See Melania Trump text message that left former Trump press secretary ‘sickened’

See Melania Trump text message that left former Trump press secretary 'sickened' 1


  1. Trump saying there are not there to hurt me is 100% something Trump would say and we all Americans know that

    1. @rustygoldfanatic True he was not but that had nothing to do with who she was and how she presented herself as the First Lady.

  2. When a person thinks that the law doesn’t apply to them. They won’t stop until it finally does.

    1. @Alma Adams Not sure which of my comments you are referencing because you failed to include that in your point, which makes your comment pretty much useless 🙁

  3. Cassidy was reporting what others had told her about his behavior; she was upfront about that. No issues with that. Though she had to help clean up the food mess, so somebody threw the food! The rest of her testimony is first-person.

  4. I don’t think any of this should’ve been surprising to anyone, if they’ve been paying attention, or been awake, for the past 7 years!
    It’s just now we have sworn testimony from someone “in the room.”

    1. @Metalicus Deus Everyone at the start of each of the J6 videos is taking an oath. Why do you insist on continuing to shame yourself publicly?

  5. Grifters marry grifters. Grifters run in families. “What’s in it for me?” is the family motto.

    1. Except his own relatives have indeed come against him. Sweeping generalizations are incorrect by definition, and only take one counter example to disprove the statement – and here it is: Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man is a tell-all book written by American psychologist Mary L. Trump about her uncle

  6. That’s the same reply she gave to Michelle Obama when Michelle offered her help. “No,” she said. “I just want to copy your speech!”

  7. She’s the monster that literally flaunted her hatred in front of caged children. And we’re still like, “Oh, THIS is the last straw” lol

    1. She now realizes she can’t further hide behind the GQP as they abandon him, one by one. We are only beginning to see the parade of trump people trying to salvage their reputations.

  8. What’s really baffling is how any of these folks are shocked that he doesn’t care about anyone but himself. Everyone else’s safety has never been a concern to him. After all this time, it still shocks you? It’s shocking that you are all shocked.

    1. @Charles Dayon Why do you assume everyone has the same corrupted evil mind you do? Your the one sinning. Every one else is just getting on with their lives in a nation where church and state are clearly divided.

  9. It’s a pity Trump wasn’t taken to the Capitol, it would have shown the rest of the world this ex-president (crim) is guilty and needs to be thrown in jail.

  10. There is a big difference between anger, which we all feel from time to time, as compared to the genuinely childish tantrums of throwing food around in a sacred place like the white house. People who get upset about flag burning, should be equally disgusted by such lack of respect.

    1. @Metalicus Deus Thanks for sharing your opinion on the honesty of statements of members of the republican party. Good to see you agree they are all dishonest.

    2. @Arena Rat I have a brain, and consider the White House sacred. It has a long history of housing our presidents, both good and bad. It’s full of the memories, furniture, paintings going back hundreds of years that each president looked at, sat in etc. The bed Abraham Lincoln slept in. It’s a monument to American democracy.

    3. @Metalicus Deus don’t you think it did? And of no why not? What are your perspectives on the matter?

  11. ‘They aren’t here to hurt me’…..that is because he is a sociopath and actually believes every other person in the room would think the same way…

    1. Not every other person – just the followers at this one event he made sure were there and motivated. Plenty of his own staffers disagreed with him in the same room, and plenty of them lost their positions along the way because of it.

  12. It doesn’t matter if the facts come from the outside, the inside, in texts, files, recordings, experts… his base will just concoct a narrative or deny it. History will shame the legacy and division his admin. worked so damn hard to create in our country.

  13. Courage is when you speak out and put everything on the line: creditability, job and all. Writing a book is about profiting.

    1. It’s not entirely about $$$. It’s often helpful to write your thoughts, your observations, & your anxieties. A few of the books were pure money. Americans want to understand the tone of the room at the time and assorted subtle things like eyes rolling or a look of disbelief. If a few dollars comes their way, they were there at the right time.

    2. Not really – most books don’t make $, may even be self-published, and may be the only independent way to publish information.

  14. Thank you, Stephanie Grisham, for echoing the testimony of Ms. Hutchinson yesterday and for underscoring the First Lady’s reply text to you as more potential evidence of a plan in place to prevent the peaceful transfer of the power of the presidency.

  15. I’m not surprised that Melania said, “No.” She let us know her attitude when she went down to see the suffering at the border with, “I don’t care. Do you?” painted on her raincoat.

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