1. Mummy, what did you do to help in the 2020 pandemic? Absolutely nothing dear, I tried to make it worse.. 😂

    1. Imagine if the draftees were so scared of their own shadow that they would not go out in the sunlight.

    2. 2010realitycheck haha so we agree that’s Democrat’s will all join the army ? Lol
      What a dickhead

    1. @Mick E … Until You See Other Places…” Agreed, Try Russia, Controlled By Putin, Or North Korea …If Value You What This Country is and What It HAS the possibility of becoming VOTE MCCONNELL/TRUMP/And The 22 MCCONNELL CONTROLLED GOP SENATORS UP FOR RE-ELECTION OUT Of OFFICE On November 03, 2020.

    2. America is the greatest country in the world. No country comes close which is why you choose to live here and use our many innovations!

    1. Agreed. Those exact people should not get no treatment at all see then what they would say!! They be screaming for help or just give them some clorox injections they be ok “America is going to shame” God bless you all 🙏 stay safe everyone n keep each other safe

    1. @Tyrade Shift They actually are saying it. Unfortunately it’s the stupid people that have had enough of… anything sensible. Idiocy can never have enough until it’s completely removed from the equation (i.e. humanity is COMPLETELY wiped out). Do you really think these people would back down on a shouting challenge about their “facts” when literal doctors and other medical professionals (or whoever is the target) are seen as the enemy? They might think like a mentally challenged 2-yr old, but they also believe they’re an alpha adult.

    1. Ha……room full of karens and kevins… and when they catch covid, they’ll blame someone else. ..never their responsibility. .


    1. It’s become a political issue that shows that Trump f***** everything up in response to it, and this is real and not a hoax. But they’re willing to risk other people’s lives to make a political point.

    2. Dedrick Lucious – We have an entire party (GOP) and their mouth breathing followers filled with science deniers.

  3. These are the same women who want to tell other women what they can & can’t do with their bodies but don’t want anyone telling them to wear a mask. Such hypocrisy

    1. @Jake M like you they “think” along the same lines. They do not see their hypocracy and irony of their actions.

    2. Yep. Theyre trying to tell us as adults about the sanctity of human life. It’s bigoted and BS

  4. Political right: We’re tired of the left politicizing everything!
    Also political right: *Proceeds to politicize everything, including health and safety.*

    1. You have to realize when they say politicize, it isn’t the right word. It’s projection + ignorance

    1. There is no scientific evidence that proves masks prevent the spread of Covid19.

      Go ahead and wear a mask so you can claim your so considerate of others. I personally don’t care about anyone but myself. If I die of Covid19 I do. I could die in a car accident tomorrow.

  5. Wouldn’t it be amazing if all the energy spent on protests for not wearing masks, was used, instead, on containing, minimizing and preventing the spread of covid-19.

    1. The thing is, wearing a mask is really not a big or complicated ask. It’s about protecting others. What act could be so simple and say so much about how you care for others.

  6. Wearing a mask is an act of submission? By that logic wearing clothes in general would be an act of submission. You didn’t come into this world with clothes.

    1. Some idiot finally said it…. seat belts are in violation of the constitution…

    2. I’m assuming many of those in the covidiot crowd are Mormons. They have no problem with the “Elders” and other leaders of the Church ordering them how to live and conduct themselves and what to believe in. From what I know of the Church of LDS, well, some of its beliefs are a little “out there”, but these folks refuse to believe that wearing masks will save suffering and many deaths. I would think a true believer would make caring about others a priority, but not this crowd.

    3. And their Emperor….. doen’t …..so must ba all good. The new Christian…naked as the Lord intended!

  7. They’re just mad because they know the mask represents the TOTAL FAILURE that is the Republican Party of DEATH and Donald Trump. F A I L U R E !!!

    1. I’m not pro Trump and I’m very anti-mask. That being said blaming Trump for Covid19 makes as much sense as blaming Bill Gates. Trump was dumb, but the virus was getting to the US mo matter what. The coronavirus is like cancer, if it wants you it will find you.

    2. @Christine Benson Some people must have a scapegoat. They refuse to take personal responsibility for their own safety. These are generally the same type of people that believe the police can protect them. They look to the government for guidance in their lives. For others, the government would be the last place they would look for guidance.

    3. @Christine Benson Did the virus simply “want” to find more victims in countries that happened to be more lax about masks, distancing, testing & tracing?

    1. Paul Quito – As they should. These anti-maskers just want things to be normal, but they are the one’s keeping us mired in COVID. They’re too ignorant to know how ignorant they are. The countries that listened to the scientists (rest of the entire world) are done with COVID. The countries that listened to their sociopath leaders (USA, Brazil) are now worse off than they were 5 months ago. Go figure, huh?

  8. As a US expat living in Europe, I can personally attest to the fact that America is becoming a joke. This is why.

    1. @cyberash3000 Who cares about the UK? They only call when we have to stop their cities from getting the crap blown out of them. Keep it up and next time we will let them finish the job.

    1. @Jay
      You Libtards are pathetic. You always “appropriate” Conservative insults as though they are your own. Like all socialist, you always want others to do the work for you.
      Ask your wife’s boyfriend to explain it to you. Your wife and her boyfriend should be back Monday.

    2. @michael szpik Those of your ilk will be punished for economic illiteracy and ignorance as a perfectly credulous leftards to your fool rulers.

  9. I love this scene, all anti-maskers amassed in an enclosed room with no facing covering and physical distancing while booing loudly, it just looks perfectly safe during a pandemic.

    1. Christine Benson Mask is not for protecting the wearer, but slowing down the wearer’s own virus ridden droplets from spreading to people around.

      If you are a (asymptomatic) virus carrier but not wearing a mask, it is the more susceptible person next to you suffer, even if that person wears a mask.

    2. @Ultracapitalist Utopia If you are wearing a mask, my droplets cannot enter your airway. You could always wear a body condom for further protection.

    3. Unless you are wearing a helmet, you can still be contaminated through other openings. Not to mention all the spit you are flinging onto all the objects around you that people may touch. Also, unless you use a mask specifically designed for it, you won’t get much protection from stuff coming in.

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