Paul Rieckhoff On Combatting Extremism In The Military 1

Paul Rieckhoff On Combatting Extremism In The Military

Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran and president of Righteous media, Paul Rieckhoff, is fearful that the rise in White supremacy in America will make us so busy fighting each other that we won’t be able to defend against our foreign adversaries.

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    1. This is the result of dem allowed riots and bailout criminals , as now people are tired of this crap and respond to it then call it white supremacists

  1. Are they asking for recommendations? How about sending them to Guantánamo… The guillotine?

    Make it pay-per-view… Homeless veterans could use a few bucks.

  2. Frightening informed and well done report here. Thank you Paul Rieckhoff for what you do. I just checked out “Righteous Media” on Youtube. Subscribed. Looks really relevant for now. Thanks for this.

  3. Fandom goes way beyond Timothy McVeigh. These lunatics are still fascinated with Ruby Ridge.

    1. Yet glorified by Hannity and Tucker, when mainstream media like Fox is gassing it this will continue on for decades

    2. Remember the Alamo, Remember Goliad
      Remember the Constitution of 1824
      You know, the one that prohibited slavery

    1. But JFK ordered the assassination of the Vietnam/Saigon leaders, and started the war. It sounds very good until you know his history. Yes JFK was shocked when he saw the bloody brutal pictures of people executed in a van, and it haunted him, but wtf did he expect.

    1. Our Constitution Was Written By Revolutionaries
      They Kinda Kept That Mindset And Made It a Little Weak In That Way

    2. @Dan Johnston and it was intended to get a rewrite eventually. The ammendments are all that has been done to update, even tho modern-day technically is not compatible with the original writing of the constitution.

    3. @Crystal Hazer “and it was intended to get a rewrite eventually.” I”ve read more than one book about the founding of this country, but I don’t believe I remember anything about the “rewrite” of the Constitution. As a history buff, I’d be fascinated to learn if you know anything about where this particular sentiment is written — or was this simply mentioned to you &/or an acquaintance at that time?

  4. And the power at be have ignored the signs and symptoms in this country. They’ve let it slide under the category of privilege and encouraged and rewarded.

  5. When the republican party is telling ( you )to be very afraid of people of color ,
    When What WE MOST Needed To BE MOST AFRAID Of are white people

    1. @JAKESTAR105 Yea sorry “White Supremacists” aren’t your biggest threat despite what this propaganda media outlet spews night after night

  6. Someone just made a valid point that I never thought of before. They said that “the fact that the Capitol was sacked and overrun and there was no effort to evacuate the President from DC to a secure location tells you all you need to know about who launched and directed the attack”. Good point?

    1. @Crystal Hazer so let me get this straight, they went to the capital of the overthrow the government but they didn’t take weapons because of DC’s strict gun laws? Did you even read what you wrote does that make any sense to you?

    2. Trump and charles flynn ordered the military, and national guard to stand down during the coup

    3. @Yanski Arbuckle But many of them were armed. What is classified as weapons? They had mace, zip ties, a vehicle parked nearby with guns, read the reports from the security agencies and the Capitol police.

    4. @Yanski Arbuckle She said that’s why they didn’t bring more guns not that there were none. And there were weapons in a parked car nearby. You are so busy defending them and making excuses.

    1. FOX was ALLOWED to PERVERT “freedom of speech” WANTON LYING was NEVER “protected” speech. HOWEVER, neither the GOP nor the DNC EVER even thought about BRINGING them to heel. WE DIDN’T ENFORCE OUR OWN LAWS & REGULATIONS!!!

    2. @Donald Carpenter Not really. No law was broken. Unless you count morality (thy shall not lie). The Fairness Doctrine is no longer law, and even if it was, I don’t believe there’s language in it to really stop the BS that comes out TC mouth. But in the mean time, the courts turned on them and they have to pay a million dollar fine for the sexual harassment that continues at their station. The court also has told them to remove I believe, from contracts, peoples ability to file a law suit. Maybe more people will step up and sue the H$$ out of them and put them out of business. Yes I’m a dreamer.

    3. Another issue is where republican led states are trying to indoctrinate children with anti communist and anti everything except right wing nonsense. It seems to be another phase in the republican plan to subvert democracy. They tried cheating and brute force. Now this. America needs to get serious about stopping white supremacy.

  7. The marine was fired?? Why wasn’t he dishonorabley discharged?? Why wasn’t he charged with any crime he was helping plot murders WTF

    1. @Mike Malloy Perhaps I could have been more clear, as that is in fact the point I had attempted to make. She is a meticulous, intelligent and insightful journalist and I am sure she is also well aware of this fact, so I would think it is a safe bet that she merely had a momentary lapse that meant nothing at all. Not sure why the *Blue Bird* found this confusing.

    2. So much we don’t know and won’t as the changing of American democracy takes place. Those over the working people in society, most of us, are exploiting and containing workers for meager pay and no benefits. These heartless movers and shakers controlling our media and institutions must be checked and the people should get returns on ill-gotten brakes for the rich teamed with a corrupt government.

    1. He knows to study the thinking of the enemy. Military intelligence is a priority for him. He’s first class.

  8. Umm, wasn’t Paul and other veterans groups calling Hillary a war hawk? Then through their weight behind Trump?!

  9. Fired? How about a court martial? How about the most severe punishment for military, active, retired, for a breech of oath.

    1. Right! What is happening with out military? When I served he would have been thrown in the brig until his court martial date was set. Has the Marines changed their standards? That’s a really scary thought. And I thought sending in the National Guard was bad!

  10. These “conservatives” really don’t know the difference between Patriotism and Nationalism and it’s sickening smh

    1. @jones Should we, and I know this is crazy but as nothing seems to be working “bipartisan” wise, and these people have all the guns, and these people only understand violence, soooo; should we have another Civil War? I’m getting Civil War vibes. If I order a plate of Civil War for the table will you have some?

      The Trump Presidential Library has burned down. Tragically, the fire consumed both books, and Trump hadn’t even finished coloring the second one.

  11. They also got Mike Flyn’s brother that didn’t call for the national guard during the coup attempt
    still living off tax payer money that every one ignores!

  12. It is extraordinary the degree to which domestic extremists feel empowered to unleash the most anti-intellectual, anti-social, hate-filled behavior. They’ve been given permission.

  13. Excuse me, but the FBI,NSA had absolutely no problem with attacking and dismantling Black Panthers in the sixties, Move in Phllly, attacking the Civil Rights movement so what is the problem?

  14. Isn’t Tucker Carlson playing on every TV in every military base dining room or rec center every evening? Add to that Christian Nationalist preachers recruiting impressionable young men and you have a recipe for disaster.

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