1. An inexpensive retaliation to the Drone incident would be to saturate the Black Sea airspace with Chinese Bio-degradable Red White and Blue Weather balloons ( 500 or so). Make them spend millions chasing their tales

    1. @PikaHut They should be bc the US has not shown what it can do against a modern army which most US military equipment is designed for.

  2. Russia already cut an underwater communications cable near Norway not too long ago. They’re starting to think they can do whatever they want with no ramifications

    1. Please tell everyone what righteous something just save yourself the embarrassment .unless righteous has new meaning

  3. xi jinping is like someone who wants to exit a social situation but there’s only one exit door; russia lol

  4. Russia already gave out medals for sinking their own ship, so praising their pilot for crashing into another aircraft is hardly surprising.

    1. ​@Ashley The Russian pilot didn’t “mean” to collide with the drone. His incompetence as a pilot resulted in the incident. Russia’s military is full of incompetence. See war in Ukraine as reference

    2. ​​@Ashley Why do you state: Lame US response ? As far as the Americans were concerned, it was a realistic response. What else can a cowardly to the core nation state ? This ain’t Iraq you know Ash.

  5. She runs a great news show. Always thorough and detailed. She brings in excellent guests as well

  6. yeah they gradually building up confidence to do so.i just always remember what he said.swift and lightning speed.seems putin is a speed thinker🤔

    1. Lol! Yep, we all know that Putin was halfway through history class and thought “Gee, this Blitzkrieg thing sounds like a good idea.”

    2. @Oracle Of Delphi haha seems you get what i mean.i dont want everybody to be worried but the reality kicking.we dont want war coz they estimate half of world population will perish or die but speed generally is so crucial.its hard to say but that the reality.they must still find the way to make peace not suicide for all.

  7. For everyone here, War between china, USA and Russia would not be in the best interest for anyone including the smaller countries. Because the costs would be to great and not beneficial for any power. The powerful countries at war would basically go broke, shoot themselves in the foot and destabilized the world economy and would make themselves less of a superpower for other nations to take their place. Now a proxy war would be favored by giving money and weapons to smaller countries but superpowers fighting each other would be extremely bad for themselves and everyone involved. I’m sure the USA knows this and and chinas leaders and Putin knows. Why would the USA fight russia or china, make themselves go broke and then countries like Germany or France become the new superpower. It just doesn’t make sense to give up power so easily. This is why I see USA continue to sanction Russia and support Ukraine until Putin agrees to cease fire or Russia just basically going broke and history repeating itself , like what happened to the Solviet union

  8. I get exhausted just READING about the war in Ukraine……I can’t imagine being a soldier on the front lines. We’ve all seen some of these videos. Intense fighting……brutal, brutal, trench warfare. very useful information

    1. Hell 24/7 . Probably little difference to WWl trench warfare. Cold , wet, and being shot at continuously.

  9. If nothing is done about the drone being destroyed they will see that inaction as weakness. If something is done they will see it as escalation and retaliate.

  10. This is all becoming very alarming. I’d hate to know what our military and NATO know about the real danger of the situation! It’s escalating out of control.

    1. China is going to help Russia. If NATO countries were smart they would focus 100% on manufacturing to replace Chinese-made goods. Cut China out of the trade picture immediately and isolate them completely.

  11. This report covers everything, excellent work, very thorough and detailed. I would only add the lice problem in timbaktoo elementary school system…

  12. It wasn’t a “collision between” the two aircraft. The Russian aircraft close-approached on multiple occasions, and then finally rammed, the drone. The drone was clearly flying straight and level the entire time.

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