See Neil DeGrasse Tyson Debunk ‘Alien Believers’ After Biden Pentagon’s UFO Report

How should we assess evidence of aliens or intelligent life? MSNBC’s Ari Melber interviews astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson and former CIA director John Brennan about that challenge in the wake of a new Pentagon report. Brennan says the U.S. must “try to understand what is unexplainable,” while Tyson expounds on his steep skepticism of the evidence offered while encouraging believers to "go catch the aliens" if they can. (This conversation is one part of a broader special report.) (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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    1. @red Buoy Yes according to Neil, if you were in another galaxy. You most certainly wouldn’t exist by his logic.

    2. @Andres Herrera It’s obvious you have no idea how science works, to say because we exist there are other life forms, that’s also like saying because we are humans there must be other humans. You can say it is possible there could be other life out there, FULL STOP! Without proof you can’t say there is life 100% out there. Where is your proof that they exist?

    1. I am going to use this because it is so simple and correct, i don’t get why it is so hard for people to understand.

    2. @Linlao Denis yes there is a lot of misinformation the government has spread on this subject but it doesn’t mean it is not real. You are doing exactly what the government wants.

    3. @e b They could exist, but they are not visiting us. Human beings are extremely tribal and don’t like being alone, and we as a species don’t like being alone or thinking that we’re alone. As the wonderful line from Carl Sagan says, if there is not intelligent life elsewhere in the universe and it’s only us it’s an awful waste of space. But if they exist they are also so far away and so much in a different time that we will never meet them. That’s the argument I’m making. What’s happening around the earth with these UFOs is not aliens from other planets, it’s all domestic-based, I would bet my bottom dollar on this.

    4. @Linlao Denis You’re making yourself sound as nutty as the people who believe aliens are coming here to probe us.

  1. Brenen is like ‘why did i get booked for this crap!’ He looks like he does not want to be there!

    1. Healthy scepticism is a good thing. But guys like Neil deGrasse Tyson and others who are now playing this role in the media should look for once in the mirror. Since the 1970s they and their colleagues claim that there is dark matter in the universe, invisible stuff used as an excuse to distract from the fact that they simply don’t understand gravity. 40 years of search later with billions of dollars spent for dark matter particle detectors without any evidence and Neil and his colleagues still teach astrophysics students that there is dark matter. Neil deGrasse Tyson and his colleagues do exactly what they accuse others to do, to claim stuff without any evidence. They are ufologists themselves without even noticing it.

    2. @Piotr Trebisz that’s an interesting point. We have been told for years that dark matter exists…based on zero evidence. Now, it might exist but you’re right…to claim it does based on the fact that our numbers don’t add up nicely is just a big of a stretch as the alien believers

    3. @Allosaurus Fragilis In 1995 John W. Moffat from the Perimeter Institute in Canada published his “Non-Symmetric Gravity” theory, an update of General Relativity based on the removal of several mathematic constraints which introduces new degrees of freedom for gravity.
      Non-Symmetric Gravity is fully consistent with the cosmological observations without dark matter. He also proposed experimental tests which can distinguish between Non-Symmetric Gravity and General Relativity, but so far no institution is willing to fund these tests. Instead every year there is more money for the search of dark matter and the more the dark matter model runs into problems with observations the more complicated their theories of dark matter become. This is how the scientific community deals itself with lack of evidence for their own assumptions and their sceptic colleagues.

    4. @eltorocal I’m a german viewer and social-democratic voter, I would rather cut of my hand than to vote for the AfD, the german counterpart of the GQP. In the comment just above yours I have posted what great difficulties physicists face who develop alternatives which are in fact more “conservative” in the sense that they don’t postulate invisible stuff. In this context people like Neil deGrasse Tyson apply double standards.

  2. Tyson glitching out here before he speaks.
    His type of alien REALLLLY, mostly like to talk.

    1. Stop promoting UFO, it’s a lie. Scientific community and US directed and acted as aliens. In their alien video youtube/watch?v=vOfuuCz6QrA&t 9: 20 and 10: 19 alien basically made of wool, eye made of paper. The organs reflect light because they are made of materials.

    1. @-_- what does that have to actually do with the brain? Please explain with legitimacy and knowledge.

