1. i’m glad we’re taking the time to confront the private company in question. if they want regulation in favor of big oil and chemical corporations to operate freely (we shouldn’t be calling it “deregulation,” it’s regulation in favor of), they best be confronted. we can’t allow both congress (where they avoid their constituents) and the private sector to ignore the will of the people.

    1. Exactly the Trump administration deregulated and these greedy corporations pay to lobby against regulations that elected officials are put in power to protect the citizens and then beg for tax payers funded socialism to bail out / clean up the mess they create

  2. Relocation of residents seems to be the only viable solution as the community is now wasteland. Are American weather balloons tracking the pollutants and distribution of toxins via wind, rain and waterways?

    1. Go and do your own research, Trump removed a lot of Obama’s environmental protections at the request of large corporations especially for Norfolk Southern. Hence these citizens are now reaping what they sowed in 2016 elections….but they will never admit that will they? Why you think Trump is going there? They don’t call it Trump country for a lol

    2. There’s nothing wrong with independent environmental inspectors. The problem is cherry picking which inspectors will give you the results you want. Government also has a vested interest in test results going a certain way so government inspectors would be susceptible to the same problem. Look at Flint.

    1. Day before they voted for this. Now they got what they voted for. I say that’s about right. Send them trump, he will make it already with a stop the steal rally. Give the people what they voted for. Let them bask in that glory. It matters, and I have little sympathy, you can’t, because they did this. People keep doing this, so let them reap what they sow.

    2. @1NewMe Yep. 🤷🏼‍♀️ And you know Trump ONLY went up there because it’s where he has big support. If it had been a Biden zone he’d still be hanging out in Mar-a-Lago. 🙄 Maybe if they chant “Lock her up!” or “USA” or sing the national anthem together at a giant MAGA Cult Rally everything will magically get fixed. Or maybe Trump could just use the power of his thoughts to fix the problem.😉

  3. Can’t blame the folks for being upset. Who wouldn’t be? My sense is that both Norfolk and the government should be stepping up. Norfolk obviously messed up, but this situation has been going on for a long time now. The regulations have been allowed to slowly erode by our government for the sake of corporate interests and money. There should be compensation for these people.

    1. The federal government cannot go in, UNTIL and UNLESS the STATE requests it. The governor has refused, more than once, to have them come in. The regulations do need an overhaul, without any political donations taking precedent over the lives of innocent people.

  4. We so need more safety measures on freight trains with hazardous cargo. Even more than what the law allows already.

  5. This CEO could easily buyout the citizens if he wanted to but that’s not going to happen.

    Problem is the government has been bought by these companies and there is no one to hold them accountable. My heart goes out to these people but the company, government and CEO are not going to take care of the mess. Sad times.

    1. Americans should stop voting for politicians that promote corporations over the safety and welfare of the citizens.

  6. “Advancing technology” they’re trying to remove conductors on the head end.. the conductor and engineer are responsible for residents being warned to evacuate. Without a conductor this could have been much much worse.

    Allow your car man to inspect railcars properly, don’t rush them during their inspections. They find a bad order send it to the shop, tell your trainmasters at “the Forrest” while they’re there if they get caught retaliating against carman for bad ordering railcars they’ll be fired. This is the problem, this is where it stems from and guess what the reasoning is behind it? PSR..

  7. this guy is going to do what we all expect him to do.. drag his feet & not do anything more than they’re forced to do & then they’ll litigate that. If these residents sue.. they will win everything! 🙏🏼 the Ppl are on the side of Ohioans!

    1. No, you seem to forget they voted for this. They got what they voted for. Don’t forget those very basic things. No sympathy, but more well how do you like MAGA, working well for you?

    2. @Humbaba_ Yeah I get you, but in this case it’s better for them in the long run. The sympathy will lead to worse. They need to be made aware they chose this and their choices have consequences. Sympathy, I get it, you are a good person, but at some point you have to tell the truth. It’s more important.

    3. @kennymacc75 This is politics. Who hold these people to account, or doesn’t? The politicians. So who you vote for matters. This is called a lesson, and ignoring that fact means it happens again and again and again. You will see this as hateful, but it’s more hateful to have it happen to people over and over. Your love, in this case, appears to be killing people.

  8. The railroads in this country continue to be protected by laws that were written on their behalf in the 1800s. Several years ago I worked on a project adjacent to a railroad. My colleagues wrote a one page letter to the railroad company asking about and inviting a collaboration with the railroad. It took the railroad two years to answer that letter; their response was, “No.”

  9. These are the same railroad companies that don’t even take care of their employees. They expect everyone to believe that they will take care of this disaster.

  10. Easiest way to get this fixed fast…. Have the CEO and his family move to this town and have to live there for at least one year.

  11. The CEO never answered the question, will his company buy out the residents at the pre-derailment value? Even if he authorized the purchases, where will these residents go to start their lives all over again?
    Buy out the town and make the corporation move their corporate headquarters there so that they can drink the water, breathe the fresh air, live in this heaven on earth.

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  13. Suddenly these people care about the environment, but before this happend to them they voted for people removing any environmental protection.

  14. Rail is above the law in the U.S. This goes back almost 150 years. They have federal protections under the U.S. government. They can go into communities and demand that they close roads. They can employ imminent domain to take what ever land they want to. They can treat their employees like trash because they are considered “exempt”. This will not be the last.

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