See Michael Eric Dyson Explain Jay-Z’s Rise From Poverty To Rap’s First Billionaire | MSNBC


    1. When the tangerine dumb lying POS talks, it makes my brain hurt! Not to mention his mail-order bride Melania! How come someone who’s been in this country for over 2 decades and who presumably can speak 5 languages sounds like a broken record when she speaks English. Can’t blame her. Trump’s grasp of the English language is of a 5 year old.😏

    2. If you were out on the Grind…. with Jay-Z pushin crack, weed, what ever to your KIND.
      Making more money while your people fall and DIE !
      It’s the way of our life. We ain’t gonna cry. Ain’t no time to shed a tear. Just Spread a little Fear. They gonna respect us when we die. Our Father was a Murderer a Theif and a LIER a destroyer of many how will they recover.

    1. Don’t worry I’m voting against you wh1te male hating dem0crats forever after this. I promise

  1. Trump is a fake billionaire, fake human being, and a failed businessman, so naturally he’s jealous of actual billionaires, especially a billionaire who came from nothing, and didn’t have a daddy to give him almost half a billion dollars like Trump’s father gave to him, only to watch Trump blow through it all, and then come crawling back begging for more money.

    1. big jabaz… the mob a d every group that immigrated to this country used illegal means to gain entry into wealth then used that illegally gained money to buy legal enterprises.

  2. “Y’all feel a ni***’s struggle, y’all think a ni*** love to
    Hustle behind the wheel, tryin’ to escape my trouble
    Kids stop, they greeting me, I’m talking sweet to keys
    Cursing the very God, that brought this grief to be”

    Politics As Usual… Jay-Z 1996

    Same struggles throughout American history. Just more people experiencing them now.

  3. Trump salty af when people are richer than him. Especially if it’s smooth brothas like Z and Obama. 🖕🏿Trump!!!
    Bernie 2020 USA 🇺🇸

    1. @Princess Toz Greta is mentally ill and is being coached by handlers. She is also a hypocrite. Why isn’t she going to China or India. That’s right because they control the money they make.

    2. @OldSchool Because China and India are doing work on climate change. She started with the worse one first, i.e. US.

    3. @Margaret Nicol What are they doing work on? Do you think they are gonna let go of those slave factories they have that the US profits off of along with them? Climate change is a money grabber. What about the homeless problem here? What about the problem of high taxes and inflation caused by the Jewish elites owning the federal reserve since 1913? You think policies that is actually socialism is gonna solve anything. It will make them even richer then they are now.

    1. @Okkie Trooy My second comment came first but Youtube censored my comments because they don’t want me pointing out any actual facts here so they can keep pushing their left wing propaganda lies like they always do. Thats because Youtube is filled with left wing dem0crat shills

    2. @Black Supremacist Mass Shooting New Jersey Six Dead
      America, Canada, Alaska, Australia,
      All Brown in the beginning and always will be you Boy

    3. @Dark Toss Oh trust me your brown days are OVER. The only thing I’ll be supporing in the future is dep0rt1ng every last one of you Browns straight back to where you came from. Right out of countries created by white guys, and if it takes a new civil war I will join personally

  4. I could listen to you forever mr dyson and has my vote wherever he chooses to run for president 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼😊

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