc they blame the deterioration of the system to the enemies that Erdogan keeps creating

  3. Imagine Erdogan by himself against 10 party together and he still wins over 2.6 millions of vote. He didn’t get 50% statistically not by vote.

    1. He has his own party and supporting parties, the government apparatuses he has controlled for 20 years which has control over 90% of all media. So no, not “by himself” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. We are global community and civilization (like it or not) and Turkey is a key ally in nato so ya this kinda effects the US.

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  6. We (the US) need as many enemies as possible.
    How else can we leverage the payoff potential for our great military men?

  7. Turkiye is doing what’s best for their own interest thanks to Erdogan we are standing in our two feet stronger than ever couple more years an we will be even better economy wise an everything

    1. Thanks to Erdogan Turkey desperately asks for money even from the arabic gulf countries which he blamed them on helping terorists😂

  8. Christina Amanpour “ If the NATO strategy is for Putin to lose, they have to enable Ukraine to win” – this is the most complete and relevant statement I heard in a looong time.

  9. Erdogan isn’t perfect, but he’s actually maintained an independent foreign policy for his country. This is hard for these hens on CNN to understand, especially when they can’t even pronounce the opposition candidate’s name.

  10. I always enjoying listening to Christian`s expertise.Feels like being on he inside track.Appreciated.Thanks.

  11. Ergogan the most respected lider from people even out of Turkey. He proved the democracy, respected the will of the people votes and welcomed the run-of. Good luck for him next week!

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