1. @LightningwingDragon I looked it up, that’s exactly what he did, he was able to pull up about halfway down to the ground, wild stuff.

    2. He took off, didn’t need to do a dramatic drop off but did, then he did some barrel rolls and loops.

    1. @Andy Smitty Wow. I have never seen anything so stunning. The mind set to this for me is super focus. Mission Impossible made possible…

    2. @Stew Harvey-Wilson it’s pretty impressive, but to be honest, those of us flying in the STOL (short take off and land) world, see this stunt as not only plausible but very doable. 🙂 what you normally don’t see is the high speed aerobatic pilots become competent stol pilots… I’ve literally seen and judged at stol contests to see 10 foot take off and landings in zero wind environments and pretty common to see sub 60’ landings like this. I’ve even managed to have a few myself… 🙂

    3. @Andy Smitty Yeah man. I’d love to see this live. Video doesn’t capture the aw. My partner knows Valatino Rossi . She known him since kids in Italy. Ive seen him. Took my breath away. Racing meaning…

    4. @Stew Harvey-Wilson awesome… fyi the Reno Air Race event this coming fall is the last one. They have fast planes racing but also have a very cool STOL drag race. It’s going to be the last race for Reno and well worth attending.

  1. For anyone wondering about takeoff, it’s easy. Just roll forward and fall. Let the wings do the rest.

  2. Read the headline and thought “how is that impressive, any helicopter pilot could land there”. Then I clicked lol

    1. I know some of the people involved in this. He had 6 to 7 knot head wind for this landing. A normal Carbon Cub is that good, this one had several mods to help out.

    1. Just guessing here, but I’d be willing to bet, Red Bull Stunt teams are self insured thru their Red Bull sponsorship. Being a STOL pilot, this stunt, while very awesome and very cool, is not impossible or super high risk. People land and take off in that short of a distance in Carbon Cubs and other climate b variant aircraft every day. I’ve even witnessed in person a plane land in 10 feet and take off in 8’ in no wind. Seen a plane land backwards in 20 knot winds. Still very cool stunt, but not as high risk as you would think.

  3. Too bad Draco isn’t still around to have been used to make this attempt. That plane would have made it an even cooler stunt done with absolute style…

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  6. it’s all in the mind. Just watch the STOL competitions on youtube & you will see how many pilots can land like this but doing it on a building plays with the mind. It’s like walking on a plank of wood 1ft off the ground compared to the same plank 1000ft off the ground.

  7. I’m surprised there wasn’t a wire set up on the top to hook the plane when it came in for a landing like you see on those military floating carriers.

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