1. @Henry Airconcepts to be fair when my middle age white male friends get together that’s what we do to ..

    2. @Vlad the Inhaler there is reason why you are never invited to the cool kids party…
      I feel sorry for people like you.

  1. We do trade with Finland and the amount we trade is increasing all the time. New Zealand has a free trade deal with all of the EU Countries.

    1. In 2020 Finland exported about $90 million to NZ (0,13% of their total) and imported $23 million (0,036% of their total). Maybe this is a lot for NZ, but for a European country these are minuscule amounts.

    2. @Brand131 yes and both countries have a similar Population, +/- 5 Million so you would not expect Billions of $ in trade. About the same population as Melbourne.

    3. @GDR but Finland does have countries it has trade relations in the billions with. That’s why I included the percentages in relation to Finland’s total import/export and you can see that for Finland, NZ is not even remotely an important trade partner.

  2. The reporter guy who asked the question is so clueless. He literally thought they said ‘hey, let’s meet because you know, we’re about the same age, and stuff’ because he thinks that’s the only way women think.

    1. @Vlad the Inhaler That this has something to do with politics at all, is your fantasy. I don’t even know where he stands politically, nor does he know mine. So, yeah, dream on.

    2. @Vlad the Inhaler yep, since Clinton paid it down and left Bush a surplus it’s been down hill, Obama left us in better shape than Bush, but Trump burned it all like the Joker..
      Republicans always do the tax cuts for billionaires and trickle down poverty voodoo Reganomics and the Democrat’s always clean up the mess .
      Biden has been doing ok, but he is not Kennedy or FDR…

    3. @PHOTOTRISTAN Let’s cut the bullshit and just be honest about it, this whole damn thing is political and being made even more so by the many people in this comment section. The point I was making is that you are clearly biased and make the assumption that because someone had a different perspective on what happened they must apparently be wearing blinders. It never crosses your mind that it might be you who are allowing your own personal bias to effect your perception.

    4. @Vlad the Inhaler Have 2 male politicians EVER been asked if the reason they were meeting together was because they were close to the same age as each other ? NO . The fact that no 2 male politicians have ever been asked that question is clear proof that the only reason the ignorant sexist question was asked is because they are women and the fact that men like yourself refuse to admit or acknowledge that puts you in the same insecure petty category stroking your fragile male ego as the reporter . That so many men cant handle the fact that they are women in such high political positions and are so intimidated by it is absolutely hilarious but also just pathetic . smdh

  3. There’s an entire itinerary full of reasons why they were meeting, but he’s got to ask a Steve Doocy style question.

    1. @Gustavo Deugarte again the most pandered to president. That is a joke. Ever since then Nobel prizes are a joke. There were so many deserving people who should have gotten that. Obama literally did nothing. The fact he was the first black president means nothing. It’s such a shame.

    2. @Gustavo Deugarte yes he literally got it because he was black. MLK was rolling over in his grave. The fact he even excepted it tells you everything about the guy. He did absolutely nothing. Then why right after that were the biggest racist movement in us history all orchestrated by black folks. It’s very sad. Obama proved race will always be an issue.

    3. @Gustavo Deugarte to think the same organization that nominated Adolf Hitler for a nobel peace prize gave one to Obama! Crazy!!!

  4. Not quite a diva hair toss but close watch out boys when you see that cause she’s about to let ya have it. Giggles. Much respect.

  5. jacinda had a great comeback an great sense of humor she’s on to it before reporter could finish question, funny

    1. Why do people get so upset when a politician is insulted or asked a question? Why run to their defense and fawn over them like they care about you in any way.

    2. @Vlad the Inhaler no one is “fawning” over them, and yes, these two women care about their citizenry, regardless of your cynical opinion.

    3. @Vlad the Inhaler it isn’t naive to believe these leaders have their citizens’ best interests at heart, but it is very cynical to assume that they don’t. And don’t look now, but you seem to be the one who’s upset lol poor edgy Vlad

    4. @Vlad the Inhaler Hey, Vlad the Inhaler, go easy on that stuff, it can damage brain cells. You need all you can get.

  6. We have some pretty bad journalists in NZ please accept our apologies, if it makes you feel any better this guy is probably going to be reminded of this every day for the rest of his career if he has one.

    1. Were they discussing a $5 billion dollar trade deal?? New Zealand gets herring and Finland gets lamb? 😂 Of course not. They just decided to get together with flags behind them and podiums to look like serious heads of state. It was a meaningless exhibition. Kudos to the reporter for calling it out. 👏🏼

    2. @A S it is not meaningless. Communication is key to success for everyone. Regular communications are therefore very important. These meetings are performing this role.

    3. Agreed that he is going to regret it for a long time.
      I hope he’s suitably ashamed!
      We do call out misogyny here in NZ.

  7. The reporter wanted to know if they were going to party together after their ‘meeting’, but they were ‘trying’ to be tactful.

  8. New Zealand is a reliable and complementary trade partner for Canada, and the two countries co-operate closely in multilateral trade negotiations and the Cairns group of agricultural exporters. In 2021, bilateral merchandise trade between Canada and New Zealand remained stable at around $1.2 billion. Billion with a B.

    1. Kiwi’s are terrible for adding ‘stuff’ to sentences when we are talking about things we don’t understand well… but you’d expect better from someone who should consider themselves a professional journalist

    2. I almost had the feeling, that he knew it was a mistake, as the question was coming out of his mouth..

  9. The clip missed Sanna’s retort: we’re meeting because we’re prime ministers.
    (We tried to pencil in braiding each other’s hair, but there’s just not enough time since we have vast responsibilities as heads of state. We’re disappointed too, we hope can have a play date *some day* when we aren’t the leaders of Finland and New Zealand.)

    1. @Vlad the Inhaler men have been running every country poorly since the beginning and still havent gotten any better at it , if anything they have gotten worse , give us a few 100 years at it , then see if we improve at it or not .

  10. I’m a New Zealander, and although our country has a lot to be proud of, some of our journalists ask the dumbest questions of our politicians.

    1. True. It would be disgusting for our journalists to think Fox US is a role model!
      It’s bad enough when a few of the population 👆🏼 don’t understand the intricacies of international politics!

  11. The reporter’s in New Zealand can ask pretty dumb questions. It’s embarrassing 🤦🤦🤦 Jacinda is pretty patient but the full clip of her answer is epic.

  12. Jacinda Ardern isn’t a bit afraid of answering even stupid questions. This guy sounds a lot like Steve Doocy who was constantly being shot down by Jen Psaki when he asked stupid questions. It is my first time seeing Sanna Marin and hearing her, and glad to hear she is as tough as Ardern.

  13. Makes you wonder how that reporter got his job. Maybe it was given to him by someone who had a lot in common with him.

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