    1. These skeptics keep using the “”alien”card to dismiss this but why not make the investigation of the actual flying craft that is seen on TWO independent radars AND multiple pilots. It mystifies me why Neal is so angry about this phenomenon ,instead of EMBRACING IT more and finding out what these craft are,
      Stop using the älien”card for your debunking.And they never mention these craft have been flying around our jets since 1947.

    2. Yes but then science is okay with not having an answer for a whole lot longer than I think the public is.

    1. Nobody would travel 80 gazillion miles to watch and shake their head. That’s an idiotic concept

  3. Please stop having Tyson on UFO segments. This is outside his understanding and if anything he is a disinformation agent. He clearly has not done the proper investigation on this subject.

    1. He’s softened his tone considerably on this issue over the last year. Much less condecencion. 😀

    2. Tyson always acts overly pompous for a sub-par scientist who just parrots the already established scientific consensus over and over again. Maybe take a risk maybe yourself vulnerable and think outside the box from time to time?

  4. If people think we are alone in this vast universe, then they need to answer this simple question: “Are we really the best nature could come up with?”

    1. No one denies that there could be other life forms, as far as them ever visiting earth, there is absolutely zero evidence to support that theory.

    2. ​@Hinderlengjes In our galaxy, which is about 100.000 light years across, signals sent the last ~(80.000 years) might not have reached us yet, if they are from the opposite side of the galaxy. Sending a signal so far away back to them, would be meaningless for a long time ahead.
      We can track radio signals even from other galaxies (at least stronger ones). This means that signals sent from millions of years ago in other galaxies could reach us.
      But then there are many other possibilities… humans are the farthest evolved life = signals are not expected to come for a long time… life exists on other planets, but they are not capable of producing signals…. Life has existed on other planets, they have sent signals that have passed us a few hundreds to hundreds of thousand years ago, but they have not survived, so no new signals are coming.
      If intelligent life was common, and it would have evolved “much” faster than for us… we should hear signals coming in.
      As you say, if intelligent life existed NEAR us, there could be communication, already a close start of 400 light years away, would take 800 years to get some communication back – a bit problematic.

    3. @Matt Stearns Two things in response… 1) Religious people do not claim human´s are the greatest design. Perhaps greatest among living things on earth, and I think that claim is made by scientists within evolution too. 2) Humans are a great design, so I don´t understand the laughter. Have you studied how cells work? It is a masterpiece!

    4. @PjotrII Basically, it’s the same problem. It’s not that life would need to exist at the same time as us for it to be traceable by us, it would need to exist at the right time and distance for us to trace it. But it boils down to the same thing. We’ve only been able to send out traceable signals for – what – a century? If we succeed in destroying ourselves and the planet in the next century or two – and if we don’t, it won’t be for lack of trying – then that’s only a window of a few centuries for one civilisation to exist at the right time to receive passing signals from another one. The fact that that civilisation would then be long gone doesn’t alter the probablility – or rather, lack of probability! Because, as you say, if intelligent life in the universe were very common and long lasting, why haven’t we found it already?

    1. What do you mean? He said he was open to possibilities, it’s just that there is not enough evidence to concretely say that it is alien activity.

    2. @Vinu Job he is trying to save face for when further evidence reveals that these ships are from another planet.Come on man….that is
      simple to know

    1. Even though I agree Rumsfeld is a criminal I think the quote does have some truth to it & is perfect for this issue ( not so much the Iraq war lol)

  5. If I were an alien trying to blend in as a local astrophysicist, I would deny that it’s aliens, too! 🙂

  6. Unless this fud dud knows what these things are, I don’t want to hear him pretending he knows what they aren’t. As a scientist he should know you can’t have one without the other

  7. “Here’s a document telling you that we’re wasting your tax money on pretending like we’re disclosing something when we either don’t know ourselves or know and won’t tell you. Good night, and keep paying your taxes.”

  8. The “if aliens existed, then why wouldn’t they do this?” argument can only go so far. There no way to be sure how aliens would act. I’m surprised Neil used that as the entire basis of his argument, and I’m equally surprised that Ari thought that was solid logic.

    1. Exactly, as if a human could understand how something non human thinks. Something so far above us we are essentially cave men to them.

  9. Humans: Why doesn’t ET visit and talk to us?

    ET: If You’re on a road trip and you see an animal taking a dump do you wanna start a conversation with it?

  10. Why would we “catch” them?
    “We can’t shoot them down”
    Things like that are why they won’t land in Times Square and say hello

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