Frank Figliuzzi On Breaking New York Times’ Insurrection Reporting 1

Frank Figliuzzi On Breaking New York Times’ Insurrection Reporting


Former FBI assistant director for counterintelligence, Frank Figliuzzi, shares his reaction watching the explosive New York Times’ investigative video about the January 6th insurrection on the US Capitol and hopes that the new Congressional select committee will discover more about the planning of the riot.
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    1. @William Crowley but it is a fact that the FBI had plants in the crowd as well as Antifa…….now whether they caused this to happen I don’t know. I personally think that spending anymore time or tax payer money on LARPING, unarmed, mostly middle aged folk who barely did any damage at all is a waste when we have more pressing issues (border, inflation). This being pushed as a “threat to democracy” is ridiculous.

    2. @Thomas Harte they were dismissed on standing. Look that up, then stop taking the media as fact.

    3. @Deborah DiCesare

      Plenty of help this end.

      And more and more arriving daily as the evidence of election fraud convinces more and more people that the election was stolen. (Rasmussen: 55% of Americans believe election fraud affected the Nov 3 election results.)

      And thank you for the blessing.

      God Bless You, too.

    4. @dabe Vautista
      Go grow up and face reality. The majority of Americans don’t want a fascist government so they kicked trump out

    5. @becky doesit 6 cops were suspended and 35 are under investigation for 
      “waving them in” It was an inside job and that’s why we need a commission to investigate.

  1. The insurgent think they’re a political prisoner? Want Trump to pay for his legal fees? Not a shred of personal responsibility? Sounds about right for Trump supporters and traitor to the country.

    1. Seems like the United States Empire was all ready corrupt since it’s violent beginning .

    2. @muadhnate No Becky didn’t miss it. She ignored it. Head in the sand ignored it. Probably thinking “We OWN that house… it’s OURS”. You can’t fight crazy when the only thing they have is a belief. Might as well tell a devout person god doesn’t exist. They will ignore you and continue on.

    3. @becky doesit LOL… Becky… stop taking the crazy pills. Seriously. Stop. It’s not good for your health.

  2. Republicans – “Nothing to see here, folks. It was just a regular touristy sort of a day at the Capitol, with people looking to hang the VP, pipe bombs being planted, and fire extinguishers being bounced off of the heads of Capitol police.”
    It will be a long time before I can vote for a Republican again, from President to dog catcher!

    1. @Hunter Roberts well, until it’s found out definitively it’s still all speculation. As far as checking her DNA, I’ll leave that to you because I have no desire whatsoever to do that myself

    2. @AlphaMax Male You’re a funny guy. Did these deranged individuals NOT have somebody egg them on with a two month long “big lie” about a non existent voter fraud, or did they hatch the idea out of the blue?

    3. By the way,where the f does this cultlike repetion of the word ‘big lie” come from? Everyone is saying it! I dont get it being used over the word lie or even fraudulent claim but all we hear is everyone calling it “big lie”.:Like a herd of sheep. The word fraudulent claim is a better and more obvious stylistic choice as a matter of English.

  3. The Police numbers were suppressed, most likely on Trump’s orders to his toadies, who had the authority to send in more Police and the national guard when & where they were needed the most.

    1. Read that he wanted the guard protecting his followers a few days before at a meeting .
      Wasn’t happy they refused to do so. The military person (forgot his name sorry) told him the military couldn’t do that. Trumpy and his supporters seem to think he can order the military do as he wishes. Even now. That’s why they were outside the grounds to be called if needed. But trumpy wouldn’t make that call. Him and family were rejoicing instead.
      Deplorable, disgusting people.

    2. Yet THRUMP called in the National Guard with tear gas so that he could walk across the street to hold up an upside down Bible?

    3. The police who were there that day were set up by their superiors. I see them as victims of an ambush.

    1. @Franklin Nanai the saddest part of it all is not only did they protect congressmen but some of them weren’t worth protecting.

    2. It would be the medal of freedom since he’s not serving in the military but yes I agree.

    3. @Karasene 13 Hopefully they will lose bigly in the 2022 midterms. GOP must think that playing down the coup attempt, ducking and diving, telling their own Big Lies, will help them to win back the majority. They think that if they lie to their constituents they will still vote for them. I think that they are miscalculating this time.

    4. @mtronix the protected the same people that was the reason to all this and also refuse to have it investigated.
      Hero is the word that comes to mind and still the Republicans racists will never agree on that.

    5. @Charles L Jones No, that was Officer Fanone, who almost lost his life in the attack and suffered a heart attack.

  4. What about the really nasty stuff,panic buttons being removed from democratic congressional offices,”tours” being given by REPUBLICANS in the days leading up to the 6th????
    A lot of REPUBLICANS should be facing charges,fact.

    1. It’s that stuff (and more) that the Goopers are afraid of and the reason they didn’t want a full investigation.

    2. @Mark Furst but remember, it was “BLM and Antifa”! Which begs the question why don’t they want to investigate if they’re so sure it was BLM and Antifa? They’re protecting them now?

  5. I GUARANTEE 100% if this was black protesters; they would have never made it up those steps!!!!

    1. @n k exactly!!!! Well, I see I don’t have to say anything else as you clearly can handle the debate by yourself lol .

    2. @Nexus Six thats where the government assembles its not Wendy’s. If you grab all the people inside you can cripple the government.

  6. The Republican’s idea of a better future. Vote 2022 and Send the Trump/Putin Chaos Machine to oblivion

    1. @becky doesit any politician that supports trump or these traitors does not deserve a single vote.

    2. @becky doesit you sound like the type of person that is the reason they have to put push and pull signs on doors

    1. @David RookWhy do Trump Supporters Lie About Everything?I Know,Do As You King Say Do My Believe Is Remove Qualified Immunity. Never Would I Say To Defund The Police! But Hold Them Accountable.

    2. @Tommie Howard. Sorry but it is not the Right saying “defund the police” and just look at the mess your party has created.

    3. @Tommie Howard Are they liars? I’m not so sure. More like stupid sheep who blindly follow. I think many of them actually believe Republican leadership over what they see right in front of them.

    4. @Vincent Ramirez. You mean the phony “infrastructure bill” that had very little to do with infrastructure and the Right called them out over the pork bill. Nice twist on the rescue plan trying to down play the lie.

    5. @A G. Your party is famous for “whatboutism” and “strawmen” counter attacks while ignoring their own mistakes, or should I say owning up to the mistakes…

  7. Why is the GOP still trying to act like this didn’t happen and why is Trump still a threat in the face of such overwhelming and damning evidence? That bothers me more than the insurrection itself

    1. @Katherine Jones It’s not enadequate education because I know some. It’s ore than that. I believe they went over the edge of what they’re told about the so called left.

    2. Perhaps they see it as a few hundred nuts who all were half deranged and took a bus trip? And that the nuts in this crowd needed little to no prompting? Do u think differently?

  8. Aww, bless. There are still people who think Trump might not cast them aside like a used condom the moment it suits him.

  9. There’s only ONE acceptable punishment for treason. Everyone there should be facing that.

    1. Of course ……why do you think all but about three Republicans voted against an independent committee to get to the bottom of the capitol riots ……that should tell you something.

    1. No, Gordon – I’m afraid that distinction is already owned by the dangerous con-man down in Florida.
      He’s staging another insurrection and plotting another effort to defraud the nation – as you and I are here commenting on YouTube!

    2. @Gordon Dwyer I must say Gordon, parroting Fox News does absolutely NOTHING for your perceived personality or intellect. Hannity and Carlson are dangerous propagandist liars.

    1. They had all sorts of flag! Confederate, Nazi, Q, and a few American flags. Remember how they took down our American flag and replaced it with a trump flag?

    2. I wish any of these “patriots” understood that wearing the US flag as a clothing design is an act of desecration and should never be done

    3. Weeeeeell, they saw their orange dear leader humped the flag several times, I guess that’s patriotic to them. Stupid is as stupid does!

    1. Thats a novel thought, suppose we have the institutions of that idea pertaining to all the illegals entering the country. If they don’t show up for their hearing once they are enrolled into the American catch and release program Biden has created, well not created its more like reinstated from the Obama administration, then send US MarshallS and BORDER PATROL/ INS to arrest them and escort them back to the south side of the fence, not to return!

    2. @Tommy Sanders huh?
      you’re equating a peaceful civil offense to a FEDERAL CRIMINAL ACT OF TERRORISM?
      no wonder you people got your butts kicked in the election

    3. @Stephen Kershaw a peaceful civil offense? Did you not watch the video? These idiots openly on video, held those ladies hostage and extorted a signature out of the politician with threats of rioting! No that was a violent act of extortion, thats what that was! But honestly I figured you would consider that to be an effective way to achieve your goals after you success on the 6th of January!

    1. you feel the same about the rioters that burned federal building. looted and killed? during the summer

  10. The question which any US citizen should answer is what flag are you supporting? The Confederate flag? The T****p flag? Or the American flag?

  11. This was all part of Putin’s plan. Trump is just the Manchurian “lackey” candidate. Kremlin is loving every minute this plays out

  12. The only positive is, that every republican, will go down in history as being anti-American

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